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“Write It Contest" For Junior High School Pupils 2018 Launched

Book Per Child in collaboration with Read Ghana Foundation, a literacy oriented NGO has launched its maiden 2018 “Write It Competition”.

This year's topic for the competition is: " Write an article stating at least 3 advantages of the free Senior High School policy in Ghana and suggest ways to sustain it".

The article should not be more than 250 words and submitted to by the 30th of June, 2018.

This competition is for all JHS pupils across the country.

It is evident that, education and academic competitions are two of the most important ingredients of every human life.

This is heavily supported by humans incessant seeking of knowledge and skills for survival and success.

Against this background we can conclude that, education is essentially one of the finest things that makes a human superior.

Procedures to select the winner

After marking the scripts that will be received across the country, the best 3 pupils will be selected from each region for the final competition in Accra.

At the finale in Accra, interesting and amazing prizes will be won by all the finalists especially those who will place from 3rd to 1st out of the 30 participants.

Parents must urge the children in JHS to participate in this writing competition because it provides the opportunity for critical thinking and solution-based analysis of national issues.

The fact remains that, writers of all ages need an audience and what better way is there to gain one than to enter a writing contest?

It’s so satisfying when a child receives a reward for his writings, whether it’s a cash prize, a special gift, or simply a chance to get published nationwide.

Why you should encourage your ward to enter into this competition:

Writing contests open boundaries for learners because during the process most students need and do a lot of research which broadens knowledge.

Writing contests also provide strict limits in the form of deadlines, word count, subject matter and submission procedures.

Contest deadlines help them pace their writing so they can develop, write, and proofread the piece with time to spare.

Writing contests usually have some sort of word limit. Cutting a story or essay down to its most essential core will result in a tighter composition.

Because most contests ask for a specific kind of writing a short fictional story, a patriotic piece, or a poem, for example, students get to fine-tune their skills and focus their writing while practicing with a variety of themes.

Writing on a given topic, even if it doesn’t especially interest them, is good practice for future writing assignments.

It is our expectation that, most JHS pupils across the country will try their hands on this interesting topic and come up with thought-provoking solutions that can help our educational sector.

We will like to thank all the sponsors that have made this contest a reality.

We wish all JHS pupils the best of luck in the competition.


Mathias Tulasi

CEO-Read Ghana Foundation


Portia Arthur

CEO- Book Per Child


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Abiola’s son opens up: I asked Obasanjo to honour my father

•Even in death MKO has many enemies
•President Buhari is a special person
•Jonathan had good intention by honouring MKO
•How Abacha sent news of mum’s death to dad in prison

ALHAJI Jamiu Abiola, son of the late presumed winner of June 12 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola, in this interview, speaks on the honour bestowed on his father, untold stories of his incarceration and his father’s enemies among others. Jamiu, who is the third child of the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, also spoke on the roles of certain actors in the June 12 saga. Before the latest immortalisation of his father, he had authored two books on Abiola’s mandate, The Stolen Presidency and The President Who Never Ruled.


You wrote a book, The President Who Never Ruled about your late father, Chief MKO Abiola a few years ago. Today, the award of the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR, to your father seems to have brought some of your wishes in the book to reality. How do you feel?


Right now I can say that I am the happiest man, not just literally, but factually. I am the happiest man because for so long I felt that my parents died for nothing because there is nothing worse than somebody making a sacrifice and the sacrifice not recognised. It was recognised by Nigerians but those that got power after June 12 found it convenient to sweep it under the carpet for reasons best known to them. Initially, I was almost getting frustrated because some people were trying to rewrite history by ignoring my father. This is not the first time that a great man has been treated the way my father was treated.

For example, Julius Caeser did a lot for the Roman Empire. He went around conquering nations and building empires but the elite in Rome conspired and killed him. That is why I want everybody in Nigeria to give special respect to President Buhari. He is very fantastic. I am not flattering him because that is the truth. Some say that the truth is bitter, but in this case, the truth is sweet about President Muhammadu Buhari.

In this case, he is not only a good person but a perfect person. He is not a Yoruba man. He is from Katsina and has proven that he is more detribalised than any other Nigerian. He is of the same calibre with people like Mandela and Chief Abiola. Now he has shown that it is not about where anyone comes from, but about the fact that we are one. That is the symbolic meaning of what he has done.

25 years ago the election was held and nobody that got to power did what he has done. President Goodluck Jonathan tried by naming the University of Lagos after him but people felt that, UNILAG was too small for Chief Abiola. I was very happy when he did it because I believe that if someone is going somewhere, he must start from somewhere.

This honour bestowed on your father came 48 hours after the commemoration of the death of your mother, the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, who also died in the struggle. What can you say about the coincidence?

MKO Abiola and Kudirat Abiola are one. This struggle is like teamwork. When MKO Abiola was arrested, his role in the struggle became limited. He was now fighting an internal struggle because at that time he was in solitary confinement. But the struggle was led by a woman who was 44 years old at that time. She was the one that led the struggle against the military which was the most powerful mafia at that time because they had wealth, power and other resources at their disposal. She did not give up. I called her several times when I was in America to quit the struggle because she would die.

I told her to take things easy. I told her to come to America. Her response was ‘’how can I leave when my husband is here.” Unfortunately, she got killed. I am so grateful that the American city of New York named a street after her. That was something that had never been done to any African in America other than Mandela. Even my father did not get that honour. The 44th Street in New York was named after her.

Another book you wrote about your father is The Stolen Presidency. In it, you also revealed some of the intrigues that contributed to the fate that befell your father. In that book, you stated the honours that your father deserved including this honour bestowed on him by President Buhari. What informed that?

“The President Who Never Ruled” and “The Stolen Mandate” were the most difficult tasks I have undertaken in my life because I experienced psychological trauma. What made it more dramatic was that after writing it in English, I translated it into Arabic. I did that so that people in the Arab world will know that Africa can actually produce quality and sacrifice. I wanted them to also know that Africans are not just barbaric. I wrote the book because I realised that Abiola’s name was going and nobody wanted to recognise him.

When I wrote the book, I dedicated it to President Youri Museveni and President Nelson Mandela for supporting my father, President Moshood Abiola when he was incarcerated. I referred to him as President Abiola in the book. It was in 2015. I gave the book to President Buhari, who had not become President then. I gave the book to Obasanjo and others. Some people called me after reading the book to ask if I was not scared of my life.

They said those who destroyed my father were still alive and I said the truth the way it was in the book. My response was that having lost my parents, even if I die for saying the truth about what happened to him, the struggle would continue. However, I did not have the premonition that he would eventually be given GCFR. I did it because as the son of Cheif MKO Abiola I owed him an obligation so that people will understand his story. I am happy that some of the things I said in the book have happened.

I actually said that the only good thing Abacha did in office was to appoint Gen Buhari as the Chairman of the defunct Petroleum Trust Fund,PTF. At that time, there was no thought of Buhari doing something like this. I was just trying to be objective. Nigerians should respect and thank President Buhari.

How do you feel that Obasanjo, who was Abiola’s schoolmate, was in power for eight years without honouring Abiola, who was even his school mate?

When Obasanjo was the President, I visited him several times and called him several times. He also called me. Even when I wrote my first book, he did a fantastic review of the book and said the book gave people hope. There was a time I sent him a text message when he was President, telling him that peoples’ impression about his failure to honour Abiola was because he did not like him. Unfortunately, he did not do it. When I wrote the second book on my father, I gave him the book. I am sure he read it. All I have done for my father were not for a favour. They are the things I am supposed to do as a son. I saw it as an obligation. I will also want my son to do so for me.

Don’t you think you are biased?

Anybody that feels I am biased about my father should write his own book. I have to be biased because I did not come to this world by accident. These were the people that brought me to this world.

When Jonathan named UNILAG after MKO Abiola a lot of people thought it was a big honour, but it was opposed. Jonathan later succumbed to pressure. How did you feel when it happened?

Half a loaf of bread is better than none. President Jonathan did what he did because he had good intention. Unfortunately, MKO Abiola has a lot of enemies, who claim to be his friends. Those were the people causing the problem. Imagine a President of Nigeria making a statement and less than five minutes later, people were in BRT Buses protesting against the announcement. They were on Third Mainland Bridge causing problems. How were they mobilised?

A lot of people, who did not want Jonathan to have goodwill in the Southwest, opposed it. That is to show that MKO Abiola was so powerful that even in death, he has so many enemies. That is why I said we have to thank President Buhari specially. I am not saying he is angelic but he should be supported to excel.

There are insinuations that this honour is a political missile targeted at Obasanjo, and other former leaders, who have spoken against the president’s re-election bid?

Even before MKO Abiola ran for the presidency, some people said he was just being generous because he wanted to become President. People will always say what they want to say. What President Buhari has done is an indication of the fact that he is a great man. Because he is a great man, people will love or hate whatever he did. Those of us who know the truth understand that if he was not a good man, he would not have done what he did. Some people have the political advantage of doing that but they did not do it. We are not looking at it in a way that he wants to score political points. It is better late than never.

Since the honour on your dad was announced, some are of the opinion that he should be named a posthumous President. The way people are talking seems as if many people are now scrambling to take glory in the imortalisation of MKO Abiola. Do you see it in that way?

This is Africa where many bad things overshadow good things. But when good things happen in Africa they have spiral effects. Those talking now are just doing the right thing. I am not seeing it that anybody is scrambling for anything. They are politicians but a lot of people don’t trust politicians in this country. Sometimes they do things because they actually want to do them for a good reason. It is important we give them the benefit of the doubt so that we can come together and solve the problems of this country. If we don’t come together to do the right thing, we may never get it right.

If you find yourself with Obasanjo and other leaders, who played roles in the June 12 saga in a common room, what will you discuss with them as the son of MKO Abiola?

The wise people in this world have always said that it is good to find a middle ground. I will find what I have in common with them and discuss. We have to focus on good things.

Today, June 8, 2018, is very symbolic. As I am interviewing you now, the Abachas are observing the anniversary of their father’s death. Considering that the incarceration of your father for five years was among the factors believed to be instrumental in his death, have you forgiven the Abacha family?

If I have not forgiven Abacha, the fact that I cannot do any harm to any of them means that my forgiveness is inconsequential. It is so complicated that I cannot say, yellow, blue or black. The most important thing is that if somebody is down, there is no point pushing the person down. Today, when people talk about Abacha is it not about looting? Unfortunately for Abacha even if he earned a legitimate living, nobody is talking about that now. All people are saying is Abacha loot. So, Abacha is already finished. What can I say about somebody in that situation? Now, everybody is talking about MKO Abiola. God has settled everything.

On MKO Abiola’s sacrifice

You will never know who you are until you get to a position where you can do whatever you want to do. A man can be nice but when he becomes rich, his true colours will manifest. Before my father became rich he was a businessman. He was into profit-making. The last time I saw him in 1995, Abacha asked one policeman to bring him to where we were. That was after we waited for three days. Before I saw him, the policeman said I should tell my father to forget about the struggle and move on with his life. He said we should beg him to forget about it because he didn’t want him to die.

He even said my father was nice to them before he was incarcerated. When he came and sat down with us, we asked him how he was doing and his response was ‘’me, I am doing fine.” We then asked him how he was going about his insistence on his mandate, he said, “I am ready to die.” When he said that, the policeman was disappointed.

My father said Nigerians were suffering adding that Abacha did not allow his doctor to see him. He also said they put him in a Black Maria. That was in 1995 when he had spent one year in detention. This was a man who would go to London twice weekly. His pilot and his crew lived in Sheraton. Sometimes he would fly to Paris to have his Rolls Royce so that he could drive to London to have a rest. He lived the highest life ever since 1975 until he was arrested. He was living in London and living in Nigeria. Sometimes, he would go to America and would leave after spending five hours.

During our visit, I reminded him that he once told me that if somebody was holding a sword and if I try taking the sword by force, I would get hurt. I also reminded him that he said that it was good to take the sword gently. He responded that he had taken the sword by the handle, adding that if they stabbed him, that was their business. He was not a shallow man. That was why he was doing so many things. He said he would not accept the position of a Prime Minister from Abacha.

They would have shared the government but he said he would not do it, saying that Abacha was very greedy. He said he didn’t want anyone that would soil his name. Abacha wanted to kill everything about him to the extent that a newspaper report of my mother’s death was given to him the next day.

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Neken Chuwang ft. Noed & S.One – By My Side (Remix)

Neken Chuwang teams up with French Duo – Noed & S.One, with a Fusion of Catchy Pop RnB piece of music & Hip-hop captivating flows and punchlines to bring out this Remix of one track off the GRATEFUL Album which was released late 2017 entitle “By My Side” a #Nigeria #France Collaboration.

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#PVCitizen: This is the Best Time! Get your PVC!

Just 255 days away from the 2019 elections and it’s safe to assume everyone is aware of just how important elections are.

It’s so important the people – from the president to the local government councilors – we elect to lead and represent us are people who share our values and ideals.

How can we ensure this is so? By getting our Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and going out to vote!

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has made it so easy for this to be possible.

There are INEC offices in all local government areas in the country. And INEC says the registration process will last all year.

The registration centers are open Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays) from 9 AM to 3 PM.

You can even visit the INEC website to locate the registration center closest to you.

Please, please, please, get your PVC. The hope of our nation Nigeria rests on this very simple act.

And if you have gotten your PVC, please share how the process went for you in the comment section.

HiFL® releases official theme song, N200,000 up for grabs!!!

HiFL? releases official theme song, N200,000 up for grabs!!!

The stage is set for the maiden edition of HiFL® games to begin on July 28th, 2018. The Higher Institution Football League (HiFL®) in its bid to create excitement for players and fans at the HiFL® games, has released a theme song titled “Game Changers”. The theme song will ramp up excitement during the games, and encourage participation in the league across all tertiary institutions.

Players and fans can listen and sing along to the theme song which will be played before and at intervals during the games to the delight of every one at the stadium. Fans are encouraged to download the theme song off the HiFL®website; make their own covers of the song and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.

HIFL® is part of a collective effort at youth development in Nigeria and will open up boundless opportunities for participating schools as arrangements have been made to have local and international networks of scouts, coaches and trainers watch the games to discover and groom outstanding students who wish to grow their careers in football.

Follow HiFL® across all social media platforms @HiFLNigeria for more information about the upcoming games.

Gospel act, Chris Morgan attacked and stabbed by armed men along airport road in Abuja

Gospel musician, Chris Morgan is recovering in the hospital after he was attacked and stabbed by some armed men along airport road in Abuja just a few days to June 10th concert.

Chris Morgan who is the convener of Worship on the Hills of Africa was on his way to minister at a vigil in Kuje before he was attacked.

Sharing photos of his recovery in Abuja, fellow gospel act, Solomon Lange wrote, 'we give God praise that the knife missed his spinal cord and kidney by a few meters. My wife and I were at the hospital to visit him yesterday, he is recovering fast. His concert Closet will still hold on Sunday the 10th of June. It will be an evening of Thanksgiving to the Father. Please join in showing the man of God how much we love him'.

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Man freely donates blood, collapses, and forced to pay N7k to get his blood back

There was a bizarre turn of event recently as a Nigerian man who voluntarily went to a hospital to donate his blood collapsed as it didn’t quite work out as he anticipated.

After the blood donation, the young man collapsed and instead of giving him his blood back, he was asked to pay a whole sum of #7000 for his “just donated blood”.

A friend of the Young Man took to twitter to share the incident..

I’m really tired of Nigeria, my friend fainted as we were leaving the hospital after donating blood for free. He is fine now, all he had to do was pay 7 thousand Naira to get his blood back. I kid you not, this country is MAD.


She was one of the luckier ones, the sickness in her blood ate away at the flesh that had coated her bones and distorted her like a fun house mirror, eroding baby fat to reveal the svelte cheekbones and stilts that the fat had disguised as stumpy legs. Gone was the ring of belly that pushed her dress out of shape and mocked the illusion of a cinched waist. She’d been here many times before, fighting for her life, hooked up to mechanical things that did all the hard work, leaving her with the hardest task of all, willing herself to keep living. She was too weak to do anything but turn her head and weakly gesture with her arms but even that looked exotic on this new, thinner her. He sat by her bed, stroking her cheek, swearing undying fealty to the person he thought he saw, trapped in her pain riddled body.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Neither do you.”

It was true; this was her first time living this nightmare. Every crisis was treacherous uncharted land and she, a reluctant inexperienced adventurer with few tools and no knowledge. But she was the adventurer, the one whose life was the on the line. He didn’t seem to understand why she never offered him a chance to go with her, why she never asked him to be at her side and she was too tired to try to explain. She stifled a groan as she turned away from him and the earnestness that lit his eyes. She felt him stroke her hair, rub her shoulders with gentle fingers, his breathing heavy beside her. It didn’t help much with the pain, it bypassed her aching limbs and her throbbing temples and permeated to the parts of her the aching couldn’t reach, where his little gestures registered as pure bliss. With everything she had to endure, she could allow herself this one selfish thing. She could allow him love her wholly, selflessly, including the parts of herself she couldn’t quite reconcile with enough to like.

— –

Emotions leached through the blankness of her face, roiling deep inside her, churned up by thoughts that had been suppressed for so long, they’d transmuted into a thin layer of impenetrable resolve. He was a torrent, bilious words surging from lips that once gave her comfort on uncertain nights. Her face remained unwrinkled as he fumed and threatened, waving a phone at her. Her brow never once betrayed the typhoon in her chest as he dialled a set of numbers, ones he’d obviously memorized and held it to her face, the tinny speakers reverberating with life. The susurrus of flirtation waved back and forth between him and the disembodied voice projected into their sacred space wounded her, but not as deep as his ultimatum, delivered with relish, an anvil to her quivering heart.

“She’s coming here. You either give me what I want, or she will. And you’ll excuse us when she does.”

She ached as she shed her jeans and her briefs, his lust crazed eyes watching every gesture. She lay limp as he drove himself into her, afraid to move, to betray the wreckage that was her insides. He didn’t seem to notice that she didn’t moan or whimper, that her body was rigid under him. Her thoughts were sojourning, fixated on the details of this other person he’d reduced to a threat, and with her a part of himself she never knew. He’d deliberately confirmed the existence of a doomsday weapon that could incinerate the life with him she’d meticulously built, a silent threat that didn’t disappear just because there were peace treaties. She tried to reconcile the person grunting on top of her with the earnest boy from the hospital all those years before, the one who was so chivalrous it practically crippled him. There are many kinds of rape she realised as she shod herself into clothes that now felt awfully inadequate to shield her from his gaze. He drew her to himself and tucked her under a shoulder. The familiar feeling of comfort returned, but it didn’t quite dispel the new sensation of revulsion that his touch brought out in her, the way you never really got out blood stains from a brand new carpet. But her face remained unwrinkled and another layer of thoughts began the torturous process of transmutation under the weight of silence.

— –

He didn’t see it coming. No one did, not even her. It started behind her back, flashes of impulsive behaviour she could never quite justify after. The day she spent nearly four hours going through the almost one thousand pictures they’d taken over the six years she had loved him, and deleted every single one. She unfurled from the heart of the web he’d spun around her, withdrawing into herself and away from all the people she called her friends, people she realised she’d taught herself to like because they were originally his. Finally able to see them from the outside, she realised they’d only accommodated her, an extra passenger in their frat bus, but their loyalties always remained with him. Her mother murmured, his mother too, but he was so blinded by his certainty in her that he dismissed them with a wave of his hand and tucked her under his shoulder as always, where the once faint sense of revulsion was now a pungent cloud. It came out of her like vomit, unexpected and nauseating, the crest of a wave of relief.

“I’m leaving you.”

He didn’t seem to hear her, chortling with his friends who grew suddenly solemn at her declaration. He turned to her, his features shifting like quick sand, from confusion, to surprise to understanding then settling on panic.

“What are you talking about?”

“I love you, but love isn’t enough.” She laughed ruefully. “It never is, is it?”

He stood from his pack and took her by the arm, leading her away to a quiet corner where they could ‘talk’. She let herself be led, the quiet work coalescing her thoughts, rearranging the veneer of suppressed emotions and thoughts into a plain simple explanation, one that she was surprised she’d never realised earlier. He finally stopped and she with him, and he looked at her, really looked for the first time in a long time.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked. “If this is about that girl, I promised you and I keep my promises. I don’t talk to her anymore. That was just a stupid thing I did once. And you forgave me, or at least you said you did.”

“This isn’t about that.”

“Then what is this about?”

She sighed. “I’m sick, TJ. Like really sick. My Sickle cell isn’t going to go away; it isn’t going to get better with some miracle drug or just because you love me. And I thought you understood; that you knew what you practically forced your way into. But you don’t. You never did. That was why what you did with that girl hurt me. Not because you dangled her before me, but that you didn’t even consider that I didn’t give you sex because I was in pain. You put your need to nut before my life. And it’s something you have done over and over, in many ways.”

He tried to pull her into his arms but she resisted him, weakly at first, then with all the vehemence she had buried deep inside her. He couldn’t mask his surprise, it sat flush on his face like curdled milk, spoiling the arch of those pretty brows. She clenched her fists at her side and used them as plumbs to steady her resolve.

“I’m leaving you T.J, because I am a bigger person than you are. And because I forgive you. We were young and you weren’t ready. And you shouldn’t have to be. I wasn’t lucky enough to get that choice but that’s how my cards were dealt.

“Good bye T.J.” she whispered as she walked away, breaking with every step but lighter of the resentment and the unsaid reciprocations that had muzzled her and kept her docile and grateful. He never understood her reasons for letting him trod on her, the crippled puppy with a shiny coat that he had adopted and treated badly.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Embattled Senator Dino Melaye has defected to PDP. He announced his defection during plenary this morning May 30th.

Dino who was hospitalized after his faceoff with the police last month, appeared on the floor of the senate in a white attire and a bandage wrapped around his neck.

In April, Melaye was arrested after presenting himself to the police to answer questions on allegations of sponsoring a criminal gang.

MUSIC: Eey - GIZO (Prod. Young John) | @eeyofficial

Incredible music act, Eey DatAbokiBoi has dropped a sizzling hot single titled “GIZO” Pro. By Young John the wicked producer.

Eey DatAbokiBoi the First Northern Artist to be Produced by young John the wicked producer and dish out this amazing song titled; “Gizo”.

The song provides melodious sounds. The Destiny Records signee is really proving his wits in the music industry.
Young John's synergy of the drums, snares and baselines on this song is evident and gives you that bouncy and jumpy feeling all through the song.

Click below to download and listen to this dope jam. I bet you would put the song on repeat!!

Contact EEY via 
IG/Twt: @eeyofficial

'In a few days to come, I will sign the “Not Too Young to Run” Bill into law' - President Buhari

In his 2018 Democracy day speech, President Buhari promised to sign the 'Not Too Young To Run' bill in to law in a few days.

According to the president,

'the up-coming months will usher us into another season of general elections. Let me use this opportunity to urge us all to conduct ourselves, our wards and our constituencies with the utmost sense of fairness, justice and peaceful co-existence such that we will have not only hitch free elections but also a credible and violence free process'.

He added that, 'In few days to come, I will be joined by many promising young Nigerians to sign into law the “Not Too Young to Run” Bill'.

Super Eagles squad to meet President Buhari in Abuja today

The Super Eagles of Nigeria squad will on Wednesday meet with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

The president of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick told newsmen that the meeting would take place at the Council chambers at 10am, before the commencement of the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting.

'It would be an opportunity for the country’s leader to meet with and wish the three –time African champions well on their way to a sixth appearance at football’s biggest showpiece.”

Youth and Sports Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung, is expected to present the country’s ambassadors to Buhari, before their departure for a pre-World Cup friendly against England.

The friendly match with the Three Lions will take place at the Wembley Stadium on Saturday evening.

From London, the squad will fly into Bad Tatzmannsdorf, a city in Austria where they will spend eight days at the world-renowned Avita Resort before flying to Russia.

The team will play their final pre-World Cup friendly against the Czech Republic at the Rudolf Tonn Stadium (just outside Vienna) on Wednesday next week.

GTBank implements PIN for 737 transactions: Everything You Need to Know

Renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, GTBank’s 737 USSD Banking Service is the most robust USSD banking platform in Nigeria, staying miles ahead of its competitors and setting the pace for innovation in mobile banking. The Bank has continued to expand the services and features of the 737 service platform to make banking from a mobile device simple, fast and secure. GTBank recently implemented the use of a Personalized Identification Number (PIN) for completing transactions on the 737 banking platform. This means that customers can now create a 4 - digit PIN and use this PIN to authenticate their transactions.

*How to Create a 737 PIN*

To create a PIN for completing all your 737 transactions, simply dial *737*5#, complete the authentication process to confirm that you are the account holder and create a 4 – digit PIN (known only to you).

*Why You Should Create A PIN*

The use of a PIN for 737 transactions further improves the security of the 737 platform. It provides the perfect balance between the convenience of completing your transactions with a single dial and the safety in knowing that even if you lose your phone, your account remains secure. Remember that your 737 PIN is just as important as your ATM PIN or internet banking details, so you should never share it with anyone or keep it where a third party might have access to it. If you ever feel that your PIN has been compromised, repeat the Create PIN process by dialing *737*5# immediately and choose a different set of 4 digits to authenticate your 737 transactions.



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