Beware!There Are Fake Versions Of Infinix HOT 2 In Nigerian Market

Maybe this is one of the major reason a lot of Infinix hot 2 uses face unseasoned problem their Infinix hot 2. I saw this post on Nairaland and I feel I should share it here too.

Beware! Lots of Fake Infinix hot 2 in the Nigerian market. There are fake versions of Infinix HOT 2 in Nigerian market, making it difficult to even identify the original.

Infinix is committed to offering customers the best quality, so fans/customers should be aware so as not to fall victims purchasing the fake version of this device.

How to Spot the Fake

1.The front camera of the fake version is big and the positioning is at the far edge. The positioning of the sensor is equally different as well

2. The fake version has three dots at the edge

3. Positioning of the ports as well as added design on the fake

4. The device packaging does not have the brand name Infinix & seal of infinix

And finally, let me add my own, Infinix should ensure they produce something better than the Infinix hot 2 original because the complains and problems it gives are just too much to bear a burden.


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