Storms of Love (Promo)

This is the story of Amara, a young lady who has had some nasty experiences with men and love in the past and had sworn to stay off relationships for life. Until Ebi enters her life...

"What's it you are afraid of, Amara?" he asked, gazing at her intently in the dim light coming in from the car park lights.

"Afraid? Of who? I'm not afraid of anyone!" she denied hotly. Amara stared fixedly through the windscreen, refusing to meet his gaze.
"Then why have you been avoiding me? You don't even pick when I call you. What's wrong?" he queried.

"Nothing. I was busy," she told him.

"Too busy for me? I thought we had a connection," said Ebi, continuing to stare at her.
"You were mistaken, Ebi. There was nothing like that," stated Amara firmly.

"Are you sure? Look at me and tell me you didn't enjoy the time we spent together a few days ago," Ebi noted.

But she still refused to look in his direction. She knew that doing so, gazing into those mesmeric eyes of his, would weaken her resolve. To avoid getting involved with him. Because doing so in the past had brought nothing but pain and heartache.

She had suffered too much of that to last her a life time. She wanted what was left of her heart to herself, not sharing it with anyone.
But Ebi was having none of that.

Holding her by the chin, he turned her round to face him. The look in her eyes, a strange mix of dread and longing, made him smile.

"You see, I was right! I know you like me. I like you too, Amara. Very much," he said as his lips closed in on hers.

She stiffened, with surprise and shock as it was so unexpected. She tried to resist him, but it was hard, as his soft lips explored her mouth, teasing, tasting, savouring.

With a sigh, she relaxed, her arms wound round his neck and she gave herself up to the sweet sensations washing over her...


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