7 Reasons Why Falz’s Soldier Video Is The Best Video You’ll Watch This Year

falz soldier videoFalz’s video for his album cut, Soldier hit the net earlier today, and if the country’s reaction is anything like ours then that video will be on repeat for a very long time. It’s almost like watching a short movie that’s long enough to really tell a story, but short enough that you just about want more. Falz has set himself apart from not just most rappers in Nigeria, but from most musicians as a whole. His ability to do things out of the status quo has made his a unique brand in Nigerian music. So here’s 7 reasons why Falz’s Soldier video is the best video you’ll watch this year: 

It’s Not A Video But A Mini Movie 
When the trailer came out, and we saw mini movie, we guessed maybe a 6 min clip with the song, and a skit to keep entertaining. But no… Dude has given us 15 minutes of pure entertainment that makes this go from being a music video to being a real mini movie; characters, special effects, entertaining scripts and all. 

 A Mini Sample Of The Album 

Seeing that it’s a mini movie, it’s nice to see that it features a couple of other songs from the album but more as a soundtrack leading up to main video. If you already have the album, you’d be pleased when you recognize the songs in the soundtrack of the mini movie. It’s a good way to showcase other tunes in his album that some might not have gotten a chance to listen to. 

3You’ll Laugh Out Loud

Not only will be entertained watching the video, you’re bound to laugh out loud multiple times. If you follow Falz on instagram and/or snapchat then you can expect way more than 15 seconds of his comic characters. But it doesn’t just stop with Falz. Simi, Simi’s mom, and the other characters in the mini movie all play their part in making this a very funny 15 mins.

It’s Really A Visual Representation 
How many times have we heard a song, pictured the video, only to be disappointed when the actual video is released? Not on this one. You may not have gotten all the details, but when you listen to the song, and imagine a visual for it, this video gets that image spot on. 

5The Characters Are Authentic 
 What makes the video so entertaining is not just the comic inserts, and drama. Everything about the video is so authentic. Simi’s character as the girl that takes playing hard to get to the limit, the over confident soldier, the mother who berates the soldier so badly, and the friends that are pretty much Yes men & women. We can all pick each character and link to someone we know or know of.

6It’s Unlike Any Nigerian Video You’ll See 
We’ve seen all the generic scripts for videos already; New dance theme, plenty money theme, a lot of girls theme, marriage theme. It’s all out there. But the storyline of this video? We’re betting you haven’t seen it in the Nigeria music space recently if at all. It’s what makes it very unique and fresh. 

7It’s Not Even Over 
Even after watching 15 mins of what is arguably the most well put together video in Nigeria for a while, the excitement shifts into 2nd gear when you see that “To Be Continued” sign at the end. You mean to tell me there’s more of what I just watched? Dis his a seriouz sometin. If you haven’t yet, 

peep the video here:


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