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Download MP3: “Boogie Down” BY Grenada Badman

Multi-Talented Artiste and song writer Grenada Badman returns with a dope club banger, which will keep you on your best dancing move. The song titled Boogie Down is targeted at raising up the happiness in you and placing it on a high spirit. Its Grenada Badman’s birthday so this is a piece for his fans world wide. Listen and enjoy.

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Senate Takes Action On Death Of Female Corps Member Killed By Policeman

The Nigerian Senate has resolved to investigate the circumstances surround the death of Miss Linda Angela Igwetu, the NYSC Corper who was allegedly shot by a Police Officer two nights ago.

Senator Atai Aidoko, citing Order 42 and 52, raised the issue, stating that while on her way home with her friends, the corper was shot and rushed to Garki hospital, Abuja but was not treated because they needed a police report.

Commenting on the Motion, the President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, said:

“There are two issues here. One, is how could this have happened? How could the officer mistakenly or otherwise have shot in such a way that led to this young ladies death?

“Secondly, we have passed this Compulsory Treatment and Care of Victims of Gunshots Act, and the President assented to it on the 30th of December 2017.

“Until we start holding people accountable to these kinds of incidents, they will not stop. What is the point of us passing a Bill, and the President assenting to it, then it becomes law, and still, people will decide that they will not treat a patient.

“Is it that they are not well-informed? Is it that they were not aware that such a law exists? There are a number of issues that we need to address.

“Every Nigerian life is important. Especially young ones that are just about to start their own lives and careers. This is a loss that could have been avoided.”

The Senate resolved to:

Mandate its Committee on Youth and Sports to investigate the death of the NYSC Corper; mandate its Committee on Health to investigate the non-treatment of the patient, and; mandate its Committee on Police Affairs to investigate the cause of the incident.

All three Committees have been directed to report back to the Senate in 2-weeks.

Nigerian Startup Gets Into MIT Solve

Nigeria's popular digital content distribution platform, Publiseer, gets into MIT Solve Global Challenges. MIT Solve is a business incubator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that advances solutions from tech entrepreneurs to address pressing global issues by connecting innovators with resources such as expertise, human capital, technology, and funding. Since August 2017, Publiseer has been addressing the issue of digital content distribution and monetization in Africa. giving independent African writers and musicians from low-income communities the opportunity to earn a living from their craft. In the first-quarter of 2018, the Nigerian startup reported a profit of over $10,000 without any venture investment.

Solve, every year, aims to find potential teams around the world who can have success in Economic Prosperity, Health, Learning, and Sustainability. Solve then enables these teams to connect with its global community of private, public, and nonprofit leaders to form partnerships. Last year, almost 1,000 people across 103 countries submitted solutions to Solve's four challenges. Solve's open challenges include 'Work of the Future', 'Frontlines of Health', 'Coastal Communities', and 'teachers * Educators'. Solve has many key advisors, including Laurene Powell Jobs, Colin M. Angle, and Ursula M. Burns.

Publiseer is a popular digital publishing platform in Nigeria, which helps African writers and musicians from low-income communities in Africa, to distribute and monetize their creative works across over 400 digital stores in 100 countries. The mission of the Nigerian startup is to promote the creativity of the African people to the rest of the world through books (written words) and spoken words (spoken words). Founded by Nigerian computer programmers and serial Internet entrepreneurs, Publiseer has distributed and monetized over 600 creative works.

Photo caption: Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder of Publiseer pitching Publiseer at Microsoft's Accelerate Labs Demo Day

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EVENT NEWS: Neken Chuwang Set to Premiere/Release “Never Forget” Official Video

J town most consistent Song writer,singer & front runner in the Gospel scene NEKEN CHUWANG is set to premier the official music video of/for “NEVER FORGET” off his previously released debut album titled “GRATEFUL” late 2017 which features the likes of Ezra Jinang, VBaliz, Nenrit and the popular YMG (Yadda Music Group) on the 29th of July 2018.

Since the announcement of Neken Chuwang into the music scene, he has been up and doing in the game, dropping one NUMBER to the next and getting more features…

Believe me, Neken Chuwang’s NEVER FORGET video premier is surely one experience you can’t afford missing as it is the first of its kind in the city of Jos and on the Plateau as a whole.

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G-Worldwide Entertainment presents spanking visuals for the debut single of their newly-signed talented singer, Ajura.
The new song titled "Enchanted," is given the video treatment by famed filmmaker, Paul Gambit. It brings the record to life, and gives us a first look of Ajura, who throws in all of his charm in pursuit of his love interest. From an initial romantic meeting to heartwarming dates, we are put through all the paces for how to fall in love...and win at it.

Ajura showcases his pop sensibilities as he worships his love interest. "Cos I'm enchanted, enchanted by your love," he sings.

This definitely puts the artist on the right path of introduction, and thriving, for the singer born Daniel Alaba Ojamomi, in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Watch, share, enjoy. 

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7 Signs he may rape you when you visit.

There are 7 signs you can use to know if the guy you are about visiting will rape you or try something funny. These signs are very important to avert some impending tragedy waiting to happen. Many rape victim find it very hard to share their experience to people close to them but before you find yourself to stories that touch, these are 7 signs you need to look out for:

1. Drug Addict

Many Nigeria ladies has always fall victim to the hands of drug addicts. This is because they like their glamour lifestyle on social media, club or on their streets. When they chats you up and you decide to visit them at home or hotel, you may end up getting drug and rape or they force you and also take your nude picture so as to use it to threaten you in future.

When you know the guy you are going to his house for the first time is a drug addict, don’t fall to the pressure to visit him at home. Stand on meeting in an open place so that you can take your time to know what he has in mind. Even if you had to visit, watch what you drink or eat. Many Nigerian girls over look these signs and gladly demand for drinks that can easily be drugs. Drinks like fruit juices, yogurt or any plastic drinks etc.

When you sense that there is a possibility that he will or may ask for sex before going to his house, which you should have notice with the way you guys have been chatting recently. Tell him your mind and what you want, if you decide on “No Sex” and you agreed for a kiss, then you just give him an excuse for his act. Kissing can lead to sex and if you don’t buy the idea that moment, he may force himself on you and claim he was out of control.

2. Heavy Drinker

Alcohol has been a strong substance that can easily trigger high sex urge. You met a guy in the club, he offer to pay all your drinks and both of you gets drunk and you decided to spend the night in his house. There is a possibility that he will demand for sex and when you refuse, he forces himself on you.

Many rape cases always come as a result of too much alcohol. When you notice your boyfriend is drunk and you have no intention for sex, try not to go home together with him, many dangers likes murder, rape, assault happens when on the influence of alcohol and when this people commit these actions, they always blame it on alcohol and by then you are already traumatized, wounded or heartbroken.

Never go home with someone who is drunk; never take alcohol in their house if you are not ready to have sex.

3. Mr. Nice Guy

Don’t get me wrong, been nice has a way of attracting different girls around guys. You are not dating a guy but he does everything for you ranging from phone, cloths, house rent, weekly/monthly financial help, airtime, school fee, text-books, valentine gift, Christmas gift and many more.

Then you guys just have some little time to spend together privately and he demanded for sex but you refuse base on you take him as a friend.

When you have someone like this around you and you have no intention to have sex with him, kindly reduce or reject all his gifts or money. Some guys don’t like to be taken for a ride, when they feel like you don’t appreciate all their effort towards you and sometimes feel cheated; they tend to take it by force. Most time the girl that was rape still comes back to them because of the free money and gifts.

4. Sex Starve

When you meet a sex starve guy you will know. They don’t have anything better to say except “Come to my house”. These categories of people most time find it hard to have a girlfriend or sex mate. So whenever they manage to take any girl home, they always demand for sex.

This kind of people will beg, cry, joke and even pretend to commit suicide if you don’t have sex with him. But if you still hold your ground on “No Sex”, they get piss off and forcefully have sex with you. Don’t visit any sex serve guy if you are not ready for sex.

Some only believe that you are visiting them because you want to have sex too and they try every possible trick to have their way. They most times threaten to kill if you don’t agree for sex because that’s what they need that very moment and they don’t mind to hurt you.

5. Wearing Over Expose Dress

Don’t try to tempt a guy with yours sexy shape when you visit him at home. Most guys are easily moved by the sight of a sexy girl. Deep down their mind they keep imaging dirty thought and crazy ideas. The guy may not have the intention to have sex with you on the first visit, but with the way you dress may give him a second thought. And when you refuse he may force his way and the sexy dress will make the job easier to execute.

If you feel like to visit a guy and you have no intention to have sex with him, try to put on something decent or maybe a jean trouser to help you have more time to call for help in case he try to act funny. Try to look simple and make him not to admire your body so fast.

6. Sex Chat

Many Nigerian ladies never know the bad implication of having a sex chat on phone or on social media. You keep having sex chat with random guys on social media for LIKES and free airtime. Later when you finally decide to visit him, he will demand for sex and if you refuse he force himself on you.

Don’t visit a guy you normally have sex chat with if you are not ready to have sex with him. Even if you had the sex chat once, there is a possibility that he still have that imagination in his head. So whenever you visit him at home, he will like to try it with you physically.

7. Sex Figure

Are you a sex figure? Do people always stare at you every time in public? Do you have a sexy shape that always draws many men attention? If yes, then try to avoid some people who keep finding a way to take you to their house or telling you to meet them in a hotel.

Many girls falls victim of this in their work place, street, church, and school. Everybody you come in contact with just admire your body, your friends, pastors, lecturers, your elder brother friends etc.

This can make anyone of them to have a bad intention on you just to have sex. When you notice this sign, make sure you look out for yourself, threat in this case usually come from anywhere even from uncles or family members.

#ARTIST: Here are Some Mistakes you Make in your career.

Many artists never thought of putting things in order before starting their music career. Social media is a nice community to start because that’s where everyone meets; you have to make it very possible for the interested ones online to have access to your songs collections. You can’t be an artist with pictures and a link to an unknown location where you can’t say which one is an advert link or a real download link. Your interested fans will be discouraged then they close the page. Let me list 10 common mistake upcoming artist usually do in their career.

Uploading Dead link

This kind of mistake mostly happen when you upload your song on website that usually shut down expired link that don’t have enough visitors for regular download. Most artists never keep track of the link to their song they keep pasting on their social media timeline or group wall. When your fans wanted to download it they face some challenges, some will be redirect to other page and they lose interest to your song. There are a lot of website that can hold your song for many years and you can easily refer people to it, site like ReverbNation, Dropbox etc. When you create a good link to your song, people find it easy to download which helps you to reach more audience around the world.

No profile
Some upcoming artists don’t have a profile and they expect people to know them, which is not possible. Having a well arraigned profile helps you to create a connection to new and existing fans that wish to know more information about you and your music career. Your profile should be detailed and well created so that when some interested sponsor want to see your details you simply refer them to your profile which could be on Facebook, ReverbNation, on a blog, Twitter or any accessible social media you can register yourself into. Profile can contain some of your old and new song links, some mix tape pictures or promo picture, personal or group image and some little information about your music career. Put a lot of energy to have a complete profile and make sure you usually update them when you have new song, image or any information you wish to show the public.

No genre
Most artist don’t have a genre, they will push out a hip hop song today the next time they drop a soul song and they keep on changing genre. You can’t easily tell which particular song they make and where to categories them. This kind of people always find it hard to blend into the system because they never have their own brand of music. Fans can’t flow with your music pattern because some people may like your hip hop style but discard your soul song, this will create a division between people who follow you and people who listen to your song. Learn to focus your energy on a particular genre, work on improving on it and create your own style to help you stand out in the crowd.

No social media account

This categories of people are normally not into social media or not too familiar with the internet. Having a social media is a good chance to show your music to the world. Friends and families will help like, share or tweet your song and create much views and engagement. You hardly make people listen to your song when you don’t have a social media account. Social media has a way it promote artist who has good content and good audience, you need to make a lot of friends and make them know your intention and what you need from them. Many upcoming artist has being link with multi-million record deals, some are help to meet the right producer or partner for their music career.

No featuring
No man is an island and starting a career in music requires you to focus your energy to work with different producers, artist, songwriter or a good record label. Featuring another artist is a very good way to drawing a lot of attention. Many artists are usually rate higher with how they work with their fellow artist to create a good hit. Don’t believe you can do it all alone because you believe you got the vibe, having an artist to handle chorus or rap can make some works easier for you. Roles and ideas will be shared and you will have the opportunity to combine two different raw talents together to create a song.

Record deals

Due to the increase in the amount of people who want to be a super star, many artists have been turned to slave by making money for the label but receiving peanut at the end. This happens when no prefer agreement was reach when signing a contract deal, this deals should be read carefully and most time require the attention of a lawyer for proper advise. When you desperately sign such deals, you feel trap and you feel sad when you know you are been cheated by your record label. When you have such chance, make sure you go through it before signing and if you still feel like to continue, make sure the deal should not be more than 2 years. This will help you prepare yourself and also know your worth when the deal expired.

No personal song collection

There are some fans who love to have all song release by an artist. Having a particular site where you can direct all your fans to get all of your song easily. Site like ReverbNation or iTunes can help you have this pleasure but some of these sites are not free (iTunes). Always keep record of your songs to help to create a good connection between you and your audience, some fans may not like your new release but keep downloading your old songs you release 2 years ago. They can have access to them because you create a link for it and they find it easy to locate and download.

Contact address

Before going online with your music first have a contact address. It can be an e-mail or mail box or any means someone can use to reach you easily at any time. You can have a good hit but your contact address can be the only set back holding you from being contacted by some major sponsor or a contract deal. Have an office e-mail you can use for applying for any deals online; make sure you check it regularly in case you have an urgent message regarding your music career.

Alternative skills

Starting a career in music should not be the reason you should focus your attention only on singing, you can go into other aspect of music that you can use to equip yourself more. These skills can help you stand out among the crowd, skills like Audio Production, Sound Engineer, Producer, keyboardist, drummer or a backup singer etc. Work more to develop yourself can see how important it will help in meeting more people who can shape your career.

Free show / Event
Many artists may find this difficult to do but when you leave the monetary aspect of this, you will find out that many successful artists had one time perform for free. Doing free show some times helps artist to create more awareness and show case some new song you just release. Find any avenue to display yourself, even if it last for some few minute. Never look down on a show or focus your attention on money when you haven’t made any name in the music industry.

Feel free to comment below, lets me know your own opinion. Thanks


Sensational Gospel Minister, Christian Aloz Releases brand new single Titled “BREAKTHROUGH".
Christian Aloz is a Nigerian Singer – Song writer and a Missionary. His passion toward his career and call gave him a good perspective for a total worship and praises to the God of Breakthrough and Miracles.

Key into that atmosphere of Divine Breakthrough through this song !!

DOwnload, Listen And Share



Osimiri Atata
Awesome God
There’s no one like you
You made everything
Oh God…..Mighty man of war
The king of Glory

Eze ……mo
You’re worthy worthy worthy worthy
Worthy of my praise
Baba……mo I throw Away salut you
Onye ne’memma
You’re worthy of my praise


The God of breakthrough……. you are
The God of miracles
Awesome wonder
All powerful God
All sufficient God
All reliable God
Wonder working God
The self-existing one


You gave the sight to the blind
You made the lame to walk
You heal the sick today
You set the captives free
Situation you turn around
And the great mighty God
The self-existing one


The God of break through……you are
The God of miracles
Awesome wonder
All powerful God
All sufficient God
All Reliable
Wonder Working God
The self-existing one (x2)

Oh With you tough mountains shall be leveled
Oh…….Lord with you dry bones shall rise again
Incredible God
Wonder working God
The self-existing one
Oh with you……all things are possible
Oh with you…..situations are turned for good
………Incredible God
Wonder Working God
The self-existing o
(Chorus) x2


Ekweume ooo
The one who fix my life
I chilled in your goodness
The restore of my soul
Osimiri …….Atata
Untouchable ………..God
My consistent blesser
My consistent father (x2)

Bulie ya……… (x4)
Bulie Jesus


Facebook: Christian Aloz

Twitter: @alozchristian

Instagram: @Princechristian6000

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“Write It Contest" For Junior High School Pupils 2018 Launched

Book Per Child in collaboration with Read Ghana Foundation, a literacy oriented NGO has launched its maiden 2018 “Write It Competition”.

This year's topic for the competition is: " Write an article stating at least 3 advantages of the free Senior High School policy in Ghana and suggest ways to sustain it".

The article should not be more than 250 words and submitted to by the 30th of June, 2018.

This competition is for all JHS pupils across the country.

It is evident that, education and academic competitions are two of the most important ingredients of every human life.

This is heavily supported by humans incessant seeking of knowledge and skills for survival and success.

Against this background we can conclude that, education is essentially one of the finest things that makes a human superior.

Procedures to select the winner

After marking the scripts that will be received across the country, the best 3 pupils will be selected from each region for the final competition in Accra.

At the finale in Accra, interesting and amazing prizes will be won by all the finalists especially those who will place from 3rd to 1st out of the 30 participants.

Parents must urge the children in JHS to participate in this writing competition because it provides the opportunity for critical thinking and solution-based analysis of national issues.

The fact remains that, writers of all ages need an audience and what better way is there to gain one than to enter a writing contest?

It’s so satisfying when a child receives a reward for his writings, whether it’s a cash prize, a special gift, or simply a chance to get published nationwide.

Why you should encourage your ward to enter into this competition:

Writing contests open boundaries for learners because during the process most students need and do a lot of research which broadens knowledge.

Writing contests also provide strict limits in the form of deadlines, word count, subject matter and submission procedures.

Contest deadlines help them pace their writing so they can develop, write, and proofread the piece with time to spare.

Writing contests usually have some sort of word limit. Cutting a story or essay down to its most essential core will result in a tighter composition.

Because most contests ask for a specific kind of writing a short fictional story, a patriotic piece, or a poem, for example, students get to fine-tune their skills and focus their writing while practicing with a variety of themes.

Writing on a given topic, even if it doesn’t especially interest them, is good practice for future writing assignments.

It is our expectation that, most JHS pupils across the country will try their hands on this interesting topic and come up with thought-provoking solutions that can help our educational sector.

We will like to thank all the sponsors that have made this contest a reality.

We wish all JHS pupils the best of luck in the competition.


Mathias Tulasi

CEO-Read Ghana Foundation


Portia Arthur

CEO- Book Per Child


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Abiola’s son opens up: I asked Obasanjo to honour my father

•Even in death MKO has many enemies
•President Buhari is a special person
•Jonathan had good intention by honouring MKO
•How Abacha sent news of mum’s death to dad in prison

ALHAJI Jamiu Abiola, son of the late presumed winner of June 12 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola, in this interview, speaks on the honour bestowed on his father, untold stories of his incarceration and his father’s enemies among others. Jamiu, who is the third child of the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, also spoke on the roles of certain actors in the June 12 saga. Before the latest immortalisation of his father, he had authored two books on Abiola’s mandate, The Stolen Presidency and The President Who Never Ruled.


You wrote a book, The President Who Never Ruled about your late father, Chief MKO Abiola a few years ago. Today, the award of the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR, to your father seems to have brought some of your wishes in the book to reality. How do you feel?


Right now I can say that I am the happiest man, not just literally, but factually. I am the happiest man because for so long I felt that my parents died for nothing because there is nothing worse than somebody making a sacrifice and the sacrifice not recognised. It was recognised by Nigerians but those that got power after June 12 found it convenient to sweep it under the carpet for reasons best known to them. Initially, I was almost getting frustrated because some people were trying to rewrite history by ignoring my father. This is not the first time that a great man has been treated the way my father was treated.

For example, Julius Caeser did a lot for the Roman Empire. He went around conquering nations and building empires but the elite in Rome conspired and killed him. That is why I want everybody in Nigeria to give special respect to President Buhari. He is very fantastic. I am not flattering him because that is the truth. Some say that the truth is bitter, but in this case, the truth is sweet about President Muhammadu Buhari.

In this case, he is not only a good person but a perfect person. He is not a Yoruba man. He is from Katsina and has proven that he is more detribalised than any other Nigerian. He is of the same calibre with people like Mandela and Chief Abiola. Now he has shown that it is not about where anyone comes from, but about the fact that we are one. That is the symbolic meaning of what he has done.

25 years ago the election was held and nobody that got to power did what he has done. President Goodluck Jonathan tried by naming the University of Lagos after him but people felt that, UNILAG was too small for Chief Abiola. I was very happy when he did it because I believe that if someone is going somewhere, he must start from somewhere.

This honour bestowed on your father came 48 hours after the commemoration of the death of your mother, the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, who also died in the struggle. What can you say about the coincidence?

MKO Abiola and Kudirat Abiola are one. This struggle is like teamwork. When MKO Abiola was arrested, his role in the struggle became limited. He was now fighting an internal struggle because at that time he was in solitary confinement. But the struggle was led by a woman who was 44 years old at that time. She was the one that led the struggle against the military which was the most powerful mafia at that time because they had wealth, power and other resources at their disposal. She did not give up. I called her several times when I was in America to quit the struggle because she would die.

I told her to take things easy. I told her to come to America. Her response was ‘’how can I leave when my husband is here.” Unfortunately, she got killed. I am so grateful that the American city of New York named a street after her. That was something that had never been done to any African in America other than Mandela. Even my father did not get that honour. The 44th Street in New York was named after her.

Another book you wrote about your father is The Stolen Presidency. In it, you also revealed some of the intrigues that contributed to the fate that befell your father. In that book, you stated the honours that your father deserved including this honour bestowed on him by President Buhari. What informed that?

“The President Who Never Ruled” and “The Stolen Mandate” were the most difficult tasks I have undertaken in my life because I experienced psychological trauma. What made it more dramatic was that after writing it in English, I translated it into Arabic. I did that so that people in the Arab world will know that Africa can actually produce quality and sacrifice. I wanted them to also know that Africans are not just barbaric. I wrote the book because I realised that Abiola’s name was going and nobody wanted to recognise him.

When I wrote the book, I dedicated it to President Youri Museveni and President Nelson Mandela for supporting my father, President Moshood Abiola when he was incarcerated. I referred to him as President Abiola in the book. It was in 2015. I gave the book to President Buhari, who had not become President then. I gave the book to Obasanjo and others. Some people called me after reading the book to ask if I was not scared of my life.

They said those who destroyed my father were still alive and I said the truth the way it was in the book. My response was that having lost my parents, even if I die for saying the truth about what happened to him, the struggle would continue. However, I did not have the premonition that he would eventually be given GCFR. I did it because as the son of Cheif MKO Abiola I owed him an obligation so that people will understand his story. I am happy that some of the things I said in the book have happened.

I actually said that the only good thing Abacha did in office was to appoint Gen Buhari as the Chairman of the defunct Petroleum Trust Fund,PTF. At that time, there was no thought of Buhari doing something like this. I was just trying to be objective. Nigerians should respect and thank President Buhari.

How do you feel that Obasanjo, who was Abiola’s schoolmate, was in power for eight years without honouring Abiola, who was even his school mate?

When Obasanjo was the President, I visited him several times and called him several times. He also called me. Even when I wrote my first book, he did a fantastic review of the book and said the book gave people hope. There was a time I sent him a text message when he was President, telling him that peoples’ impression about his failure to honour Abiola was because he did not like him. Unfortunately, he did not do it. When I wrote the second book on my father, I gave him the book. I am sure he read it. All I have done for my father were not for a favour. They are the things I am supposed to do as a son. I saw it as an obligation. I will also want my son to do so for me.

Don’t you think you are biased?

Anybody that feels I am biased about my father should write his own book. I have to be biased because I did not come to this world by accident. These were the people that brought me to this world.

When Jonathan named UNILAG after MKO Abiola a lot of people thought it was a big honour, but it was opposed. Jonathan later succumbed to pressure. How did you feel when it happened?

Half a loaf of bread is better than none. President Jonathan did what he did because he had good intention. Unfortunately, MKO Abiola has a lot of enemies, who claim to be his friends. Those were the people causing the problem. Imagine a President of Nigeria making a statement and less than five minutes later, people were in BRT Buses protesting against the announcement. They were on Third Mainland Bridge causing problems. How were they mobilised?

A lot of people, who did not want Jonathan to have goodwill in the Southwest, opposed it. That is to show that MKO Abiola was so powerful that even in death, he has so many enemies. That is why I said we have to thank President Buhari specially. I am not saying he is angelic but he should be supported to excel.

There are insinuations that this honour is a political missile targeted at Obasanjo, and other former leaders, who have spoken against the president’s re-election bid?

Even before MKO Abiola ran for the presidency, some people said he was just being generous because he wanted to become President. People will always say what they want to say. What President Buhari has done is an indication of the fact that he is a great man. Because he is a great man, people will love or hate whatever he did. Those of us who know the truth understand that if he was not a good man, he would not have done what he did. Some people have the political advantage of doing that but they did not do it. We are not looking at it in a way that he wants to score political points. It is better late than never.

Since the honour on your dad was announced, some are of the opinion that he should be named a posthumous President. The way people are talking seems as if many people are now scrambling to take glory in the imortalisation of MKO Abiola. Do you see it in that way?

This is Africa where many bad things overshadow good things. But when good things happen in Africa they have spiral effects. Those talking now are just doing the right thing. I am not seeing it that anybody is scrambling for anything. They are politicians but a lot of people don’t trust politicians in this country. Sometimes they do things because they actually want to do them for a good reason. It is important we give them the benefit of the doubt so that we can come together and solve the problems of this country. If we don’t come together to do the right thing, we may never get it right.

If you find yourself with Obasanjo and other leaders, who played roles in the June 12 saga in a common room, what will you discuss with them as the son of MKO Abiola?

The wise people in this world have always said that it is good to find a middle ground. I will find what I have in common with them and discuss. We have to focus on good things.

Today, June 8, 2018, is very symbolic. As I am interviewing you now, the Abachas are observing the anniversary of their father’s death. Considering that the incarceration of your father for five years was among the factors believed to be instrumental in his death, have you forgiven the Abacha family?

If I have not forgiven Abacha, the fact that I cannot do any harm to any of them means that my forgiveness is inconsequential. It is so complicated that I cannot say, yellow, blue or black. The most important thing is that if somebody is down, there is no point pushing the person down. Today, when people talk about Abacha is it not about looting? Unfortunately for Abacha even if he earned a legitimate living, nobody is talking about that now. All people are saying is Abacha loot. So, Abacha is already finished. What can I say about somebody in that situation? Now, everybody is talking about MKO Abiola. God has settled everything.

On MKO Abiola’s sacrifice

You will never know who you are until you get to a position where you can do whatever you want to do. A man can be nice but when he becomes rich, his true colours will manifest. Before my father became rich he was a businessman. He was into profit-making. The last time I saw him in 1995, Abacha asked one policeman to bring him to where we were. That was after we waited for three days. Before I saw him, the policeman said I should tell my father to forget about the struggle and move on with his life. He said we should beg him to forget about it because he didn’t want him to die.

He even said my father was nice to them before he was incarcerated. When he came and sat down with us, we asked him how he was doing and his response was ‘’me, I am doing fine.” We then asked him how he was going about his insistence on his mandate, he said, “I am ready to die.” When he said that, the policeman was disappointed.

My father said Nigerians were suffering adding that Abacha did not allow his doctor to see him. He also said they put him in a Black Maria. That was in 1995 when he had spent one year in detention. This was a man who would go to London twice weekly. His pilot and his crew lived in Sheraton. Sometimes he would fly to Paris to have his Rolls Royce so that he could drive to London to have a rest. He lived the highest life ever since 1975 until he was arrested. He was living in London and living in Nigeria. Sometimes, he would go to America and would leave after spending five hours.

During our visit, I reminded him that he once told me that if somebody was holding a sword and if I try taking the sword by force, I would get hurt. I also reminded him that he said that it was good to take the sword gently. He responded that he had taken the sword by the handle, adding that if they stabbed him, that was their business. He was not a shallow man. That was why he was doing so many things. He said he would not accept the position of a Prime Minister from Abacha.

They would have shared the government but he said he would not do it, saying that Abacha was very greedy. He said he didn’t want anyone that would soil his name. Abacha wanted to kill everything about him to the extent that a newspaper report of my mother’s death was given to him the next day.

Friday, 8 June 2018



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