How To Check The Number of Students who Applied for Your Course in Your Chosen Institution for 2016 Admission

1. You will be required to visit the statistics checking website by Clicking Here.
2. When the above portal loads up on your device, you’ll be required to select the Programme; 1st degree represents Universities, OND is polytechnics, NCE is colleges. So after you must have done the selection, wait for the page to reload.
3. After completing the above step, you’ll need to select your institution when the page reloads to view all courses offered by the institution and the statistics for each of the courses.
4. After that, you’ll simply need to check for your course in the document that displays.

Okay, hope you see how many people/students are competing for your admission in your selected institution and course, and know where exactly you’re standing.

Wishing you the very BEST!

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