Storms of Love EPISODE 4 (Final)

It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does! -Peter McWilliams

It was nearly lunch time and Amara was considering ordering a take away from an eatery nearby when her mobile rang.

It was Ebi.

"When did you return?" she asked. He had travelled out of the country on a business trip for about two weeks.

"Early this morning. I've missed you," he said softly. It was the same with her. His absence had made her realise how much he had come to mean to her. Since the party at the hotel over two months before, they had grown closer with Amara agreeing to give him a chance.

They had been seeing regularly and so far, things had been going well. Ebi had been wonderful, treating her like a precious jewel to be cherished. 

"Meeting you on that plane is one of the best things that happened to me in recent times," he had declared one Saturday afternoon about a month ago. They were in his car on their way to the Shell Club situated inside the expansive and classy residential estate of the top oil firm.

She had looked at him askiance.
"What do you mean by that?" 

"Before you, there had been others but none made my heart beat increase just by seeing her. I think you are special, Amara," he had replied. Her heart was filled with joy at his words. 

It felt good to be loved and cherished after all the trauma she had been through in the past. She loved him too. She prayed it would last, that she would have her happy ending. The only problem was Belema, who still hung onto Ebi like a leech. 

It was obvious Ebi was not interested in her in a romantic way but she did not seem to care. The lady had called her number several times, warning her to keep off Ebi, as 'he's mine' as she put it.

But Amara refused to be intimidated by her. "Why don't you get it? Ebi doesn't love you! It's me he loves so you should keep off!" Amara had fired back.
"He was all mine till you appeared with your sneaky ways. Who knows what charm you've used on him! I hear women from your place are very fetish, that you use charms to trap men!" Belema had retorted...

"Can't wait to see you again," Ebi was saying, intruding on her thoughts.
"Same here. Hope you got lots of gifts for me," she said.

"Who else will I buy things for if not you my darling?" Ebi stated. 

They arranged to meet later that evening at his house.

Ebi lived alone in a nice duplex at the old GRA. Tall pine trees fringed the front fence, adding to the air of privacy about the place. She parked in the spacious car port, by one of his gleaming SUVs. 

She had her own key he had given her, so 'you can come and go anytime you want', he had said when handing it over.
He was home so she rang the doorbell, her heart beat quickening at the thought of being reunited with him after the time apart.

It was Belema who opened the door, dressed in a T-shirt and nothing else. It barely covered her sexy looking thighs and worse, it looked like one of Ebi's shirts.

The girl gave Amara an insolent look and hissed.

"What do you want here?" she demanded, blocking the door.
"I should be asking you. What are you doing here, dressed in my boyfriend's shirt?" she asked.

Pushing Belema aside, she stepped inside the house. She looked around for Ebi but he was nowhere to be found.
Turning to Belema, she demanded:

"Where's he?".
With a shrug, she replied.
"Taking a shower. After all the fun we've had, he needed to freshen up."

Amara tried to control her growing anger but it was not easy. She hoped it was not what she was thinking. Ebi and Belema together in bed?

Running up the stairs, she marched into his bedroom. He was just stepping out of the bathroom, a towel wound round his waist while he was using another to dry his hair.

His eyes lit up when he saw her.
"Baby, you are here already," he said. He held out his arms to embrace but she evaded him.
Noticing the sour look on her face, he queried:

"What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me? I missed you," He made to kiss her but she sidestepped him again.

"Belema's what is wrong! What's she doing here, prancing around in your shirt as if she owned the place?" Amara demanded angrily.
"Oh, that! Don't mind her. She came to visit. She was getting some drinks in the kitchen when she spilt some on her clothes and she had to change," he explained.

"Then, what about the 'fun' you both have been having. Ebi, have you been having sex with her?" she asked sharply.
"What! Is that what she said? That little... Of course she's lying! She's doing and saying these things to chase you away. Just ignore her. Let me call her so this can be..." he said.

She raised her hand.
"No need. It's obvious both of you have something going on. You sort it out or forget about me," she firmly stated. 

Picking up her bag from the bed, she walked quickly out of the room.

"Amara! Wait! Don't just go like that. Let's talk this thing through..." he called out.
But she was already gone. Quickly slipping on a pair of boxers, he ran after her...

Two weeks later
It was late in the evening and Amara, who was working late again, was still in the office. She had been working on a report on the computer and was tired. The figures on the screen were beginning to blur, a sign she needed a break, to clear her head.

Getting up, she stretched, yawned and decided to take a stroll outside in the courtyard.
A few of the staff, who had closed, were leaving and she wished them goodnight before sitting on a bench by some potted royal palm trees. 

She knew she should start heading home as it was past 8 pm. But she loved working late as it kept her mind off her problems chief among which was Ebi.

What was she going to do about him?
They had not seen since she left his house in anger at finding Belema there. He had been calling and sending text messages which she had ignored. She knew she could not hide from him forever. 

She had to make a decision soon. Her problem was trust- she found it difficult trusting any man because of her past experiences.

"There cannot be true love without trust. You have to learn to trust me, believe in me.." he had written in one of his text messages.

She knew Ebi was right. But it was just so difficult trusting anyone. So...

"Are you going to sit there all night? It looks as if it's about to rain," a voice near her stated.

"Ebi!" she said in surprise. "What are you doing here?" She was excited at his sudden appearance.
He walked close to her stating:

"It's the same old Mohammed and mountain syndrome. You keep running away and I've to come find you. Amara, what am I going to do with you?" he asked, sounding exasperated.

She put her arms around him, hugging him tight. "I'm sorry," she intoned softly.
A slight breeze began blowing, followed by a drizzle.

They sat in his car chatting as the rain fell. Inside, it was warm and cosy with soft music playing.

Amara snuggled close in his arms, wishing they could stay there forever.
"I'm so sorry, Ebi. I know I should have trusted you and not believed Belema. It's just..."

"Shh... It's ok. You'll need to work on your trust issues or we will keep having these problems. I love you and will never do anything to hurt you. You mean everything to me, Amara," he said.

"I know. It's not easy, but I'll try for the sake of our love," she said softly.
"That sounds better," he said. Then glancing through the windscreen at the pouring rain, he added. "We are in the wrong place."
"What do you mean?" she asked wonderingly.

"On a rainy night like this, we should be in bed, warm and cosy, playing adult games," he said.
"What kind of games?" she said mischievously.
He kissed her softly first then starting the engine of the car, he said huskily:
"I'll show you when we get home."

The End

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