My Boss wants me as his Baby Mama (4)


 The following morning, he had gone when I woke up. By the bedside was a short note he left for me.

  'Don't come to the office today. Stay home and rest.

   Talk later,




  I stretched and yawned, smiling at the memory of last night, his declaration to me. What was going to happen now that he said he loved me?

 Will he want something else from me besides giving him a baby? What will happen after the baby is born?

And how did I feel about him? It was obvious my feelings for him were changing from respect and likeness (when he was simply my boss) to something else. It was not just affection alone but something much deeper. Was it love?

 All kinds of thoughts kept going through my mind that day, thoughts I knew I had no right to. There was a deal between us and the earlier I focused on that and stopped thinking silly thoughts the better for me...

 As it turned out, nothing changed much between us after that night. My boss was his usual self: cool, sometimes aloof or warm or angry depending on his mood. 

 He was more concerned about my wellbeing though, maybe because of the baby.

 The following day as I prepared to return home, he said I would have to stop working after that week and just take things easy till I had the baby. 

 I told him it was too early to take maternity leave, that I would be bored out of my mind just staying home all day long.

 "What's the hurry? I'm just over two months pregnant. Many women work till a few weeks to their delivery date," I argued.

 "You're not those women. You are my baby's mother. If I say you take things easy, then you do that. I'm still your boss, remember?" he said.

 "That's in the office. Not here, sir!" I said, in a sarcastic tone.

 Seeing that it could lead to a quarrel, he backed down a bit.

 "Alright. You can continue to work. But you have to move in here till the baby is born, at least."

 I considered that for a minute then stated:


"Ok. But Ronke won't like it."


 "Ha, Mena, I hope you know what you're doing," said Ronke. I had just announced that I was moving to my boss's place for the meantime.

 After grumbling about abandoning her to 'live in this apartment all by myself' she had wondered if it was wise moving in with him.

 "It's what he wants," I reminded her.

 "I know. But what do you want? You should have a say in this matter and not let him boss you around, you know," she advised.

 I smiled at her.

 "He isn't bossing, just getting value for his money. He's paying me and very well for that matter. So, I have to do what he wants."

 Ronke shrugged and asked:

 "So, when are you moving?"

 Baby Runo

I had my baby, a little boy we named Ogheneruno or Runo for short some months later. My boss, on seeing him for the first time in the hospital, remarked on how like Michael he looked as a baby.

 "Thanks, Mena for this lovely gift you've given me," he said, smiling happily and hugging me.

  Michael, who was on holiday from school was so exited at the birth, he could not stop admiring his little baby brother in the cot.

 "Daddy, can we take him home now?" he asked eagerly. It was a few hours after I had given birth and was still weak from the long, painful labour.

 "Not so fast! Aunty needs to rest and the baby too needs to get used to our world a bit before he can go home," said his father.

 To help with the baby, my mother came from Warri to be with me for sometime. I did not give my very religious parents the actual picture of what was between my boss and I. They would not understand and would even disapprove.

 We dated for a short time, I found out I was pregnant and since he was against abortion, I had to keep the baby, was what I told them.

 They accepted my explanation though they did not like the idea of my having a baby before marriage.

 "Now that you have delivered, why don't you two marry? He doesn't have a wife and he loves you," my mother stated one evening. She had just given the baby a bath and I was dressing him in his nightclothes.

 I looked at her sharply.

 "What do you mean, Mama? Did he say anything to you?" I queried.

 She shook her head.

 "He doesn't have to say anything. The way he looks at you, treats and talks to you shows it. Maybe, you're too blind to see it," she noted.

 She simply did not understand, that ours was not that kind of relationship. We were more like business partners than a couple in love.

 Since that night months ago when he confessed his love to me, my boss had never repeated those words to me. And he had not touched me again though we lived under the same roof.

 At first, I thought it was my changing, expanding figure that had put him off. You know how some men are- they stay away from their wives during pregnancy.

 Later, I assumed it was because he had gotten what he wanted- getting me pregnant so there was no need sleeping with me anymore.

 I accepted it as it was part of the 'deal' though I could not understand the slight feeling of disappointment at the way things turned out...

 The baby grew fast and soon he was crawling all over the place. My mother had returned home and to help look after him, I got a nanny. 

I was anxious to resume work and get my old life back. Motherhood was nice but I hated being cooped up in the house all day with just the baby and the domestic staff for company.

 As a career girl, I loved the routine of going to the office, doing my job and interacting with my colleagues. I had missed all that during the long maternity leave my boss had insisted I take.

 Runo was nearly eight months old when I finally convinced Tee (as I will start calling my boss from now on) about starting work again.

 "Alright, you can resume Monday. But you have to be closing earlier than usual so you can have time for the baby," he said.

"No problem," I replied.

 It was good being back at work after my long absence. Tessy, my friend and colleague gave me the low down about the latest happenings and gossip in the office.

 "You are on every one's lips these days o!" she said on my first day back. Tessy worked in HR 

and had a way of knowing the newest gists around.

 "What are they saying now?" I asked, smiling cynically. There had been a lot of talk when I got pregnant with many saying I had seduced the boss with 'my beauty mixed with powerful juju' from a famous native doctor in a village in Ogun State.

 "Some of the ladies are saying the love 'charm' you used on our Oga must be very strong. That you're the first lady he had had dealings with since his wife's death. 'Imagine! Our Oga that doesn't even look twice at any of us! She not only got pregnant for him, he's even planning to marry her!' Those are some of the things they are saying," Tessy reported with glee.

 "Marry?" I said with a sneer. "Where do they get these silly stories from?" 

 If only the silly bitches knew the true situation between Tee and I, they won't wag their tongues so much in idle chatter, I thought as I made my way back to my small office.

 Anyway, I threw myself back into work, ignoring all the silly talk about me and my boss.

 Once in a while, I would visit Ronke in my former home at Surulere. It was there I met Kola, her cousin who had come visiting. He had been living in the U.S for some years and was planning on relocating back home. Ronke told me he was divorced from his American wife and was hoping to get married to a lady here in the country.

 That day, we exchanged numbers and began to speak regularly on phone. Within a short time, Kola confessed he loved me and wanted a relationship.

 Though I liked him- he was a cool guy and all that, I was not keen on having any thing serious with him.

 "Can we just be friends for now?" I said when he brought up the issue of our dating. I had the issue with Tee to sort out. Perhaps then, I would be free to consider any thing serious with anyone.

 I explained the situation to him without going too much into detail and he agreed to wait for me.

 "Hope we can be seeing once in a while. I enjoy being with you," Kola said.

 "It's ok by me. Though, it can't be too often. I'm still living with my baby's father, you know," I told him.

 "Why should it bother him whom you see? Afterall, from what you said, you're just his baby mama, not his wife. So, can I come take you out next weekend?"


Kola and I began to hang out regularly after that. And what did Tee have to say about all these outings with Kola, you might wonder. Thing is, he was hardly around this period. There was a big dam construction project the company was involved in in the Northern part of the country. This kept him away from home for long periods of time.

 He called nearly every day though to check on me and the children.

 One Friday, Kola and I had gone out to catch a movie at Silverbird Galleria on the Island. Later, we took some drinks at a bar by the lagoon front at Falomo in Ikoyi. 

The nanny was with Runo who was nearly a year old so I was not too worried about him. 

 It was close to midnight when Kola finally took me home. We sat chatting in the car for a while before we got down. 

 I kissed him lightly on the lips, bid him goodnight then went into the house. Runo was with the nanny in one of the bedroom downstairs.

 He was sleeping soundly while the nanny was still awake watching a movie on TV.

 I stayed with her briefly then climbed the stairs up to my room. 

 I was close to the landing when I looked up and saw Tee standing there, his arms crossed on his chest, looking angry.

 "Tee, when did you arrive? You didn't say you were coming today," I said, happy to see him.

 He deliberately glanced at his watch then asked:

 "And where are you coming from by this time?" 

"Oh, I went out with a friend. We took in a movie and drinks later," I said, looking at him warily, wondering why he was looking so pissed.

 "How was your trip? Have you eaten?" I asked, as I walked past him towards my room down the corridor.

 He grabbed my hand and swung me back to face him.

 "Mena, I'm talking to you and you're walking away! Who was the man I saw you kissing a while ago?" he queried in an angry tone.

 "I've already told you. He's a friend. His name is Kola and he's Ronke's cousin." 

 "I see. So, the moment my back is turned, you start jumping around with different men! Have you forgotten that you're a mother now? What woman would leave her baby and go out partying like you do? You need to start acting like a responsible mother and not a teenager," he said.

 "I don't understand your attitude, Tee. So, that I'm a mother now means I can't go out anymore? I'm a young woman and I need to go out with my friends once in a while to catch my fun. You don't expect me to stay cooped up in this house all day and be living like a nun," I countered. I was beginning to get angry as I felt he was being unreasonable.

 "So, it's fun you want, is it? Alright!" he said and holding my hand, dragged me down the corridor to his bedroom.

 "What're you doing?" I said as he threw me on the bed. 

 He immediately climbed on top of me, pinned my hands to the bed and said testily:

 "I'll give you so much fun, you won't need to go out to look for it anymore!"

  Then his lips clamped on mine in a searing kiss. I tried to resist by turning my head away but it was no good. A combination of his strength and my own traitorous body broke down my feeble resistance.

 Soon, my arms went round his neck and I drew him closer, returning the kiss. The feel of him, his hands caressing me made me feel more alive than I had done in a long time. I had missed being in his arms and I could not deny or pretend otherwise any longer.

 "I've missed you, Tee. Very much," I said softly.

 "Same here, babe," he intoned against my mouth. 

 I caressed his strong shoulders then my hand slid down his waist to his hip and as I began to caress him there, he groaned with pleasure.

 "That feels good," he grunted.

 Our clothes were soon scattered all over the room and as we explored each other's bodies, it was like we were rediscovering ourselves after so many months apart.

 It was like fireworks that night, with him taking me with so much passion, I nearly cried out with love and my need for him.

 I had fallen in love with this man. What was I going to do?


He was still asleep when I woke up the following morning around 7. I studied his face, noting how much younger and relaxed he looked in sleep.

 With my forefinger, I traced the outline of his lips before kissing him softly.

 His eyes opened slowly, a little smile curving his lips.

 "Morning, babe. With the way you woke me up, you're giving me ideas this morning," he said, reaching out to pinch my nose.

  He sat up, stretched and said:

  "Unfortunately, I've to go somewhere now. I've a business meeting with someone at 9 am."

 "It's Saturday. Why don't you stay home a bit today and relax?" I asked.

 "I can't do that. I have a company to run remember? With the salaries of many workers to pay, including yours, my sweet girl," he said teasingly.

 He got up from the bed and made for the bathroom. At the door, he turned round and said:

 "By the way, Mena, about last night. I guess we both got carried away. We should stay focused as we have a deal. Doing otherwise will only complicate things!"

 With that, he entered the bathroom. 


 Back in my room, I felt so miserable at his words, I almost wept. 

 'We both got carried away!' 

 So that was all it was to him, nothing more, I thought gloomily. And here was I thinking he must feel something for me, that what we had last night was more than desire for my body.

 How could I be so stupid, falling in love with him? When he felt nothing for me.

 What was I going to do now? I still had about a year to go before I would be free from the 'arrangement' with Tee. Would I be able to cope, living with him so closely and unable to express my love for him the way I wanted?

 I sat on the edge of the bed, my head in my hands until the nanny came in with Runo and I had to shake off the gloomy mood that had enveloped me and play with my baby...


 Three days later, Tee travelled on another business trip. As soon as he left, I packed a case with some clothes and essentials, got some of Runo's things and left the house with the Nanny.

 I drove to my former home in Surulere.

 Ronke was not surprised at the turn of events.

 "I knew this was going to happen. Besides his temper, your boss is very attractive and any lady can lose her head over him, fall for him. So, what are you going to do now?" she asked in a concerned tone.

 I shook my head.

 "I don't know. All I know is that I'm not going back to that house. I'll stay here till the 'deal' between us ends and we won't have any connection with each other anymore except the baby," I said.

 Three days later, I got a call from Tee.

 "What's this I'm hearing Mena, that you've left the house? Is there any problem?" he asked, in an exasperated manner.

 "I needed a break, that's all," I said shortly.

 "And you could not tell me? I had to hear it from my houseboy? Anyway, whatever it is, we'll sort it out on my return this weekend..." he said.

 That's your problem. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to sort out, I thought grumpily when the call ended...

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