My friend's wife is crazy about me (2)

As her lips sought mine, I turned my head. I stepped quickly back and in a stern voice said:

"Nina, what's the meaning of this? Control yourself! What do you think your husband will say if he sees you acting like this?"

"Willie? Forget him! It's you that matters now, you that I want, that I love. Can't you see, Ken? My body, heart and soul long for you," she said beseechingly.

Did she realise the implication of what she was saying, I thought. How could she be in love with me, her husband's best friend?

"But Nina, Willie's my friend. You shouldn't feel this way about me. It's not right," I reasoned.

"So what if he's your friend?" she rejoined. "He doesn't have to know or are you going to tell him?" she queried.
"That's not the point. If we do what you want, you'll not only be cheating on your husband but I'll be doing a bad thing to my friend who has been so good to me. It's all wrong."

"You are acting like a monk. Here's a beautiful woman offering herself to you and all you can do is 'speak big grammar.' Or don't you find me attractive?"

Then with a quick movement of her hand, the towel fell off and she stood there totally naked.

"Am I not beautiful or sexy enough? Can you seriously reject all this?" she noted, striking a pose, her hand on her hip.

I would be lying if I say I was not moved by the sight of her naked body. I felt a stirring in my loins as my eyes took in her big, full luscious breasts that seemed to beg to be fondled, her flat stomach leading to her...

I shook my head and tried to steady my heart that was beating erratically.
"You see, I was right! I can see desire for me written all over you!" she said with a note of triumph, her eyes wandering to my crotch.

Then stepping slowly towards me, she added: "Why deny it? Come Ken, darling. Come to Mama. You're gonna have the best night of your life!"

God knows I tried resisting her. But I'm a hot blooded guy and the temptation was just too much. Very few men could have resisted such a sight; even a priest would have succumbed.
Before long, we were locked tightly in each other's arms, our mouths clinched in a hungry kiss.

The feel of her warm body, her smooth skin aroused me more. I groaned as her hand slipped inside my trousers, feeling, caressing me, making me hot with desire for her.

We were on the bed, with me struggling impatiently to get out of my jeans, her frantic hands all over me, drawing me on top of her...

Then her mobile rang persistently, breaking the mood, waking me up from the spell her sensuous body had cast on me.

I jumped up from the bed, quickly adjusted my clothes and fled from the room as if demons from hell were after me. I ignored her calls to come back, that I could not leave her then as she 'needed me so much.'

Back in my room and back to my senses, I cursed myself for nearly falling to temptation. I wondered what might have happened if the phone had not rung. By now I would be making love to my friend's wife. How could I do that to him, betray him in such a manner?

A friend who had been so good to me?

Besides, when we were leaving Lagos, Willie had told me to keep an eye on his wife and not let any man 'mess around with her.'
"You know Nina is very pretty and she attracts men like flies to honey. So, look after her for me, my friend," were his words.

And here was I almost sleeping with the same wife!

The following day, on the flight back to Lagos, she barely spoke to me. I tried making conversation with her but she pointedly ignored me. I let her be, believing she was still angry over the incident of the previous night.

Back in Lagos, I threw myself into work and decided to put the incident with Nina in Abuja behind me. But she would not let me be...

Will Ken succumb to Nina? Log in tomorrow for the sizzling details!

To Be Continued...

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