I Ryce, have done most of it and whats new might not be very visible at five tally count and one. Not that am positive about it being doable but just a thing to admit as its only reward for being part of me.
Humble beginnings, with kitchen stool parents and influences comprising of all there is to a human being. I had it high and low, i had it vertical and horizontal, i lost a lot and equally gained a lot, ranging form abstract to concrete, simple to complex, Audible to imaginary. Mennnh at some point, i had to stop and say am thankful to the most supreme of beings I was hated and loved, be it romantic or pure of any hook. Talking about romantic, my first was amazing, shout out to that soul. Lumi (my friend) told me you(my First) are married. LOLS you infected me with this black girls syndrome, but that's at the shoulder now. I remembered a roasted corn was the string, how childish and pure. But it worked the Magic and yelwan Tudu (anguwan kashew ) will be a cardinal to any of our points. Many came through and formed the chat; some were adorable and worthy of memorial: others were a thing of necessity, some where practically horrible and the few we really wanted, never will they be. "my friend Milly will relate to this" Its 3:43am, the morning of the young man. I remembered i was equally celebrated and i looked upon as if i had achieved the things obtainable from Mars or Pluto. ....... OH yea, with affirmation or not we made kings and never were we interested in being Kings ourselves even though we knew the rituals in being One, we were happy with being behind the curtains and twisting the Kingship as, will permits and never in life will these peaks be flattened. Naaah!!! Well, i could exclaim all is vanity But am on hold for few reasons. and life will be over when no monitor can trace a pulse..............
Culled from the book; RYCE- a typical cardinal of Bauchi sons.
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