My friend's wife is crazy about me (3)

When we got back to Lagos, things were no longer the same between Nina and I. Her attitude towards me changed.

She became very critical of my work and nothing I did was right anymore. At meetings with others in my unit, she would knock down any ideas I had for improving our section.

She complained my team and I were lazy, that we were not working hard enough. I knew that could not be true considering our sales figures which kept growing by the day.

But when I pointed that out to her, she shut me up.
"What's there to brag about such figures?" she shouted at me. "Do you know our closest rivals sell more than twice that amount and if we are not careful will soon take over the market? You better sit up and face your job squarely if you want to continue working here!"

Later, Dan, my assistant inquired if I had offended Nina.

"I don't understand her attitude these days," he said, shaking his head. "She used to be full of praises for you and was always commending your work."

I knew what her problem was.

I had not told him or any one for that matter about the incident at the hotel room in Abuja so he did not really know what was responsible for Nina's changed attitude.

The proposal
About a month later, things came to a head between Nina and I. It was after our weekly meeting where she had been as combative and abusive as ever.

At the end of the meeting, we were all filing out of the room when she told me to stay behind.

I sat down again, placed my laptop and other stuff I was holding on the desk and waited.

She stood at the window of her office which overlooked the inner courtyard of the office complex, not speaking for some minutes.

I looked at her warily, wondering what she wanted this time.
Then she turned and faced me.

"You know, you are one of the few guys I've met who have ever turned me down," she stated, adding: "Usually, I get what I want whether it's a man, money, possessions, anything. Perhaps, my parents spoilt me as a child, denying me nothing.

"So, your turning me down in Abuja was a new experience for me. It has also made me have a new respect for you. It shows you are not someone who can be pushed around and I like that. I like a man with guts. I can't stand weak men. All this has made me love and want you more," she stated, pausing briefly.

"I'm a very forgiving person so I'm giving you a second chance. I want you as my lover and I'm ready to do anything to get you. Meet me at my guest house this weekend and you won't regret it. I often go there to relax especially when I need a break from my husband."

She sat down and went on.
"There's something you need to know about my marriage. It was an arranged marriage. My father and Willie's Dad were childhood friends. To cement the bond between them, they decided without consulting us, that we should marry.

"My father threatened to disinherit me if I refused to marry Willie. I don't love my husband. I just tolerate him. Ok, I'm fond of him but I'm not in love with him. Besides, he doesn't satisfy me sexually. And I need a strong guy who can give me fulfillment. You look like the type who can do that."

"If you accept my proposal, I'll reward you well. I can make you very rich or don't you want to be rich? You want to be a salary earner for life? I'll talk to my father and he will make you a director as well as shareholder in this company and the others we own. I know you are ambitious so be wise, Ken and make the right choice.

"You should know the implication of failing to do what I want. You could lose your job, you know, among other things..."

I listened quietly until she finished.

"I need some time to think about this, Nina. Give me a few days and I'll get back to you," I told her.

She seemed satisfied with that. She came over to embrace me, the strong scent of her perfume filling my nostrils with its musky scent.

It was her threat concerning my job that was the decider. I loved my job and the perks that came with it and did not want to lose it.

I had a lot of family responsibilities. My father was dead and I had to help my mother in training my younger siblings in school. If I lost my job, how would I be able to meet their needs, I wondered.

On the other hand, how can I have an affair with my boss, who happens to be my best friend's wife, the same friend who was responsible for getting me such a good job in the first place?

I was in a real dilemma...

At the guest house
That weekend, I kept the appointment with Nina.

I had no choice. It was either I played ball or I would end up joining the large number of jobless youths in the country.

Her guest house was an apartment in a block of flats on a quiet street in a discreet location in the city.

Nina was anxiously waiting for me.

"Welcome, Sweetie," she greeted, giving me a peck on the cheek as if I was her husband returning home from a hard day's work. She was dressed in bum shorts and a tiny top that did little to cover her body.

She looked so excited to see me that she was all over me, hugging and kissing me. Later, she brought a tray of cold drinks including a bottle of champagne from the kitchen.

"What are we celebrating?" I asked, amused as I accepted a glass of the bubbly drink from her.

"The beginning of a sweet relationship," she replied, smiling happily at me. She sat on my lap and kissed me.

"You don't know how happy I am to see you here, darling. I feel like I've won a jackpot!" she enthused.

She put on some music and dragged me up to dance.

"So, what made you change your mind?" she queried as we swayed to the slow music, her arms holding me tight to her.

"You were right. I'm very ambitious and I'll be very foolish to let such a golden opportunity like this pass me by," I replied.

"Is that all? she asked, looking searching at me. "Don't you like me even a little bit? Is it just my money you want?"

Of course, I like you. I won't be here, dancing and holding you like this if I didn't," I assured her.
She took my hand and said:
"Come into the bedroom then, my love and show me how much you like me."

I lay on the bed and watched as she quickly undressed. Later, she climbed on the bed and unbuttoned my shirt, running her hands in a slow, sensuous movement over my chest, her large breasts like melons dangling enticingly over me...

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