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Fresh from BORN MAN MUSIC comes this High tempo track titled TAKE IT by one of Beehive's most gifted rapper and OG in the game BOBDEE RIDDLE. TAKE IT is a realization for belivers and a call to charge. In his words (GOD HAS GREAT THINGS FOR HIS CHILDREN BUT WE MUST ACTUALIZE) TAKE IT was produced by his brother SHAMBEE PUZZLE, mixed and mastered by CMAN

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“I Am Making Money, You’re Making Noise,” — Rapper CDQ Blasts M.I. Abaga

Nigerian rapper, M.I. Abaga during the Soundcity MVp awards on the 12th of January at Eko Hotels in Lagos urged all rappers to “pick up their pens and start writing”.

M.I Abaga

Watch the video below;

Apparently, CDQ does not share the same sentiment as M.I. Abaga, as he took to the gram to blast the rapper. The indigenous rapper posted in Yoruba; “Egbon e lo joko jur. Film ni gbogbo eleyi ten act yi. Nothing like Naija Hiphop. Hiphop is Hiphop…. a wan pawo eyin pariwo”.


Which translates to “Bros, go and sit down. You’re just acting for the camera. There’s nothing like Naija hiphop.. Hiphop is Hiphop. We are making money, you’re making noise..”

See screenshots below;


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Port to Airtel Network and Get Whopping 10GB Data For Just N500 or 2GB for N100

Hello guys, I think this is the right time to migrate one of our sim cards from other service providers to Airtel Nigeria. If you are an internet addicted or someone who loved the freebie, I believed you should have more than one sim card on each of the networks. One of your dumped sim card which was in a dusty wardrobe can now be used to get the huge volume of data with the token amount of money.

Airtel NG is here with an amazing offer that gives you whopping 10GB data for just N500 or 2GB for N100 when you moved your phone number from any GSM mobile operator onto their network. The data works on 2G/3G and 4G network, it can be used both at daytime and night, browses and downloads on all websites without VPN apps.

This is even bigger than the #GloUnfairAdvantage which offers 2GB for N500 - you can see the gap! we are not going to call it a trick, it is something like a bonus. But, as we have already said, it works like a normal subscription.

To benefit from the offer, you will be needing to Port your SIM Card from one Network to Airtel, but I recommend you use one of your MTN Registered sim. Porting is absolutely free, and you’ll retain your MTN number while using the Airtel network. For example, people will still be able to call you with your current MTN number, but you’ll be loading Airtel recharge cards, and using Airtel tariff plans and services. Remember, it’s free to port!

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Joebrown - Wuta Bal Bal

Joebrown - Wuta Bal BalTeenage sensation, Joebrown is set to release His track '#WUTABALBAL'
He hails from the Nothern part of the Country(KADUNA)..
The song is a prayer!! Here he prays for fire ablaze to rescue those captivated by Poverty, Sickness, laziness, Hatred, fornication and more of that...
You can get the full message in the track....
Produced By Dj Effect  Instagram @djeffectonthebeat  (WhatsApp +2347061967586)
Download And Enjoy

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While his fans are still enjoying the wave of “kOMALLO” by the DOWNTOWN   crooner “MAYORZZY “, the unsigned act came up taking over the clubs and streets with this dance ignition tune titled “IBEBE "" your waist, featuring the BLACK EMPIRE  frontline artist YUNGWEALTH & BOLAJI the UNLIMITED BADDO artist

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QUEEN'S Calling. ep2

"But I don’t want to take them all off,” he complained, even as the irony of role reversal struck him.
Hazel eyes dimmed a bit and she paused with her jeans around her waist, power and command mirroring in her pretty face.

“You have to take everything off, even your boxers.”

“But I feel cold!” he said, not wanting her to know the truth; he did not like sex with the lights on, his body was so imperfect for that.

“Okay,” she said, conceding a bit, “you can keep you shirt on but take every other stuff off.”

He got the idea that the ‘taking off’ clothes was not just a ritual before the act but a safety measure, probably brings one to bed without any hidden weapons that may cause harm. He was about to ask her but she silenced him with her imploring eyes and glanced at her wristwatch. Time must be of an essence, he thought.

“Put this on,” she told him offhandedly, pushing a condom into his shaky hands while laying back into the meagre mattress.
He knew desire had already left him but he did not expect the extent of it. Looking down his member with the condom in his hands, he felt drained.

It hung, not just limp, but devoid of character, showing half its normal size.

She smiled at him as she took the limp member in her hands and proceeded to bring it to life. She must have stroked it for a while before he realized that it was a fruitless effort, as the offending member hung limper than ever.

Taking it from her cool hands, he proceeded to coax it alive with an increasing up and down motion while projecting his mind to more successful tumbles in the past.

When several minutes of this did not work and her earlier soft encouragements was turning to murmured complaints of time’s money and unproductive sessions, he completely tuned off and looked at her with a smile on his face.

“Why the smile?” she asked, frowning slightly.

“Nothing,” he replied, “it’s just that I expected this.”

“Expected this?” she inquired, mixture of fear and confusion playing across her face.

“ Yes, the truth is that I’ve not been able to do this with a prostitute,” he informed her, trying not to sound abusive or degenerate. “ This is my second attempt with the same result.”

“And you say you are not impotent?” she asked, suspicion clouding her prettily painted face.

“No I am not,” he countered. “I had an erection walking up the stairs behind you a few minutes ago, it just happened when we got into the room.”

“So what do you want me to do now?” she challenged, her doe eyes blazing, “You mean you wasted my time for nothing?” by now her voice had lost its previous conspiratorial whisper and had picked up a sharp edge he felt she uses for situations like this.

“I am not asking for my money back,” he murmured, knowing her heart and its direction.

“And what are you asking?” she asked, sounding hurt.

He looked at her, tongue tied, wondering how to tell a prostitute with this much pride in her abilities that he was sorry he couldn’t tumble with her and that it was no fault of hers.

She stood before him arms akimbo, challenge in her hazel doe eyes. He was reminded sourly of the fact the couple in the next room, divided from this by a thin board of plywood, will be party to any raised voice communion. “Nothing, really, keep the money,”

She looked at him with what appears to be pity, "OK, she said. "But know that I would have given you a good time."
“Thanks.” he said, collecting his shoe from her, he stepped out into the corridor, turned and saw her still looking at him.

“Sorry,” he mouthed again, before escaping down the corridor, passing several girls and their customers emerging or entering rooms identical to the one he just left.

As he left the building, loud laughter seemed to follow him into the street. He cringed at the thought that the joke was on him and quickened his pace.

He had gotten to the bus stop and was in the process of hailing a bike when his phone rang.
He stared for some seconds at the caller ID ‘baby’ before picking the call.

“Hello babes.” he said, trying to sound better than he felt.” How are you?”

“Fine,” she responded. “Just calling to know if you are doing something crazy in my absence.”

“No,” he said with all sincerity as he signaled a commercial motorcycle. “No, sweetheart. I haven’t done anything crazy and I doubt if I will be doing anything crazy until you get back.” he smiled into the phone as relief washed over him like a thousand rivers...



Meet Beautiful Female Motorcycle Mechanic Who Says She Doesn’t Understand Anything Other Than Spanners & Engines

Chidinma Clement, the female motorcycle mechanic whose images went viral in December has opened up to us on why she chose the male dominated profession.

Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Obinwanne Clement, from umuokoro village, Isialangwa South LGA, Abia State. Chidinma, a final year student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture disclosed lot about her personality, life experience, challenges, passion for her work and many more.

When asked about her journey into being a motorcycle mechanic, she said : “I’ve always loved to solve a problem especially when it concerns dismantling and coupling, even a little girl. There’s this joy I found inside, whenever I’m doing it. I started motorcycle repairing when I was 13years,that’s about 10years ago under the tutelage of my father”.

She further informed our correspondent that while ladies generally see mechanic as a dirty job, she’s very comfortable working with Spanners.

“I don’t see it as a dirty job. When I got admitted into the University I thought I would stop it because of the series of advice I received from my friends and others who call me all sorts of names, Some of my friends advised that I learn hairdressing in order to help myself in school rather than mechanic, but I noticed that I was unhappy doing other stuffs and the truth is I don’t understand anything that doesn’t have to do with Spanners and Engine. So I dropped all their advices for what makes me happy”.

When asked about challenges she face in the profession, she was quoted saying: “It has not been easy, coming from a family of nine and my mother not been there for me, I suffered a lot in school, just to put a smile on my father’s face. I have been humiliated, embarrassed for doing this job, but the God has been my sole strength”.

Adding that, she also look ahead venturing into more sophisticated engineering work.

“As a motorbike mechanic, it is not everyone that use bike. In some parts of the state motorcyclist have been banned, which means this job might fade away with time. So I’m looking at the future. I really want to advance in other area. I will like to get more knowledge but it must be something that has to do with dismantling and coupling”.

Beautiful Chidinma Clement, also spoke about her encounter with the Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

“Meeting my amiable governor Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, I must say, was divine intervention. I was invited to Abia women summit on that 22nd of December but I never knew I will meet him and he was really a calm man”.

Knowing fully well that there are millions of females out there who are struggling to make ends meet, Chidinma, dropped a piece of advice.

“My advice to females out there is that they should not wait for any man or woman to help them before they help themselves. You have to make a move. You have to believe in yourself .Don’t allow people’s idea and opinion to make you feel bad. You must be mocked, embarrassed and humiliated but you must hold on to God. Those that mock you must come to congratulate you. When you hope on relatives, friends and family they must fail because you are supposed to Hope on God and not human. You may not know who loves you and who wants you to go forward. So avoid all distractions and stay focused” she advised.

QUEEN'S Calling. ep 1

His heartbeat increased to a heightened tempo; deep in its cradle, his chest, its thump like a giant’s footstep trudging across a broken landscape.

Leaning on the door frame for support, he prayed for strength to his shaking legs, which appeared unable to carry him the few meters to where she stood, amongst her colleagues of like callings, looking directly at him like he was the one she had been waiting for.

Picking boldness, he forced his eyes to meet hers and marveled at the passion she conveyed at the blink of those sensual eyes. He wanted to call her, perhaps give her a hint of invitation. It would be easy, he was sure, knowing what she was there for, but his strength failed him and his legs refused to carry him those few meters.

He signaled a bar man, who hurried to his side, all smirk and servitude, his face a study of conflicting emotions.

‘Give me a bottle of Gordon sparks.’ He said, trying to convey confidence he did not feel.

Taking a seat, he prepared to await the order.
In his mind, he did a silent survey of the scene. Apart from the twenty or so patrons who were all keen on being as inconspicuous as possible – bowed heads and intense necking of whatever brands they were drinking marking that sign – and two or three serving girls whose mode of dressing and carriage set them apart from the girls outside, the immediate scene was bereft of any interest.

Plastic chairs and table did not tell much tales neither did the two company-issue deep freezers or the 14-inch television set tuned to a local station that was then showing the westernized antics of a homegrown music star.
In all, one could have been at any regular bar in town.

The order came sooner than expected and the chill down his throat eased off his tension a bit, or so he thought.

He caressed the bottle of Gordon sparks and looked out the large louvered windows in between sips. It was after a couple of sips that he discovered the silent code in use. The girls, who were dressed (or undressed) in varying stages of sensuality, took turns coming to the window to peer in through the double louver glass window and pose briefly for the benefit of the men seating within.

The main idea appeared to be holding a man’s gaze long enough for a silent message to pass, a message that always without fail says, “I am available.”

While he was still pondering his inability to rise to the occasion, a young man whose attitude showed him an old hand at the game walked out and over to claim the very girl that had caught his fancy earlier and walked with her toward the back where the girls apparently had rooms.

Smarting from that missed chance and taking strength from the youth's boldness, he sampled what was left and found one he thought will cool his adore for that lost looker. Walking over to her was easy as well as discussion of terms – which she assured him would be better done within the confines of her room.

She led the way to the back, up two flights of stairs, both strangely well light, and into a room partitioned into two. To his surprise, her price, when they got to it, was way higher than what he thought was usual. The African in him flared and he haggled and got a third of it, hoping for a service she assured him would be his best ever.

“Now,” she said, smiling gently, while caressing him softly on the back. “Take off your clothes. All of it.”

To be continued

Music: Dr. Paul – Baba O ft Preye Orok (Prod. GTonthebeat) @iam_drpaul

After hosting Frank Edwards recently, Dr. Paul has returned in 2018 firing from all cylinders with this powerful worship song, Baba O featuring Preye Orok, a fast rising star, who has been shaking the gospel scene with her beautiful songs Hallelujah and Dependable God.

Baba O is indeed a timely song, a song to start the year with. Its’ lyrics portray the mercy of God, and a heart full of gratitude for the great things God has done and continue to do. Produced by GTonthebeat, the acclaimed producer of KOLE YI PADA, Dr. Paul's last year's mega jam. He proves once again why he is one of the very best producers in the field. Enjoy.

Sound Engineering (remixing and re-mastering): Sam Odus
Vs 1
Oh glory glory to Your Name
For You have been my rock and shield
Lord You have been my friend in need
And You have been my Lord indeed
So now I kneel before Your throne
Before Your altar I am known
I just want to say, Baba o, ese.
Baba o…You changed my life today
Baba o..I give You all my praise
Baba o..I give You all my worship.
For You turned my life around today.
Vs 2
Lord I stand before Your throne
In adoration I bow
Lord Your mercy and Your favour
Surround me like a shield
How can I repay
All the help You gave me
I just want say, Baba ese.



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