My friend's wife is crazy about me (4)

"You have such a great body, so sexy," she intoned softly kissing my stomach, her tongue teasing my navel.

As she was unbuckling the belt on my jeans, the bedroom door burst open.
We both looked up to see Willie standing there. Nina jumped up from the bed, a shocked look on her face.

"Willie, what are you doing here?" she snatched a wrapper from a chair and quickly covered her nakedness.

"I should be the one asking that question," said Ken as he came into the room, shutting the door after him.
"What are you, my dear wife doing here in this strange house, in bed with my best friend?"

"We...we were...having em...having a business...discussion," she rambled on, clearly flustered. She looked at me then, a scared look on her face, seeking support from me.

"It's true. Ask Ken. Is it not true, Ken? Were we not discussing plans for..."

"Shut up, woman!" Willie shouted. "You're still giving excuses after I've caught you red-handed. Look at you! You should be ashamed of yourself forcing yourself on my friend like a bitch in heat," he said, a look of disgust, anger and pain on his face.

"That's a lie. I did not!" said Nina forcefully.
"I feel sorry for you. For your info, Ken came to me and told me everything; what went down in Abuja, how you have been harassing and threatening him if he refused your advances.

"He even has a recording of the conversation where you invited him to this place. I was the one who told him to go ahead and meet you here, because I wanted to see with my eyes the kind of woman I married, the type who jumps from one man to another, who has no respect for the marriage vows we took before God and man."

He told her he could no longer stay with a woman who could sleep with his friends behind his back and advised her to return home, pack her things and 'get out of my life forever...'

Turning to me, he said: "Ken, let's get out of here. I can't bear to be in the same room with this whore!"

The following week, I resigned from the company and together with Willie, set up a business of our own. Some of our friends who heard the real story behind Willie and Nina's break-up have blamed me for it.

Some believe I should have handled the issue more discreetly even agreeing to Nina's demands without involving Willie.

But I have no regrets about what I did. Willie's friendship means more to me than any job and a true friend should never have an affair with his friend's wife.

Or what do you think?

The End

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