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CCT okays trial of Commissioner, 54 others in Bauchi State

Mr Danladi Umar, Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has approved April 24 and April 27 for the arraignment of a serving Commissioner and 54 other public officers before him in Bauchi State.

According to a statement by Mr Ibraheem AL-Hassan, Head, Press and Public Relations of the tribunal, the trial would be conducted at the state High Court Bauchi.
The CCT said the routine inter-state became necessary in order to handle all pending cases brought to it by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB).
The court said those to be arraigned for the alleged breached of code of conduct of public officers were both career and political office holders.
Al-Hassan said the respondents included heads of federal, state and Local government Agencies, operating in the state.
According to him, they include one serving commissioner, nine Senior Assistance operating from the office of Secretary to the Bauchi state government and three Personal Assistance to state Governor.
Others, according to the spokesman of the tribunal, include four staff of the Nigeria Drugs Law Enforcement Agent personnel with a Commander operating in the state.
Al-Hassan further listed Chief Superintendent of Custom and eight Police officers of different ranks in the state command to had allegedly breached the CCB’s Act.
He said the aim of embarking on state’s trial was to bring justice to the door step of the defaulters spread across the country.
“Also the itinerant session would serve as a means of reaching out to the state on the activities of the CCT.
“It is our hope that this would serve as deterrent to other public servants who do not consider it necessary to promptly declare their assets’’, Al-Hassan said.

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Sarkin Aljanna-Nelsongz Obi

Nelsongz Obi is back at it again with another inspirational jam titled Sarkin Aljanna (King of Heaven).
If you have not heard any of this amazing artist song before then really you are missing out of songs that touch deep down to your soul, songs that will elevate you. So without taking much of your time Kindly click on the download button below to download this song.

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Love Beyond Reason- episode 1

Ikemefuna sat on the couch in his living room, arms folded on his chest, eyes clouded with anger, lips stretched thin, and watched the hand of the clock move towards 9pm for the umpteenth time. He was fuming with anger but anyone looking at him would just see a handsome, well-built man, watching TV, with an impatient stretch to his lips. On closer inspection though, the anger in his eyes could not be missed.

He stared at the game showing on the TV. His favorite English club, Arsenal were playing against their arch nemesis, Chelsea and it seems Chelsea is going to get the glory once more. He watched the screen, at the same time listening for when the door will open to admit Ugochi, his girlfriend, whom he had been waiting for impatiently for the past two hours.

Why is this woman late? What does she take me for? How can she leave me here and go about frolicking with every Dick and Harry in the city? She’ll have a lot of explaining to do when she gets back here. These were the thoughts flowing through his mind as he sat, alternately watching the clock and the screen, grinding his teeth in an obvious sign of frustration.

Meanwhile, Ugochi was having a great time with her girlfriends at the birthday party of one of the gang. She laughed at something Dawn, the birthday girl said and gave Ijeoma a wink. The three girls had been rolling together since they were at the University, they were popularly known as the three musketeers back then. Now, all of them were settled into their respective careers but they still found time to get together once in a while.

It was Dawn’s birthday and they had opted for a quiet dinner together at the birthday girl’s favorite restaurant instead of the usual all-out party she threw every year. It had taken a lot of convincing on the part of Ugochi and Ijeoma before Dawn agreed to have a small party with just the girls. She was enjoying herself although she would never admit it to her friends.

Turning twenty-five should be a lot of fun.

The women had a lot in common. Apart from been the same ages, they also graduated from the same department in the University. They all studied Microbiology, and each of them had their view of the course and how they wanted to use it to make the world a better place. Ugochi had opted for Food Microbiology and presently worked with Fan Ice in Ibadan. Ijeoma, fondly called Ijay by her friends, had bent towards health presently working as a laboratory scientist at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. Dawn had decided on pursuing the beauty angle and currently owned a beauty spa in New Bodija, Ibadan.

Ugochi was the only one in a serious relationship of the three of them. She had been with Ikem for the past three years. Dawn prefered to play the field, she had like a dozen guys at her disposal, which was not surprising as she was the most beautiful of them. Ijeoma, on the other hand, was on a break in between relationships; her last run hadn’t been so enjoyable.

“Guys, remember that time we all failed Professor Odi’s class? He insisted we wait after everyone had gone home for the holidays, study for a week and rewrite the test. I couldn’t believe it when he said it.” Ijay reminisced

“Yeah, yeah. It was the worst week of my life,” Dawn muttered.
“You were just pissed because all your boyfriends were not available,” Ijay teased.
“Yeah, well what’s a girl to do when all her useful guys were not available,” she grumbled.

“At least you still had Dave. The guy was so in love with you, he didn’t mind staying back for a whole week even when you didn’t acknowledge his existence,” Ugochi chipped in.
Dawn covered her face with her hands. “Oh please don’t remind me of that guy.”

Ijay laughed. “But Dawn, you were so hard on the guy.”
“I just couldn’t see myself with him. He was so needy, you know. I could never be with a guy like that.”
“Yeah. We all know you like them tough,” Ugochi teased.

She laughed. “You got that right, baby.”
Ugochi checked her wristwatch, noted the time. “Girls, I’m sorry to break this up but I really must get going.”
“Hmmm, we understand girl. That hunk of yours must be waiting for you.” Dawn winked. “Lucky girl,” she sighed wistfully.

“How is Ikem?” Ijay asked
Ugochi beamed. “He’s fine o.”
“Hmm, that your man is a real eye candy. I wish he were mine.” Dawn winked again.

“Keep your thoughts away from my man, abeg.” Ugochi laughed. “Don’t you have your hands full already?”
“You can never have enough now.”

Ugochi was about to answer when her phone beeped signaling an incoming call. She checked the caller ID and saw it was a video call from Ikem.
“Speak of the devil,” Ugochi gestured. “I need to take this.” She stepped out of the restaurant to give herself some privacy.

“Hi babe.” She smiled at Ikem’s face on her screen.
He didn’t return her smile. “Do you know what time it is?”
Ugochi shrugged. “No. what’s up?”

“I want you to start coming home immediately,” he snapped
“I was about to.”
“I’ll be waiting for you.”
“Okay, see you soon.”

He cut the call without saying goodbye.
Ugochi frowned at her phone and shrugged again. He’s probably in one of his shitty moods again, she thought.

She didn’t care for the many mood swings, she never knew how he was going to react when he gets into those stints. She had better do as he wanted before it got too bad.
Ugochi went back into the restaurant. “Girls, I have to go; my man needs me.”
“Don’t sweat it.” Ijay waved. “We are ready to call it a night too.”

“Thanks for a wonderful birthday, girls. I actually enjoyed myself. Who would have thought, huh?”
“We knew you were going to love it. That was why we insisted.”
Ugochi bent to grab her bag off the floor as the other girls stood. They walked out together.

“So, I’ll see you guys soon, yeah?” Ugochi asked
“Sure.” The other ladies answered simultaneously.
“I still have a private party tonight. You get my meaning?”
“We know you now, no be you?''
They all laughed and shared a group hug before going their separate ways.

To be continued

cc: By Maggie Smart courtesy


Bolouere (@Boluxxxx) has a point to make about keeping to the terms of the contract.
Code name; B.

B- Buxom, Bombshell, Brilliant, Boss, Buoyant, Brassy, etc. Did I just describe Beyonce? Naaa, that’s a B-word too. **chuckles**

I’ve been in constant reverie recently inspired by events, happenings, doings, occurrences played out by females around me and I have decided that we girls are responsible for our troubles, drama and heartbreak.

I have this friend who had been in the process of setting a certain P for months. He was gonna be in some state in the Niger-delta region for christmas where “Miss P” is resident and yes they planned a hook up. Twas gon be sex, fun and games agreed. As his guy (yea I’m dyke in attitude), he gave me the gist as things went on. They hooked up, did all the had planned to, and finally had sex on christmas eve. Anyway’s he pinged me on christmas morning and goes ” Bee, she wants ‘talk’.”. In my mind I’m like “ghen-ghen, my guy don enter wahala”. We went on chatting and about ten minutes later I’m like “is she still talking”? He replied “yes”. I’m thinking WTF!!! Imagine me having a heart-to-heart convo, the “talk” with a dude and he stays chatting on his phone, that’s all the answer I need. (Well, that’s me). All the same, the summary of Miss P’s talk was; define this relationship. My friend’s reply was, we have a good thing going (sex) let’s not mess it up by starting something else. LoooOoool.

Fastfoward two days, he sends me a voice note he got from her. She cried on it, declared her love for him and said she felt used. See something oh!! Whose fault is it you caught feelings during an event that stated “strictly setting P”. He’s like “Bee what do u think?” My verdict; she probably likes you, wants a relationship, is automatically suffering from low self esteem because she f**ked you (dumb) and crying on a voice note, that’s simply a symptom that’s she’s a mildly psychotic chick (topic for another post). My guy, RUN. He did run.

Back to being responsible for our troubles as girls, much to my awareness, most guys don’t lie about their “wants” these days. It also doesn’t hurt to ask a guy what his intentions are if he suddenly starts paying you plenty attention. If he says he wants to shag, he means it oh. It’s left for you as the chick to decide whether you can do just that or not. Going into sh*t like that thinking he might have a change of heart and wife you is very unlikely and major self deception especially if he was bold enough to state that all he wants is sex. Yes we are human, yes we can’t help but fall for people at times. But he was bold enough to say, just sex, and that’s all there might ever be to it whatever you do. If you catch feelings, I’d love to say OYO but I’m nice so I’ll say DEAL WITH IT. And by dealing with it I didn’t say go and bombard peeople’s TL’s with irritatingly philosophical tweets like “why do bad things happen to good people” or “treat girls the way you want your sisters to be treated”. Personally I hate seeing such on my TL. It can drive me to mentioning you to amadioha and his strike is more painful than ASUU’s trust me. Get a grip, go about it in a mature manner. If it gets too hard, talk to pals or axe ya mummy for tips. *kidding**

My point (despite not being a feminist or softie) is, I think we as girls have what it takes to run the world and handle situations. If only we would man-up (ironic**sighs**) shun pettiness and do just that.

Dear girls, we are beautiful and have more power than we realise. Stop throwing blame flames at guys and hosting pity parties when things come up. Let’s learn to tell the truth to ourselves about situations and act accordingly not ruling out facts and reality.

More importantly, run YOUR world! Safe!!!


Hello Darlings,

It’s such an overwhelming rush of hope to be able to write again and to be genuinely excited and expectant for a year devoid of nothing else but joy and my likkle dignity ( Don’t laugh if you know, it wasn’t funny or easy but lol)

2017 was a humbling year and it hurt.
Not all through honestly.
My friend called from America to say She saw me on Skinny Girl in Transit (Hugest S/O to Bimbo and Chiamaka and the entire Ndani TV).

Mama I’m finally a recognized actress!

But it still hurts… like a wound that resists clotting. It burns my mind and sears my soul because I’m 24 years old and I don’t know if the life I think I chose will bring me joy or death.

I declared that 2017 was the year I take over, 18 days into 2018 I feel taken over…

I don’t believe or I believe too much.

I hide when I can’t deal and that affects me.

Nothing I want to do is possible because I’m not qualified.

And even when I feel qualified, I don’t seem to care.

When I voice my thoughts, they are so unnecessary that I question my entire existence.

I am. I can. I will, but I can’t seem to do anything right.

I try. I predict. I analyze, but it’s just not enough to bring the resources my way.

I pray. I beg. I’m quiet, but it’s not enough to show respect or remorse.

I cry, but it’s too much. Too soon. Too fake.

I’m afraid, but it’s irrational, illogical and makes me no money.

When I’m equally spontaneous? Too callous. Too reckless.

Ooh and let’s not forget attempts at forgiving myself… selfish, unfeeling and unfit for family life.

I bet the sliver of hope that keeps me going is listening to the good in everything and believing it will get better.

I have to believe I’m moving forward.

I have to believe it’s not over.

I have to keep completing things.

Because death is at my door.

Death has visited me once before

Left its deadening grip

And now I’m at war with it.

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I.B - The Box video| @IB_Tymer

I.B aka Jimmy's Son the Recipe For Disaster crooner is back with a video of The Box a cover of a track off M.I Ababa's illegal Music III that was released in the year 2016 after putting out two blazing tracks from his forthcoming project RISE OF JIMMY'S SON. The video was shot, directed and edited by Northern Empire Visuals

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VIDEO: X-kid – My North Story (Adekunle Gold ire Cover)

Few weeks after the audio release of his #Ire #irenorthstory cover, X-kid returns with the visuals for the song which he displays a life story in a minimum of 3mins and also how life went all up’s and down.
The IQ Entertainment front-man seems to keep the fire burning as he works tirelessly to get to the top.

Check out the visuals directed by Mr Toolz and share your thought.

Video YouTube LinK;-

Tech News: Nigeria's Digital Publiseer, Publiseer Shortlisted for Startupbootcamp FastTrack

Today, Publiseer, a Nigerian digital publisher, emerged as one of the ten startup companies shortlisted for the Startupbootcamp FastTrack, an event hosted all over the world to meet top-tier early-stage companies to join Startupbootcamp, a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators. Publiseer and nine other startups were selected from an overwhelming number of applications to participate in Startupbootcamp FastTrack and Office Hours events taking place in Lagos from 7th to 8th of April, 2018.

Each founder team will give a 3-minute pitch with a 5 minute Q&A, followed by a series of five 20 minutes hands-on sessions with mentors. The event is designed to provide the ten founder teams with constructive feedback on their company and pitch. The following day, each team will be invited for a one to one mentoring session with the Startupbootcamp team. The event will be a deep dive conversation lasting 25 minutes per team with Q&As, as well as business development advice.

Just last month, Publiseer pitched at the Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition in Boston, United States, as one of the competition's finalists. The startup publishing company distributes and monetizes creative works of Nigerian writers and musicians worldwide.

Startupbootcamp FastTrack is an event hosted by Startupbootcamp to look for top-notch startups for its accelerator programs.

Publiseer And Caketunes Partner To Distribute More African Music To Global Platforms

Digital content distribution company, Publiseer, and music production and beat distribution company, Caketunes, has today concluded a partnership that will see more African musical contents around the world. 

Publiseer will distribute beats and songs uploaded on the Caketunes platform to hundreds of well-established music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Deezer and Amazon Music. Also, artists using Publiseer can buy beats on Caketunes for a 25% discount.

"We completely believe in taking chances. Seeing Publiseer launched last year was the best story ever. We had always known that we'd definitely do business together some day and here after a short while, we are coming together to simplify the process of uploading music across all music streaming platforms and stores," Ability Elijah, Co-founder of Caketunes, said. 

"Unlike other platforms, Publiseer does not charge musicians to distribute their songs. They probably must have studied the market and finally decided to take the free route, which was actually what caught our interest. These guys understand their market," Elijah continued.

"Caketunes is a welcome development to African producers and musicians seeking ways to sell their creatives. Our partnership will see hundreds of African musical contents distributed worldwide, if not thousands," Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder of Publiseer, said.

"This partnership comes at a moment when Publiseer is planning on taking a deeper step into music distribution. We are known as a digital music distributor, but we are working towards the distribution of physical CDs worldwide. This service will be rolled out very soonest," Nwaogu continued.

Publiseer is a digital music distribution platform for independent musical artists, while  Caketunes is a marketplace for buying and selling beats, songs, and production services. call us today on 08065190885

VIDEO: ClassiQ ft. M.I Abaga - GUDU | @ClassiQ_

Northern king of new school hip hop/trap, ClassiQ alias Arewa Mafia let’s loose the official music video for his popular single “Gudu” featuring legendary rapper and the head of Chocolate City empire, M.I Abaga. 

Video YouTube LinK;-

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St. Chika - Bigger than what people say | @iamstchika

The Unshakable shaker
The unchallenged challenger
The undefeated defeater
The Unchangeable changer 
Unmovable mover
Unstoppable stopper
There is none like you
For you are bigger than what people say you are

So call him beautiful names
He is worth way more than that
Sinach calls him the waymaker
Nathaniel Bassey calls him Olowogbogboro
Frank Edwards calls him Okaka
Prospa calls him Ekueme
He says and he does
Steve Crown says He is Great
Travis says he is intentional

But I will love to say he is bigger than what they say he is...
Powerful worship song from the gospel sensation St. Chika

Listen and Download “Bigger than what people say

The truth about Facebook “BFF” has officially been revealed

People have been posting on Facebook about the latest Facebook feature of which people believed is designed for checking the vulnerability of an account, which is the “BFF” word.

Normally, when you comment the word “BFF” on somebody’s post or even your post on Facebook, it will change to green which people believes that the account is confirmed secured but if it doesn’t change to green, it means the account isn’t secured. That’s a blatant lie and makes no sense.

The word “BFF” actually means “Best Friends Forever” and when you type the word as a comment on a Facebook post, it will produce a brief visual animation like two hands “high fiving” and when you tap on the “BFF” in the comment, it will produce the same hands “high fiving”.

The feature was not invented by Mark Zuckerberg to check the security of your account. All are rumours and hoax. It’s just a falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade the truth.

TSTV is finally back with a new Sassy decoder: See price, features and sales date

After the hype of TSTV coming decoder last year, TSTV seems to have failed its promises to commence the selling of decoders. Moreover, TSTV has recently announced its new Sassy decoder on social media and its sales date to start on 1st of April, 2018.

The former price of TSTV decoder for last year sale was N5,000 but has been reduced to N3,500 for the new Sassy decoder. Nevertheless, even Nigerians have given up on the Telecom operator, I think the company are starting to show their true self.

TSTV now has two sets of decoders: Sassy and Dexterity. The Dexterity is what the company promised Nigerians last year with 200+ channels + 20GB data but won’t be on sale now, while the Sassy decoder will be on sale from 1st of April, 2018.
These are what you should know about new TSTV Sassy decoder

1. The Dish, Remote and TSTV decoder will be sold for N3,500 only.
2. Sassy decoder contains up to 70+ channels.
3. ‎TSTV Sassy decoder doesn’t support internet, hence you won’t get the 20GB promised.
4. Using Quick teller platform to pay subscription plan is fully supported.
5. Pause Subscription is supported: You can only pause your subscription for 7 days only out of the 30 days subscription plan and the Pause subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.
6. ‎You can record videos and play it later on Sassy decoder which is the PVR function.
7. ‎N200 for daily subscription, N500 for 3-day subscription and N750 for weekly subscription.


The package you enjoy on Sassy is different from the one of Dexterity. Who knows if the new Sassy decoder is the upgraded version of GoTV from another provider?

Boy, 13, Loses Limbs For ‘Stealing’ Phone

By Haruna Gimba Yaya, Gombe | Publish Date: Mar 25 2018 2:00AM An almajiri boy innocently took a lone phone at a residence thinking it was unused and abandoned but it landed him in trouble leading to the amputation of his hands.

13-year-old Almajiri pupil, Zubairu Yusha’u’s 
For 13-year-old Almajiri pupil, Zubairu Yusha’u’s, it is no fun has he had both hands amputated following a punishment by a proprietor of his Tsangaya School in Gombe after he allegedly stole a mobile phone. 

The second child in the family, Zubairu was born in Lakkau village of Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State. He left home three years ago alongside his brother of seven years, shortly after the demise of their mother while giving birth. 

Zubairu and his brother were enrolled in the Tsangaya school with a population of over 1, 500 Almajirai pupils in Kagarawal area in the outskirt of Gombe metropolis. 

Despite his young age, Zubairu and his brother alongside several other children in the same age bracket spent a lot of time roaming the streets than they do to learn at the school. 

On March 3, 2018, Zubairu, as usual went to beg for alms when he sighted a mobile phone abandoned in one of the houses he frequented for food. He took the phone thinking it was not useful and was using it as a toy. 

However, after three days, the owner of the phone came to his school, where she reported that her phone was stolen by Zubairu when he went to beg for alms. 

“On that fateful day, a lady who was the owner of the phone came to his teacher and reported that she suspected that my son has stolen her phone and demanded for it,” Zubairu’s father, Malam Yusha’u narrated. 

He added: “When Zubairu overheard them speaking about the phone, he quickly turn it over and apologized saying he thought the phone was dumped and out of use that was why he took it. However, not satisfy with his explanation, his teacher asked for a rope which he used to tied his hands and left him under the sun, by the time he untie him already the hands have swollen and got infected. 

“At the beginning, he was administering some traditional herbs, but when the wound was deteriorating, he called and informed me about the incident. By the time I arrived he was already taken to hospital by the police. Unfortunately it was too late, doctors at the Federal Hospital, Gombe, have to cut off his hands to prevent infection from reaching other parts of his body,” Yusha’u said. 

Speaking to Daily Trust on Sunday at the Gombe State Police Command headquarters, when he was paraded by the police, Malam Suraj Mohammed, 50, the Proprietor of the Tsangaya school explained: “An Almajiri pupil under my care committed a crime by stealing a phone, when the matter was reported to me, I pressed him and he admitted that he stole the phone and hid it in a refuse dump site. The phone was later found in the location he described to us, but we couldn’t find the battery and the SIM card. 

“He attempted to run away and escape punishment and therefore I used a rope to bound him and prevent him from running away. Afterwards, my attention was needed at my private house, which far away from the Tsangaya. 

“When I returned after an hour, I was told that the boy’s hands had swollen and got injured when he was struggling to untie himself. I immediately asked them to free him. 

“When he was brought to the hospital, doctors told us that his hands were badly infected and have to be amputated to prevent the infection,” he said. 

According to him, it was the first time anything of such happened at his Tsangaya noting that for over 27 years teaching in the Tsangaya with over 1, 500 pupils he was never found wanting. 

“I regretted what I did to him and I am calling on proprietors of Tsangaya schools and other members of the public to exercise patience whenever they are provoked by their children or people under their care,” the proprietor noted. 

When Daily Trust on Sunday visited Zubairu’s hospital bed, he narrated his own side of the story collaborating what happened. “While coming out from the house that morning, I saw a phone abandoned outside, picked it thinking that it was not in use. Then about three days later, I overheard my teacher speaking with the purported owner, telling him that her phone was stolen, I rushed and told them that the phone is with me. 

“But Malam Suraj was not satisfied with my explanation and was angry that I stole the phone. He asked for a rope and tied my hands. He left me in that stage under the sun and by the time I was freed, my hands have swollen. I was later brought to the hospital and when I woke up, I saw bandage and my hands gone,” he said. 

Gombe State Commissioner of Police, Mr Tairu Shina Olukolu said the police is still investigating the case. 

“The case is still under investigation, we are also waiting for the boy to be discharged from the hospital, to determine the next line of action and what charge to proffer against the suspect before we take him to court,” he said. 

Our correspondent also gathered that since Zubairu was brought to Gombe three years ago, he never visited home, with only his father coming to see him at intervals and that is the bane of many other Almajirai children. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Governor Fayose congratulates parents of released Dapchi schoolgirls, accuses FG of conspiracy

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has congratulated parents of the abducted Dapchi Girls that were released today and sympathized with parents of five of the girls that reportedly died, describing the abduction of the girls as an indictment on the federal government and their release as “drama scripted by the government and its agents to swindle Nigerians.”

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DJ MIX: 430Box Match Vibez (Hosted By DJ Medz)

On the series of monthly mix, "Your Number 1 Beat/Music Site" lunches Match Mixtape, tagged Match Vibez, hosted by DJ Medz. Loaded with most recent songs making waves now in the Nation.  Download and Enjoy. Connect on Instagram: @430BoxHQ // @Deejay_Medz.
2. ‎Intro - Dj medz x Mr Ral x Seriki.
3. ‎ Deja Vu - Burna Boy.
4. ‎ Get Me - Falz
5. ‎ Cant Believe - Kranium ft Ty dollar$ & Wizkid.
6. ‎ Call On Me - Adekunle Gold
7. ‎Particular - Major lazer ft Ice Pince, Nasty C & Patoranking.
8. ‎ Are You Down - Ladi Poe ft Tiwa Savage.
9. ‎ Wasted - Sean Tizzle.
10. ‎ Iko Iko - Sia.
11. ‎Joromi - Simi.
12. ‎Go rmx - Tekno ft Grenada Badman.
13. ‎Oley - KJV
14. ‎Green Light - Dj Cuppy ft Tekno.
15. ‎Ah Blem Blem - Timaya.
16. ‎Medicine rmx - Wizkid ft Flavour & Phyno.
17. ‎Make Sense - Sheydee ft Wizkid.
18. ‎Amen - Yovi.
19. ‎Runaway - L.A.X.
20. ‎Said - Runtown ft Nasty C.
21. ‎Geshomo - Sound Sultan ft Wizkid.
22. ‎Gba - Burna Boy.
23. ‎Acapella - Prince Lamey.
24. ‎Scam - 2Flexing fr Grenada Badman.
25. ‎Che Che - Mayorkun.
26. ‎Energy - Runtown.
27. ‎Laye - Grenada Badman.
28. ‎Fia - Davido.
29. ‎Bend It Over - Olamide ft Reminisce & Timaya
30. ‎No Do - Kiss Daniel.
31. ‎Soco - Wizkid.
32. ‎La Fete - Falz.
33. ‎Replay - Ice Prince.
34. ‎Manya - Wizkid x Mut4y.
35. ‎Yeba - Kiss Daniel.
36. ‎Something Light - Falz ft Ycee.
37. ‎All Over - Tiwa Savage.
38. ‎Osha Pra Pra - Yovi x Dotman.
39. ‎Sicker - Niniola.
40. ‎Water Bottle - Dj Consequence ft Lil Kesh.
41. ‎Vibez - Tobi Grey.
42. ‎Get Up - Major Lazer
43. ‎Blow The Wistle - Dj Consequence ft Mayorkun
44. ‎Diet - Dj Enimoney ft Slimcase, Tiwa Savage & Reminisce.
45. ‎Science Student - Olamide.
46. ‎Shaku Shaku - Grenada Badman.
47. ‎Legbegbe - Mr Real ft Idowest.
48. ‎Splif - Dj maphorisa.

VIDEO + AUDIO: Tekky milli - My Medicine

Tekky Milli whose real name is Sylvester Adeyi, is a Kaduna based singer, who hails from Benue State, but was born and raised in the streets of Kakuri.
Tekky who started his music career in 2013 now drops his first officially single/video titled "MY MEDICINE" under his newly signed record label SMH. Song was produced by Legendary Team producer EmDee, Video was Directed by SOS Expressions.

Twitter, Instagram @tekky_milli

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MUSIC: Akba - Gimme Love (Prod. Minz & Mowizzy) | @Akbatunes

GPA Records act, Ebuka Uwakwe otherwise known as Akba comes through with a new jam entitled ‘Gimme Love’ as his first offering after inking a recording deal with the new entertainment company.
The versatile artiste collaborated with multi-talented producer, Minz and Mowizzy for the afro pop and dancehall song.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tim Godfrey, Femi Okunuga, Big Bolaji, Bidemi Olaoba, Still ringing, Woli Agba And Lots More To Storm OAU || 21st, April 2018

Bolu Sings Worship Concert 2.0
Bolu Sings Presents Worship Concert 2.0!!

After a powerful worship/praise Experience during Bolu Sings Worship Concert 1.0 which held on July 14th, 2017 at RCCG Kings court, OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University). The first edition recorded spectacular testimonies from numerous attendants to the glory of God.

Another Greater and bigger edition is coming soon! First of its kind on OAU campus.

The musical Concert will take place at ODUDUWA HALL, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile - Ife, Osun State. 

Theme: Fullness of Grace & Truth Revealing Jesus



GATE FEE: #300
Date: 21 April 2018
Time: 8 pm

For partnership & sponsorship enquiries: 08156225150, 08146426566, 07035876471
Bolu Sings Worship Concert
You are cordially invited to the second edition of Bolu Sings Worship Concert happening LIVE on the 21st, April, 2018 at ODUDUWA HALL, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile - Ife, Osun State. It promises to be exceedingly GREAT!.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Yobe State Governor Blames #DapchiGirls Abduction On Withdrawal Of Military From The State

The Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidam has blamed the abduction of the girls from the Government Girls Technical College in Dapchi on the withdrawal of military personnel from communities in the state.

While speaking to journalists on Saturday at the Yobe state house, the Governor alleged that security check points were withdrawn from Dapchi and other communities, few days before the attack, a development which he believes gave room for the incident.

“There was not any justification whatsoever to withdraw the military from that place, knowing fully well that there is a girls’ school there with about 900 of them and it’s a local government headquarters. They withdrew the military personnel last week, which was not even known to us,”he said.

The students were said to have disappeared from the school after gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists invaded the school on Monday. Governor Gaidam has, however, promised that the government will stop at nothing to ensure the girls are rescued.

He also noted that he had called the attention of the Theatre Commander who has promised to restore the presence of the military personnel to the state.

Friday, 23 February 2018



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