The persistent knocking ruined the romantic mood for us.
"Who's that disturbing our peace this night?" my husband said irritably as he rolled off me.
Sighing, I put on a dressing gown and went to the door.
Standing there, a worried look on his face was Ajji, a good friend of Raffe who had been at the ceremony. Behind him were two grim-looking men in black.

"Ajji, what are you doing here? I thought you had gone home," I stated.
"Something came up. Where's Skipo?" he asked. Skipo was Raffe's nickname.
"Perhaps, it was the look on the men's faces for I said:
"He's around somewhere. Let me check."

"Ajji's looking for me with some strange men? What does he want so late in the night?" 
"I think you should find out," I said. I laid back on the bed and watched as he pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.
"The men. What do they look like?" he asked.
"There's something about them... In fact, they look like security men," I remarked.
He stopped halfway to the door and turned to me.
"Security? As in police?" he said.
I nodded.
"Ajji's here with policemen? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" he said sharply. He rushed to the dressing table, picked up his purse and some cash on the table which he stuffed in his pocket.
He then rummaged in my handbag, emptying the whole contents on the bed.
"Raffe, what are you looking for in my bag?" I queried. There was a lot of money inside, part of the gifts and cash sprayed on us at our marriage ceremony earlier in the day.
He removed a large bundle which he also pocketed. There was a frantic manner about him that got me worried.

"Where are you going with all that money? Do you anyone?" I asked, standing by him.
"Look, dear," he said, holding me by the shoulders. "I need to go somewhere now, to take care of some business."
"At this time of the night? What's so urgent that can't wait till tomorrow? Besides, it's our wedding night, remember," I stated, hugging him tightly.

He pulled out of my embrace.
"I can't explain now. I'll call you tomorrow to give you the details. But I have to go now. I love you," he said. Then giving me a quick kiss, he made for the back door of the little apartment.
"Raffe, wait! What's going on? Why are you taking the back door? Who are you avoiding? What about Ajji? What should I tell him?" the questions poured out, demanding answers.
"Tell him anything... you can't find me, I've gone out for some fresh air. Whatever..." With that, my husband disappeared into the night, leaving me all alone...
Just then, there was loud knocking on the front door; I went to open it and my nightmare began...

To be continued...
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