SCHOLARSHIP/Realistic Voice by Comrade Salis Gamawa

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Voice of unity, Voice of the Masses...
In the name of the creator most gracious, most merciful and most generous. Lord of the world, great grand architect of the universe and owner of destiny.
My fellow NUBASSITES, distinguished comrades, courageous Socialist, good people of Bauchi state. Hope my message will reach you in good health.
Remembering my days. Days of power and privileges inline with responsibilities bestowed up on me. My cabinet and I restlessly doomed with eyes behind the camera in our quest to share an incredible love and an abiding faith in the possibilities of my days in office.
Good people of Bauchi state, with great power comes great responsibility. We should learn to be of creation not destruction and of a kind soul whose influence will be felt and never to be forgotten.
My fellow students, do not be blind folded by sentiments and wayward baseless rascality leading to countless understanding squeeze to mismanage the unfolded spirit of brotherhood existing from within among you in the misma diasma of all of jeopa_practices.
I spent my days as a Unionist, days of favour and privileges being REALISTIC on all issues before me. My emergence as a National President marked my 7th time of being elected as a Democratic unionist. Although I am a leader on my own right, I am also a man under authority, so this time I am speaking for the masses as a Masses General and as a leader who shares their feelings and yearnings. I know what it means to be hungry. I know what it means to lack basic necessities in life vis-a-vis I know what scholarship allowances does to students at different capacities. I've felt the pangs of denial, throe of life, subjugation and oppression. I know from experience and interactions with the masses what they feel. That is why I consider my self as one of those who can talk to them in the language they will comprehend, and see reason with me.
With the current 'hubba jabba' echoing on social media constantly concerning unpaid SCHOLARSHIP/bursary allowances. I hereby call on the entire students within Nigeria and diaspora together with the general public and concern citizens in the name of peace and studentship, to be realistic in the current state of the government and understand the cost of governance inline with the pending inherited financial squeeze. My leadership style has stages in dealing with issues like this. Therefore, I employ peaceful approach and dialogue at this stage than violence. Remember how we rescued the union from clutches of misrule, insecurity and leadership jeopardy. The trust bestowed up on me remain firmed and your shielded mandate lingered safe and secured. So long as Muhammad Salees Gamawa is your PRESIDENT, your interest as the interest of the union shall be my watch word on all basis as superior interest than mine.
It is for this simple reason that I want to reiterate the need for well-meaning Bauchi state student from within and outside the Nation to offer ideas that will enhance the efforts of the government at making life better for the generality of the people.
Criticism without progressive ideas lend credence to what a US politician, James clerke, said about politicians when he said, "A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman (thinks) of the next generation. Once a politician is elected, he is no longer the leader of his political party. He becomes the leader of the people within and outside his party. He becomes the leader of those in the ruling party, those in the opposition party and non-politicians alike. Elections and campaigns were over. Now we must creatively solve today's problem in a manner that creates sustainable future for our dear students and the unborn generations. Like I always says, Muhammad Salees Gamawa is for all... Gamawa is for one NUBASS. NUBASS with a focus.
A few honest columnists and commentators have shown genuine concern about the state of affairs in our dear state and also offered credible alternatives. Yet, a good number of the other comments are driven by primordial partisan interest. Those who criticise must do so with deep sense of responsibility, just as those who govern must do so with the fear of Almighty Allah.
The task to comply with the policies and directives is one that must be done by all Bauchi state students in accordance with scholarship management board directives ranging from online registration, verification to payment. Government succeeds through compliance. And the compliance must be spontaneous or lawfully negotiated if need be. This is because in the past, brilliant policies failed not necessarily because they were faulty, but because compliance was not spontaneously given or lawfully negotiated.
My fellow Bauchi state students, if you feel the same hope that I do, if you feel the same sacrifices that I offer, if you feel the same energy that I feel, enjoin with me today and always to celebrate Unity, Peace and progress of our dear Bauchi state and the Nation at large for the benefit of both present and future generation. 
Finally, I apologize for all inconveniences caused by my leadership if any. Sometimes my righteousness might be sinful. I am not but human, consider it as part of my shortcomings. May the owner of destiny forgive us all. Thank you for your time.
Signed; Comrade Muhammad Salees Gamawa
(Masses General)
From University of Abuja.
God bless Nubass
God bless Bauchi state Government
God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria
God bless you all...

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