She's his wife but I'm his Woman Episode 2


we did not have much problems with Tola staying with us in our home. She was quite helpful around the house, relieving me of some of the domestic chores like cooking and doing the shopping.

The only issue I had with her was her drinking. Tola loved to drink especially at weekends. On Saturday evenings, she would send the maid for several bottles of her favourite alcoholic drink and some roasted chicken from the roadside barbecue sellers.

Sometimes, she would go out with a couple of friends of hers and get really drunk. Like what happened one Saturday evening.

She had returned home from an outing completely 'wasted'. Her friend had brought her home and she had fallen asleep on the living room floor. With the help of the maid, I had taken her to her room.

The following morning, she had remained in her room for a while, nursing a nasty hangover.

"Why do you do this, Tola?" I asked her when I took a glass of warm water and lime she had requested to her.

She drank some of the water, grimaced and said:
"This is the only way to drown my sorrows, to reduce the pain of my miserable existence."

"What are you talking about?" I queried.

"Look at you. You are happily married, with your beautiful children and live in your own home. And I? I have nothing! My so called husband treats me like scum and beats me like a dog. No children, no job, nothing! So, what do you expect me to do?" she asked in a whining tone.

"That's no excuse for your drinking so much. It won't solve your marital problems. In fact it might worsen things as it could affect your health. You need to take it easy and stop this behaviour," I said.

"I should take it easy, you say. I've been here now for over six months and the stupid husband of mine has not even called or asked after me! A man who nearly killed me with his iron fists! What kind of man is that? Can your husband do that to you?" she asked.

"I don't understand Tola at all. How can a lady be drinking so much?" I grumbled to Brian later that night as we prepared for bed.

"She's obviously having emotional problems so she's taking solace in drink," he rationalized.

"I know she's having a tough time in her marriage but the way she's acting is not helping matters. Drinking can't solve the problem," I rejoined. "Maybe you should have a word with her, that might help," I added as I laid on the bed.

Apart from her drinking problem, I did not have any issues with her. Then one evening, I returned home earlier than usual from work to see her and my dear husband in a tight embrace right there in my living room...

Poor Anna. She thinks my drinking is a problem? What will she say if she finds out that her darling husband and I have been having an affair right under her nose? In her own home?

You might consider me an evil, ungrateful person for sleeping with my friend's husband after all her kindness to me. After all, she brought me into her home when I had no where to go and with serious marital issues. Agreed.

But it was all Brian's fault. He was the one who came after me, pestering me, declaring his love for me and all that. Ok, ok. I know I should take some responsibility too as a 29-year old adult. But I was helpless under the circumstances I was in then.

It all began with the incident at the dinning table with his toes tracing my leg. When I called him on phone the following day at work and confronted him about it, he confessed he was in love with me.

"I've loved you for some time now, even before you came to live with us. Seeing you so close now and unable to be with you the way I want is driving me crazy," he said.

"Have you forgotten I'm still married, that I have a husband? We haven't divorced," I pointed out.

"You call that idiot a husband? You better divorce him before he kills you," said Brian.
"And what will I do? Become a single lady again?"

"I love you, Tola. With me here, you won't be alone. I'll always be here for you," he promised.

Ordinarily, I would not have considered having anything to do with Brian, my friend's husband. But I was in a fragile emotional state of mind due to my marital problems. And here was a man who cared about me, was kind to me and promised to take care of me.

It took me a month to decide. One day, I was in the living room alone watching a movie on TV when he came in.

I looked up at him.

"Alright," I said simply, giving in.

He was ecstatic with joy. "You don't know how happy you've made me! Thanks darling for accepting me. You won't regret this," he said happily.

Then he hugged me tightly and was about to kiss me when Anna walked in on us...

"What's going on here?" I demanded, dropping my bag on the floor. I stood there looking at them suspiciously. What was my best friend doing in my husband's arms?
They quickly disengaged on hearing my voice.

Tola smiled broadly at me and exclaimed:
"Anna, you are back. Guess what? I just got that contract from that company at Victoria Island! Brian was just congratulating me!"

I relaxed then and smiled. I was mistaken; it was not what I had been thinking.

"That's nice. I'm happy for you," I said, going up to hug her. She had been on the said contract for some months now and she had been facing some problems with it. I was glad she had finally clicked it. It was a big contract and it would go a long way in helping her start her life afresh.

"This calls for a celebration," said Brian going to the fridge for some drinks.
Later, as we drank some wine, I asked her:
"I thought you said the company was considering giving the contract to someone else. What happened?"

She smiled happily and said:
"My sister, it's like a miracle. A staff in the office of the manager in charge of the job had earlier informed me that though my bid was the best, someone at the top wanted to manipulate it so his relative could get it.

But the M.D found out at the last minute and left specific instructions that I should do the job. So, here we are!"

She looked the happiest I had seen her in a long time.

'She deserves it. Tola has gone through so much,' I thought.

Actually, I had won a contract but it was not the reason I was in Brian's arms as you can see from my narration earlier. We were celebrating the start of our affair.

Initially, Brian and I tried to be discreet. Whenever he wanted, we would meet up at a hotel some distance away from the house. From a couple of days a week, we started spending some weekends together.

He would cook up a story about travelling out of town on official business and the unsuspecting Anna would pack a bag for him, kiss him goodbye and wish him a safe trip.

"What will Anna do if she finds out about us?" I asked one Friday evening at the hotel. I had arrived before him and had taken a shower when he came.

"Mmm. You smell nice. What perfume is that?" he asked as his lips nudged my neck, inhaling the fragrance.

"It's a bath gel not a perfume," I said. "You've not answered my question."
He shrugged.

"What will she do? Nothing. You're my woman now, Tolani. Nothing or no one can change that. Even that crazy husband of yours can't do anything about it," he stated firmly. I helped slip off his shoes as he began to undress.

"Brian, she's my friend, you know. Sometimes I feel guilty. Being with you, loving you..."

"Well, don't. We were meant to be together. If the worse happens, I'll marry you as my second wife. After all, this is Africa; a man can marry as many wives as he wants and can cater for. My grandfather, for instance, had ten wives. I have the means to look after both of you. If Anna has a problem with that, then too bad," he said.

Then drawing me close on the bed, he added:
"Enough of all this talk! I missed you, babe. I almost came to your room last night."
"What? Brian, you can't do that! Anna might see you and..." I protested.

"Forget Anna. I want you so bad, Tola. The more of you I have, the more I want. Hold me close Sweet and just love me the special way you do..."

I held him tight in my arms and as he made sweet love to me, all thoughts of Anna, guilt feelings, my crumbled marriage and whatever, faded away...

To Be Continued...
What next? Will the secret affair between Tola and Brian be exposed or not? Details coming soon!

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