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#MUSIC: Solidstar – I Don Show

While his latest single “International Woman” is currently having hot rotation in media houses, We Bump into this lovely song of Solidstar online which is title “I Don Show” and decided to share it, Download listen and share your thought.

DOWNLOAD: Solidstar - I Don Show (4.2 MiB Home Remedies For Wrinkles hits)

#VIDEO: Myro – Sugar

Myro releases visuals to Dancehall tune ‘SUGAR’. As a follow-up to his smash hit ‘ODI OK’, the versatile and multi-talented artiste, MYRO, dishes out Video to his smoothly delivered single SUGAR. The video was shot by TG OMORI on choice locations. The song is produced by PrincetonBeatz.


#VIDEO: TBOY – Kilofe | @tboybme @billionmindsent

Billionaire Minds Enterprise talented recording artiste; TBOY who just concluded a nationwide tour and a dance competition for his new single “KILOFE” is out with a breath-taking video for this track.

This beautiful work was shot by Clarence Peters. Kindly Watch, Like, Comment and share.

Follow TBOY and his Record Label BME on all Social Media platforms; @tboybme @billionmindsent

Would You Pay 720,000,000 Naira For A Pair Of Shoes? Here Are The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

Tom ford diamond shoesShoes are very important fashion accessories that can help improve your appearance but how much will you be willing to pay for your footwear? There are a lot of good and lovely shoes that can drill a hole in your wallet but will you be willing to pay as much as 720,000,000 million Naira for a pair of shoes?

B-T-S VIDEO: Yemi Alade – Knack Am | Charliee

​​Yemi Alade’s music video for her “Black Magic” lead single “Knack Am” has cross the 1 million views mark, and she is celebrating by releasing behind-the-scenes footage from orchestration of the Clarence Peters directed visual alongside footage from the video shoot of Mama Afrique’s visual spectacle “Charliee”.

Miss Alade’s praised for her rich and life-giving music videos; so waste no time to watch the massive effort put into the creation of the visual arts.

Watch B-T-S for “Knack Am”!

Watch B-T-S for “Charliee”!

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Here's the Full Speech President Buhari delivered at the United Nations General Assembly today

Today, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the gathering of world leaders at the United NationsGeneral Assembly in New York, United States.

During the speech, he pledged Nigeria’s solidarity to the United Nations and solicited the support of the international community in tackling global challenges.

Read his Full Speech Below:

The Python does not dance By Reuben Abati

Operation code-names have been an important part of military operations since the Germans first applied them in World War 1 but it may be said that the recent (or ongoing?) controversial military exercise in the South Eastern part of Nigeria codenamed Operation Python Dance II is the first major incident in Nigerian military history to draw attention to this seemingly routine aspect of military operations worldwide. An operational code name requires creativity, it is meant to be a cover up, hide the real intentions of the operation, achieve a public relation stunt if possible, and ease communication and strategic documentation within the military hierarchy.

The Nigerian military has never been so clever in coming up with operation code names: many of them are dead give-aways (Operation Lafiya Dole, Operation Pulo Shield, Operation Maximum Safety, Operation Crackdown) or so stupidly incongruous they evoke instant suspicion (Operation Python Dance, Operation Crocodile Smile). Pythons don’t dance. Crocodiles don’t smile. Wars have been fought over the use of wrong codes; nations have been sabotaged due to poor communication. Whoever came up with the code name – Operation Python Dance- (sometimes a code name may be computer generated) may have been aiming for irony, but it was strange irony given the facts of the situation and the manner of operation. I make this point to argue that the Nigerian military has messed up Operation Python Dance II in the South East conceptually and operationally, and the attendant arrogance does not serve the Nigerian state well in my view.

A dance is accompanied by music, it is celebratory in its kinetic and spatial expressions, and it is probably one of the most ingenuous explorations of the human frame. Accompanied usually by music and the symbolism of movement and flexibility, a dance, vertical, horizontal or earth-bound is one of the wonders of human creativity and the most universal of human languages. There is something called snake dance. It is of course celebratory. To say a python is coming to a community to dance is a revelatory oxymoron. A python swallows, it cuts off blood, constricts and suffocates, it is a pretentious animal that curls itself up when it is ready to eat, and then strikes, employing the techniques of velocity, ambush and surprise.

In December 2016, the pythons of the Nigerian military went to the South East on Operation (I) but they did not blow their cover. They said they wanted to help reduce crimes during Christmas. In September 2017, they blew their own cover, and revealed the absurdity of their cryptonym. They did because they behaved exactly like pythons. If that was meant as a covert operation to protect the sovereignty of the country in the face of “seen and analysed threat levels” in the South East, the Nigerian military got it terribly wrong. There is every reason for other military authorities in the international community to laugh at Nigeria.

The military admittedly can conduct routine exercises to prepare its men, to tune up or to check out the country’s territorial integrity. Before and even shortly after the civil war, Nigerian soldiers occasionally came out of their barracks and drove round the town. They used to sing, march on the streets and dance inside their trucks and wave at the people. The people waved back, and in due course, many children mastered some of their songs. In our neck of the woods at the time, there is an Alamala barracks in Abeokuta, one popular song was: J’amala n si ko, mo ti j’amala ki n to lo s’ogun, j’amala n siko”.

Soldiers were honoured in those days for protecting and saving the country, but since the Nigerian military became politicized and greedy, soldiers have lost so much respect. The proposed demilitarization of African governments, long after the second wave of democratization in Africa has not yet yielded significant outcomes. The soldiers tasting politics has been like the tasting of the forbidden fruit. In and out of uniform, they have retained their hold on power and when one of their own manages to return to power in a civilian dispensation, they simply lose their nerves. The Nigerian military has fallen victim in this regard on many occasions since 1999. This is what we are dealing with.

The latest instance is the bungled operation in Abia State. Operation Python Dance II did not have to take place in the streets of Isiama Afara in Umuahia, Abia State, close to Nnamdi Kanu’s father’s house. The public show of force could have been done anywhere else in the South East. Strutting military force close to the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, who in the last year has been busy mobilizing his people, and making demands on the Nigerian state is an undisguised act of provocation with all the pythonic elements of invasion, surprise and suffocation. It was the equivalent of the state descending to the level of rabble-rousing. This happens when an institution like the military opts for street politics, and our military certainly exposed itself in ways that called its professionalism to question in the last few days.

One, the Nigerian military has consistently usurped police functions since the return to civilian rule. The functions of the military are properly spelled out in Sections 217-219 of the extant Nigerian Constitution. But the leaders of the Nigerian military and their retired masters in partisan politics like to behave differently. They’d rather do police work in pursuit of a responsibility expansionist agenda. In a statement issued by Colonel Sagir Musa, of the 82 Division, we are told that Operation Python (II) is meant “to sharpen the skills of the participating troops in the conduct of Internal Security Operations” and these include challenges such as “kidnappings, farmers-herdsmen clashes, secessionist agitations and insurgency of any form… armed robbery and traffic gridlock.” Colonel, sir! There is no insurgency or insurrection in the South East, and it is not the duty of the military to focus on armed robbery and traffic gridlock!

If the issue is the country’s sovereignty, the simplest thing to do would have been for the police to invite Kanu for questioning, or ask the courts to revoke his bail, or declare him and his associates wanted if they fail to cooperate. The continuous reliance on the military for virtually every national security matter overstretches it and renders it less efficient for its core mandate, and by the same token weakens law enforcement agencies.

Two, the military performed a political function and committed a procedural error when on its own, it declared IPOB, a terrorist organization. Senate President Bukola Saraki has already dismissed this as an ultra vires act. The grounds for declaring a group a terrorist organisation in Nigeria is already defined in the Terrorism Prevention Act of 2011 (as amended), and as outlined in Sections 3-15 thereof. I admit that IPOB may have engaged in acts of provocation within the purview of these provisions given the establishment of the Biafra Secret Service and the Biafra National Guard, but it is not the duty of the military under a democratic dispensation to act as judge, jury and executioner. What exactly is the level of threat actually posed by Kanu and his followers? The military talks further about “unauthorized blocking of access roads, extortion of money from innocent civilians at illegal roadblocks and militant possession and use of stones, Molotov cocktails, machetes and broken bottles…” The Nigerian military is now looking for machetes and stones? It is also in charge of the monitoring of hate speech?

The Governors of the South East also announced that the IPOB had been proscribed in all five states of the South East. They simply made a pronouncement, without any legal backing whereas in a decided matter, the IPOB had been declared legal and legitimate and that Federal High Court ruling has not been vacated. The panic response by the Governors can probably be excused. It must be clear to some people that with Kanu’s increasing messianism and popularity, the South East was clearly one step away from Operation Python Dance II to the declaration of a state of emergency. But the Governors may just have been more interested in their own political survival.

What has been achieved in the South East right now is a profit and loss situation for all the parties concerned. The military is certainly not looking professional enough. The reported abuse of human rights in the wake of Operation Python Dance II is bringing nothing but shame to Nigeria in the international community, and many Igbos at home and in diaspora who were aloof towards the IPOB campaign have suddenly been woken up to express concerns about the politics of being Igbo in Nigeria.

These new members of the cause are already mobilizing international opinion against the government of the day as can be seen in one contribution that is being circulated online which has reduced everything to the old, and problematic formula of religious and ethnic conflict in Nigeria. Serving Nigerian military chiefs can beat their chest and claim that they have helped the President and Commander in Chief to prove that he meant business when he threatened to deal with anyone and anybody engaged in “terrorism” in a recent speech, but they have also in doing so, done great damage to his politics in the South East, if not the entire Southern Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu gains in losing and loses in gaining. I had argued previously that by taking wrong steps and focusing too much attention on him, the Federal Government has more or less turned Nnamdi Kanu into an Igbo hero and symbol. They even helped him to run away before Operation Python Dance got to his father’s house. The military over-dramatised their own ambush tactics. Now that Nnamdi Kanu has been declared a terrorist, he would probably have no reason to place himself in a situation where he can be easily arrested, and with IPOB driven underground more or less, that organisation has been made more potent. For all you know, Kanu is most likely now in a neighbouring African country from where he can conveniently find his way to Europe or North America and from that distance, he can become a political refugee doing even far more damage. The international community will listen to him, and he needs do no more than complain about all possible ills in Nigeria and the rights of Igbos to self-determination, even if the process of self-determination is not as easy as he and his followers make it sound.

Other Nnamdi Kanus will also emerge if fundamental issues at stake in the Nigerian union are not addressed. Technically, this particular Nnamdi Kanu’s job may well be done. He has awoken the ethnic nationalistic consciousness in not only the Igbos, but all Nigerians, and whether the powers-that-be like it or not, Nigeria would still sooner than later return to and address the subject of restructuring and the same open dialogue that has been resisted would still take place. Even if Nnamdi Kanu is not part of that dialogue, the role that he has played will be part of the story to be told.

I speak in these terms because his decision to go into hiding or to run away has been interpreted as cowardice. He had asked his followers to stand up and fight for their rights, but when the Pythons headed towards his abode, he and his parents opted for a rapid dialogue with their feet. Not all revolutionaries run away…perhaps it is better for Nnamdi Kanu to live, so he or others can fight another day.

This is no time for the critics of Kanu and IPOB to heave any sigh of relief. The Python does not dance. Nnamdi Kanu couldn’t dance either. Those who leave fire on their roofs and go to bed will harvest an inferno.

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#MUSIC: REAL MAN- SkyMan Ft Stesh, B.O.C

Here is another one from the beehive uprising rapper SKYMAN, Repping d FCM team. and this one he titled*Real Man* in which he featured the legendary Stesh & B.O.C. this is skyman's birthday gift to his fans. download/listen and enjoy
Produced mixed n master 
by SeekBeats


The World Is My Eco-System
Disasters are inevitable in life. Some are man made while others are natural. Drawing a line between these two can be a hectic job especially as science has demystified them. 
Hurricanes and flooding have been struggling for the headlines lately. Some see the trend as apocalyptic. Others see it as a manipulation by geo engineers as opposed to those leave it at poor drainage, lack of proper waste disposal systems and increase in water table. 
This episode focuses on our environment, climate change particularly.  We try to understand the cause, preventative and curative measures. 
Welcome to our 7th Edition. The journey only gets better. 

I am Idris Danladi for the HiFidelity promotions and Media Team.

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Boom! It's the lyrical monopolist again, out with a hot, mind-blowing freestyle titled "The Rise!" Maupheen, the 2016 Olamide/NotjustOk #WhoYouEpp competition winner drops an appetizer, while we await his first E.P titled "The Height E.P" which he featured the likes of JesseJagz, Jumabi, BOC and a couple of Nigerian acts. 

He's out with a stylish fusion of the new school rap and the afro style. Y'all got to stay locked down and and anticipate the best of Maupheen. On his way to the top, here's "The Rise!". 
Download, listen and spread the word!!!

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Shedrack solomon known as Shedboinigga  is a artist,student of Gombe state university is back with a new tune he titled "turn on the 💡Light" for the past 8 months no single out so we pray and hope for everyone hustling out there may God turn his/her light💡on.

Video Of Drunk Nigerian Police Officer Sleeping In Mud Goes Viral (WATCH)

Photos and video of a drunk Nigerian Police Officer sleeping in mud, which went viral has got many Nigerians talking as they wondered what led to the disgraceful incident

The video shared by PoliticsNGR was reportedly filmed by some youths, after the officer was found stumbling after getting himself drunk. However some social media users are defending him, claiming he might be having family issues and resorted to drinking to stupor to forget his worries.

Here are photos and video;

See How This Nigerian Guy Celebrated His Birthday (Photos)

Things we see on social media…

A young Nigerian guy took to Facebook to share photos of his ‘star-studded’ birthday bash properly catered for with enough snacks to go round.

Instead of the traditional birthday cake, this young man had donuts soft enough to have a candle stuck into it to make a wish.

See more below:

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Ricwes - Mogambo (Official Video) ft. Cylent

The wait is over!!!

Nigeria’s super talented rapper @Ricwes is out with the visualz of his street single titled “MOGAMBO”featuring @Cylent, the winner of the recent Competition set by Ricwes a.k.a King Mogambo.

The video was directed by the Nigeria’s magnificent director @One Click.

Don’t be selfish, share the good news.

Watch the video below! 


Abdool is a young talented artist , who has severally contributed positively to the underground sounds over the past few years.

Recently he put out a dope tune titled YOUNG ALHAJI. ABDOOL not contended with the reach of this knowing how much he invested on YOUNG ALHAJI decided to push it further

#Music: Yung L – Gbewa

Yung L taps into the Lagos street market with ‘Gbewa‘ ; an afro-pop song for the street with a distinct Yoruba vibe.

The song is about to spark off a new slang with it’s catchy GBEWA/GBESOUN hook which connotes the rhythmic movement of a pretty lady’s backside.

It was produced by T.U.C.

Listen & Download “Yung L – Gbewa” below

Get “Gbewa” by Yung L Here

FG Praises Farmers, Urges Reduction In Food Prices As Recession Ends

The Federal Government has commended farmers across the country for their contribution toward exiting the country from recession.

The News Agency of Nigeria recalls that the National Bureau of Statistics released a report indicating the exit of the country from recession with agriculture being one of the contributing factors.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, while briefing newsmen in Abuja on Friday, said that both small holders and big time farmers contributed immensely to the exit.

Ogbeh, however, appealed to farmers, middlemen and traders to avoid indiscriminate increase in the price of food items.

He said that Federal Government would not impose price control on food prices, noting that the only option was to improve food production.

According to him, agriculture is contributory and we will continue to contribute but government is not falling asleep.

“I also want to thank Nigerians, especially the farmers (big and small), who have yielded the call of Mr President to return to the farms. They have done amazing things.

“And if there are any new zeros in this country, they are the ones who contributed. I am also happy for them because they are now making money. For a long time, they didn’t make money which is why many of us ran away from agriculture.

“Few days ago, I appealed to middlemen and transporters to try and help us out because I have seen tactical examples of why food prices are so high.

“I am sorry that the food prices are still high but I am appealing to farmers and middlemen, let all of us enjoy the surplus so that no sector will put pressure on the other.

“We have tried in two years but we have to work even harder and keep moving because the danger is still ahead.

“We have to increase agriculture, export, processing and value addition and reduce imports,’’ the minister said.

On the high cost of locally produced rice, Ogbeh said the government was negotiating an arrangement with rice farmers to bring down the price of paddy from one N150, 000 to N120, 000 per tonne.

According to him, the drop will help millers sell a 50kg bag of rice at N13, 000 which would be affordable to citizens.

“In 2015, one tonne of rice was sold for N65, 000 but in 2016, it was sold for N150, 000.

“The millers said that as long as they were buying a tonne of paddy for N150, 000, they could not sell a bag of rice for less than N17, 000 after milling.

“I am begging the farmers to be reasonable. I can’t force them,’’ he said.

NAN recalls that agriculture continued its strong and positive growth which it had maintained throughout the recession, growing by 3.01 per cent in second quarter of 2017 from 3.39 per cent in Q1 2017 and 4.53 per cent in Q2 2016.

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Finally the episodes for gender equality have come to a close on this 6th edition. The conclusions drawn are lessons that could save so many marriages and relationships.

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TROUBLE as SSANU, NASU, NAAT declare total, indefinite strike

The three non-academic staff unions in public universities namely the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU; Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities, NASU; and the National Association of Academic Technologists, NAAT, have declared an indefinite strike starting on Monday, September 11th. This development comes two weeks after ASUU declared its indefinite strike.

Chairman of Joint Action Committee of the associations who doubles as the President of SSANU, Samson Ugwoke, announced the commencement of the strike action at a press conference in Abuja today September 6th.

“During the strike, there shall be no provision of services, no matter how skeletal. Concessions shall not be granted while all our members are to stay at home till further notice, unless as directed by JAC through their respective presidents,” he said.

The 10 issues in contention are non-payment of earned allowance, lack of good governance, poor funding as against UNESCO recommendation, inadequate infrastructure in universities and abandoned projects, shortfall in payment of salaries. Others include university staff school: NIC judgment implementation, non- registration of NUPEMCO, non-implementation of CONTISS 14 AND 15 for technologists, problem of lack of adequate teaching and learning facilities in the universities, corruption in the university system, lack of serious renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/university unions agreements and usurpation of headship of non-teaching units by academic staff.

MIXTAPE: DJ Chascolee – Wedding Mixtape cc @Djchascolee

DJ Chascolee drops it’s wedding mixtape, titled #EverBlazingWeddingMixtape,He uses this medium to announce his birthday Yesterday June 22, to share this mixtape to all his clients and fans to enjoy on this his wonderful birthday as he added one yesterday.

only a few stand out, of course clients review separates DJ Chascolee from the plethora of slapdash DJs. The mixtape It Comprises of all the hit singles trended then and now in Nigeria, Download and enjoy

Follow on Social Media
IG &Twitter @DjChascolee

Track List

1.Ololufe – Flavour x Chidinma
2.Wedding day – 9ice
3.Iyawo mi – Timi Dakolo
4.Oruka – Sunny Neji
5.Angel of my life – Paul Play
6.So far so good – Phyno
7.Katapot – Reekado Banks
8.Ololufe – Wande Coal
9.I love u – Psquare
10.Daddy yo – Wizkid
11.Samankwe – Harrysong
12.Romantic call – Kcee
13.Beautiful Onyinye – Psquare
14.Ife wa gbona – Tiwa Savage
15.Happy day – Patoranking
16.Diana – Tekno
17.One love – Onyeka Onwenu
18.If – Davido
19.Girlie o – Patoranking x Tiwa savage
20.Mad over u – Runtown
21.Tender – Kcee x Tekno
22.Yawa – Tekno
23.Screen saver – Wizboy x Jmartins
24.Orente – AdekunleGold
25.My woman – Patoranking x Wande Coal
26.Osinachi rmx – Humblesmith x Davido x Phyno
27.Dodo – Davido
28.Woju rmx – Tekno x Davido x Tiwa Savage
29.Aye – Davido
30.Olomi gbo temi – Ebeneza Obey
31.Ada ada – Flavour
32.Melo melo – Olamide
33.Duro – Kiss Daniel
34.Laye – Kiss Daniel
35.Where – Tekno
36.Nobody ugly – Psquare
37.Mama – Kiss Daniel
38.Shake – Flavour
39.Coco baby – Waje x Diamond Platnumz
40.Dont stop – Olamide
41.Igbeyawo – Oritsefemi
42.My darlin – Tiwa Savage

EVENT: The Biggest Comedy On The Mainland: Belicious Unleashed 2.0 (SEPT 17TH)

Inline image 1

(oh wait, were you thinking things only go down on the Island, wait for it...)

BELICIOUS UNLEASHED 2.0 (the 2nd edition)
If you were at the first edition, you know now? Lol! We are shutting Lagos down.. Yaga (in WizKid's Voice)


Red Carpet: 3pm
Main Event: 4pm

VIP 5k

Tickets are available at or at


and more

FOR MORE INFO AND BOOKINGS: 07036473013. 08168038076.

VIDEO PREMIER: D.H (Dan Hausawa) - Good Life (@DH_Adoyi)

Kaduna State Born Act Ambassador Samaila Adoyi Ogwuche popularly known as DH (Dan Hausawa),  is known for his unique style of infusing elegant, insightful rhymes with vivacious tempo and hard hitting baselines that are the hallmark of the Nigerian RnB soul, dance-hall and hip-hop scene. He is one of the most famous recording/performing artiste in the northern part of Nigeria.

DH was a four time judge on MTN PROJECT FAME reality TV show, a one time judge on Etisalat Nigerian Idol, and a judge in the maiden edition of Naija Sing in the regionals.

He recently bagged the Best Hausa Music Video of the Year Award, from then City People Award last year with his SOYAYA music Video.

DH has refused to stop raising the bar to the uttermost as he drops the visual for GoodLife video Directed by John Rich.


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