Zahra stole my heart but my parents are against her (2)

...Dave must have noticed the way I was staring at her. 

For he said a couple of days after our arrival, after seeing the other girls that worked around the house: "These girls that work here are really pretty. Are they just maids or part time models? That one, what's her name again," he said, gesturing towards Zahra who was dishing out some food in the kitchen for us, "can win Miss Nigeria contest any day."

"Her name's Zahra and she's not a maid. She's my Mum's P.A. She also helps around the house occasionally."
And stay away from her and the others if you don't want trouble with my mother. She doesn't like anyone messing around with her girls," I warned him.

He raised his hands in a placating manner.

"Hey! Take it easy. I was just kidding! But, guy, these girls are hot!" 

"Dave!" I said, giving him a warning look.
"Alright, alright! I'm off the club. Coming?"

That night, I could not fall asleep for a long time. My thoughts were all full of one thing: Zahra. 
I could not get over how different she looked. Where was that little girl with a perpetually runny nose that used to run around the house and play with me in the garden of our home?

All grown up, a little voice said. How true, I thought, thinking of her full, well-rounded figure. But I shouldn't be thinking of her in the manner, I thought again. We virtually grew up together and she was like my own sister though we were not born of the same parents.

How could I think of her as I would a lover? But though I tried, I could not erase that image from my mind.

I turned to the small alarm clock by my bedside. It was past 1 am. and Dave was not back from the club. He had gone alone as I wanted to stay home and spend some time with my parents.

Where could that bad boy be? I thought, stretching out fully on the bed.
I must have slept off for I was woken by loud moans some time later. It sounded like someone in pain or in ecstasy.

I sat up and listened. The sounds seemed to be coming from Dave's room which was next to mine and they grew louder as I walked down there to find out what was going on. Did Dave return home with a girl? Who was she? One of my Mum's maids?

Or was it Zahra?

The thought of my randy friend with Zahra prodded me on and I burst into the room. I switched on the light and there, before my horrified eyes was the sight of Dave and Zahra making, hot steamy love, their loud moans punctuating the still, night air.

"Dave!" I cried. "What's going on here?"
I was so mad at him, I could have hit him then and there. Not with my Zahra, I thought angrily. Any other girl but her.

Dave rolled onto his side, a bemused look on his face. I ignored him and glanced at the girl who was struggling to cover her nakedness with a blanket.

It was then my fast beating heart slowed down and I could breathe again. It was a strange girl I had never seen before but who resembled Zahra. The long braids she wore looked identical to the style I had seen on Zahra. I guess that was what got me confused.

"Sorry," I said and quietly left the room.

I was doing my daily push ups the following morning when Dave entered my room. 

He looked tired.
"Men, I need some sleep," he said, flopping on my bed. I continued with my workout. 

"But Archie, why did you burst into the room like that when you knew I had company?" Dave asked sharply.

"I didn't know. I was asleep when you got back."

I sat up and wiped my face and neck with a small towel.
"Who was the girl anyway?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Nobody special. Just someone I met at the club," he replied.
"I thought it was one of my Mum's girls."
"Ha, Archie! Don't you trust me ? How could I do such a thing, sleep with your maid?"

"Trust you? I wouldn't trust you with an 80 year old grandma!" I countered.
He laughed.

Then giving me a sly look, he said: "Did you think it was just one of the maids or your precious Zahra?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I see the way you look at her. You can't deny you like her," he said.
"Yes, I like her. As a sister," I told him.

"Sister my skinny ass! The last time I checked, you too were not bearing the same surname!"

I pointed a finger at him.
"You know your problem. You have a dirty mind."
He nodded.

"I know. And a hungry stomach. My tummy's rumbling. Call one of the maids to get us some breakfast."
"Call them yourself, idiot," I said, going into the bathroom to take a shower.

Shocking news
Soon, the vacation was over and I had to return abroad to do my Masters. That took over a year and after the programme, I stayed back in London to work. It was my father's idea, stating that I needed the experience and international exposure to enable me manage the family business whenever I returned home. 

After working for about two years in different organisations including an investment bank, I finally returned home. I had missed home and could not wait to see Zahra again. 

We had kept in touch though I had not heard from her for sometime. With time, I had to admit that my feelings for her were no longer of the brotherly type. That I had in fact grown to love her as a man would love a woman.

It was on my return to Nigeria that I heard the most shocking news about Zahra...

What happened to Zahra? Log in tomorrow evening for the details.

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