How True? Does Beer Truly Cause Pot Belly or Is It Just A Myth?

 many drinkers of beer put the blames on beer for their “Pot Belly”. How true is the statement that beer
is the actual cause of Pot Belly? In recent time, beer consumption have grown rapidly, the high rate of people drinking beer had also been drawn to the physical deterioration of the Belly. The logical question is how true does beer truly cause Pot Belly? The real truth lies below; read on >>

Do I really think beer consumption contributes to the growth of Pot Belly? I will say YES it contributes perhaps, not only beer causes it but also other factors too. Taking myself as a case study, though I’m already in my mid-twenties with no case of Pot Belly (though it’s not an excuse). I rarely consume beer and other alcohol related liquids. Regardless of the fact that I’m the slim bodied type, I’ve seen many guys with similar body figure that suffer from this abnormal nature of the Belly.

I guess the stories are getting boring, now here are my facts and discoveries about Pot Belly and its association with beer.

Here is how Bear cause pot belle

• HIGH CALORIES IN BEER: Do you know that beer contains high amount of calories in them. The fact is that a typical beer contains about 140-150 calories in it, now imagine what happens to the heavy consumer of beer downing about 6-10 bottles all in one night. I believe you know what happens when you take in more calories than you burn. The calories are all stored in the body as fats.

A typical beer contains about 140-150 calories in it.

• CONSUMPTION OF HIGH CALORIE FOODS: Have you ever studied what happens to you after or while drinking beer? Your hunger for food increases, the appetite to eat becomes very high thereby increasing the chances of you consuming different kinds of malnutrition-ed diet. Some folks really find it difficult drinking beer without eating one or two junks, junks that carries lots of calories in them. Such calorie building foods are beef, pork, pizza, chicken, “Asun”, “Brokortor”, “Nkwobi”, “Anu Ewu” and lots more. This action on food only adds more danger to the already high level of calories in the body.

• LIVER BURNS ALCOHOL NOT FAT: An endocrine expert and obesity researcher with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn by the name Michael Jensen establishes the fact that alcohol intake is related with bigger waist, this is because when alcohol is been taken, the liver only burns alcohol and not fat.

• LETHARGY: Beer consumption also leads to dropping in blood sugar level while reduced sugar level leads to lethargy. Lethargy means reduction in activity level in the body which implies that there is a fall in the level of calorie burn hence increases the risk of fats in the body.

Am sure many of you out there are already wondering why you don’t have Pot Belly considering the fact that you also consume beer on a high. Here is why? Fat stored in your body is highly dependent on age, sex and hormones. The older we grow, metabolic activities in the body tends to drop which in reverse affects how much calories the body could burn.

In Conclusion;

 Why would you risk having an excessive calorie level in your body when you could easily prevent Pot Belly by following these simple steps? I’ve been able to iron out the truth behind the myth “DOES BEER TRULY CAUSE POT BELLY ?”(My opinions) Now you should act fast, reduce your overall consumption of alcohol per day. Read my article on How to maintain or prevent Pot Belly. Remember “Health is wealth!” Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live, so don’t risk your life for just one moment of enjoyment which in turn could harm your life badly.

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