My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama! (3)


We had an arrangement. I would spend at least two weekends in a month at his house until I conceived.

 "You can move in with me until you have the baby or remain at your place. The choice is yours," my boss said when we were working out the modalities of the 'deal' between us. The baby will be with him till it was two years old then he would take over full responsibilities for it, he added.

 "You can then move on with your life; get married, travel. Whatever. I'll have no hold on you whatsoever. You'll be as free as the bird," he reassured me. 

 I would be well compensated for my effort, he said: a lump sum of money running into millions of naira, a house in a choice part of the city and some shares in his company.

 The whole thing sounded so sterile, so emotionless like a business discussion between partners venturing into a new business venture. I wondered what I was getting myself into, whether I would be able to go through with it...

 You might say its not a bad deal. I agree. The money and property will come in useful later but it was not really that that made me accept my boss's proposal. Neither did he coerce me as some might think. He gave me the option of accepting or turning him down and I chose to accept.

 Actually, it was his son, Michael that made me do it. You see, I've always had a soft spot for the boy beginning from when I worked closely with his mother while she was alive and running her NGO. Back then, I helped to look after him, acting like an unofficial nanny, combining that with my other duties as her personal assistant. 

I did not mind as the woman was kind hearted and treated me well, more like a younger sister than an employee.

 As I watched the boy grow over the years, I've become quite attached and even feel maternal towards him at times.


 Some weeks after my boss spoke to me about having a baby for him, I accompanied him to visit Michael in school as it was visiting day for parents and guardians.

 "Michael says he misses you, that you should come with me. Do you have another engagement on that day, perhaps?" my boss enquired.

 I had nothing special lined up for that weekend. I had broken up with my boyfriend, Kay that I usually hung out with most weekends some months back. I had caught him cheating on me too many times and had dumped his sorry ass by text message. Ronke and a group of our friends were planning to go to the club but I could always pull out.

 We left Lagos early with my boss driving.

 "Aunty Mena, so happy you could come!" Michael said excitedly, running to hug me when we arrived.

 "So, it's only Mena you're happy to see?" said his father teasingly.

 "You too, Daddy!" Michael said, laughing. His father playfully put him in a headlock with Michael crying:

 "Aunty Mena save me before Daddy breaks my neck!"

 We both laughed. His father released him and holding him by the shoulder, we left the car park towards the visitor's room.

  On the way, we ran into Sammy, a classmate of his. He was among his parents and siblings that had come to see him. After they left, Michael looked at them for a while then said:

 "Sammy's so lucky! All his brothers and sisters came to visit him. I wish I had siblings too," he said in a yearning manner. I looked at him pityingly, feeling bad for the young, motherless boy.

 Later that night, as I lay in bed, Michael's face kept popping up, disturbing my rest. I could still remember the look of longing on his face as he observed his friend among his family members.

 I loved the boy very much and I was ready to do anything to make him happy. But that would involve accepting the proposal from my boss.

 How could I do that? What will my parents, siblings and others say when they hear I had had a child out of wedlock for my boss?

 'We'll cross that bridge when you get there,' I said to myself as I came to a decision.


 After that first night together with my boss, I became more relaxed with him in our subsequent encounters.

 We met regularly after that; then in the third month, I became pregnant. I broke the news to him one morning in the office. 

 "Pregnant? For real?" he asked. He was not wearing his glasses and I could see the look of joy on his face. I was happy too that at least, I was about to fulfill part of the 'deal' we had made.

 I nodded.

 "I got the test result this morning," I told him. 

 He came round his large desk and lifting me up to my feet, broke one of the rules of our 'arrangement': no intimacy in the office.

 He kissed me lightly on the mouth and on my forehead.

 "This is great, Mena! You've made me so happy!" he enthused. He sat on the edge of the desk and held me to him, his hands slowing caressing my back.

 I tried wriggling free but he held me tight, his head on my shoulder.

 "Don't move, Mena. This feels so good. The great news about the pregnancy and me holding you like this. I just want to savour this moment," he said.

 Later, back on his seat, he asked:

 "We have to celebrate this. What'll you like to do? Dinner, the movies? Just name it. I'm game!" he said, smiling broadly at me.

 We settled on dinner. Before I left for my office, he said:

 "Wear something sexy that will bring out those your wonderful curves. We might watch a film later."

  We ate at a new restaurant on Victoria Island that specialized in sea food. After the meal, I felt tired and wanted to go home and rest.

 "Are you ok? Do you feel any pain anywhere?" he asked a bit anxiously as he drove along.

 "I'm fine. I just need to rest that's all," I stated.

 I placed my head on the car seat and must have dozed off. For the next thing I knew, I was being carried into the house. He was supposed to take me home so what was I doing here in his house?

 "It's too late to drive to the Mainland this night," he explained.

 "Well, I need to take a shower," I said and got up from the couch where he had dropped me.

 I took the stairs to the guest room where I had spent so many nights with him. I stayed in the shower for sometime, allowing the cool water to wash away all the tiredness and stress of the day from my body.

 I exited the shower and with a large fluffy towel tied round my middle, I went to the bedroom. I was applying some lotion to my body when my boss opened the door and walked in.

 "Need help with that?" he asked as he saw me straining to reach my back with the cream.

 Without waiting for an answer, he placed some of the lotion on his palm and began to rub it on my back. He rubbed with slow, gentle strokes as if he was giving me a massage. It felt truly relaxing.

 Then slowly, the towel began to fall off from my body and his fingers moved onto my breasts, stroking them tenderly till they seemed to swell and fill his hands.

 I moaned softly, holding his strong hands to me as he continued to stroke me. I relaxed against him and he fell on the bed, with me lying on top of him.

 He turned me round to face him, our eyes locked on each other, then our lips met in a deep, hungry kiss like a thirsty man in a desert.

 Then he swung me down on the bed with him lying on top of me and said huskily:

 "I want you Mena." 

  I wanted him too.

 We did not have to sleep together anymore as the goal, of getting me pregnant, had been accomplished.

 So, why were we rolling on the bed, his hands and lips all over my body, burning trails of fire over me? Was it simply lust or desire? I didn't know or care. 

 I just wanted to be held in his arms and feel his strong body on mine, tangled up in a sweet dance of passion and need for each other...

 Our lovemaking that night was frantic, as if we could not get enough of each other. Then, as we collapsed in each others arms later, my boss mumbled the words I thought I would never hear him speak to me:

 "I love you Mena. Very much!"


  To be continued

  His confession of love brings a new twist to the 'arrangement between Mena and her boss. Will this affect the 'deal' or not? Details coming soon! 

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