Hench releases video for Ba Wasa

Hench aka, Sornen Ukoh is a contemporary multicultural African hip hop artist born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Hailing from an artistic background, Hench had an early introduction to African music while travelling around Nigeria with his father Tar Ukoh, one of the more prominent artists from the middle belt in the late 90's. Watch his new video below

His front seat exposure to this great era of Nigerian music influenced his artful way of merging contemporary western sounds and African themes. Beg inning in the underground battle scene and moving on to becoming a full recording artist with an eye for classic literature, and an ear for the essence of hip hop, Hench gained respect in the rap world for his witty lyrics and powerful delivery with songs like his poetic ‘Jostified Freestyle’ 2011, which quickly became a citywide anthem and lines such as " if u ain't tryna be rich then u ain't broke enough" on the track "Ridiculous" on MI Abaga's Illegal Music 2 project in 2012.

Hench began to refine his style toward a more commercial sound in 2013 and began work on his debut mix tape/EP project "Escape from J-Town", a coming of age story of his life and times growing up in the inner city urbanism of Jos and coming up as an artist with dreams bigger than the borders of his beloved "J-town". The mix tape/EP album was kicked off in May 2015 with the multilingual trap banger "Kagane", a thrilling Hausa and English rap which was well received by northern radio stations and DJ's as well as in university circles.

The project gets into its groove with the upcoming "Ba Wasa" an all-out club banger in the same multilingual Hausa and English style which will be released on the 30th of September 2015 and will be followed shortly by the visuals for the same song. Hench is based in Lagos, Nigeria where he will be performing singles off his project at various venues on the island and mainland. Further information about the artist can be obtained at 

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