OCHUWA JNR. (BEAUTIFUL AREWA DIRECTOR) Honored by Family and Friends @ his birthday

The birthday get together which was organized by friends held in Elim Church, add in
 attendance great minds in Bauchi state (Moses,Emmanuel kings, O.G.C, Gloria, Isaiah, Shambi d'puzzle, Bob d, Wales, David's sings, David Agbo, Salem & Sharon, Nifty, Blessing,Mr Ponch, Mr Ben, Mr Armstrong) and many more 
The birthday was moving fine o... Then came a young lady with a special poem for him

and She said: i searched the whole world over the hills and the mountains, i covered the valleys below and the deeps of the oceans.
i walked mules  needing, wanting, wishing dreaming, praying and hoping what a wonderful day i found you.
A treasure beyond imaginations
A pearl of beauty
And a diamond of attraction
A bed of roses i found in you
comfort, tenderness
peace and happiness
you brought into y life,

the inner desire finally found my dreams 
and visions
all in you
a caring soothing partner
a winning spirit
a guardian angel
a brave lion 
an oppressive tiger
a mighty kingdom
you built
and made me queen
i found the answer
to my fragility and weakness
i treasure you beyound words.... THEN THIS HAPPENED.

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