10 URLs That Every Facebook User Should Know

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Facebook has given most of the commonly used links/URLs on their homepage as well as on their apps for Android, iOS, Windows. But what are other Facebook URLs we should know as power Facebook user? In this post I am listing some of the important Facebook URLs that you should know.

1. Facebook Newsroom:
Initially Facebook has started their blog at named as The Facebook Blog but from August 2010 they have discontinues this blog and started Facebook Newsroom ( In the Facebook Newsroom you can find all their recent official news and announcements. Apart from news you'll can also find their Products, Company Info, Directory and Investor Relations like links in newsroom.

Other Live Facebook Blogs:
Facebook Developer Blog (,
Facebook Engineering Blog (,
Research at Facebook Blog (

2. Facebook Directory:
You can find the Directory of Facebook inside the newsroom. In Facebook Directory there is Facebook Page Directory where you can find all their official pages ( and Facebook Resources and Projects page (

3. Recent Photos:

Normally from Facebook time line we used to see the recent and popular posts of friends and pages. But if you want to see only recent popular photos posted by your friends, this URL is very useful. Recent Photos ( shortlists new photos posted by your friends which were having more likes and comments.

4. Facebook Pages:
Facebook Page URL ( will suggest you the most suitable pages according to your interests, you can also browse pages manually.

5. Facebook Groups:
Facebook Groups URL ( will suggest you the most suitable groups in your niche. Here you can also find Friend's groups, Local groups, New groups and Your Groups that you have already subscribed.

6. Short URL of Facebook:
To open Facebook just type its short urs and you are on According to TechCrunch Facebook paid $8.5 million to Farm Bureau to acquire in November 2010.

7. Facebook Events:

Facebook Events ( uls where you can see all the upcoming events if you have any. You can also create an event here. Facebook calender, Subscribed calender, Past events could also be browse in Facebook events.

8. Facebook Developers:
Facebook Developers ( is a place where you can get all the Facebook related plugins and codes for you projects of Android, iOS, games, apps etc.

9. Engineering at Facebook:
This is a portal for all techie things at Facebook ( Mainly a place for tech minded Facebook users.

10. Facebook Brand Resource:
It's a page where you can find how to use Facebook Brand Assets (

If you know more useful Facebook URLs don't forget to share in the comments below.

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