coal of Love (1)

coal of Love (1)


The first time I saw Ibiere, I remember thinking 'Wow! So fine!'

She was very beautiful with bright, sparkling eyes, sensuous lips and naturally long dark hair which flowed over her shoulders in waves. Her figure too was 'hot' with big, firm boobs set off by a slim waist I wanted to wind my arms round when I first set eyes on her.

I could not do that though, because my elder brother's hand was already circling that same waist. You see, Ibiere was my brother, Vinny's girlfriend or fiancé as he introduced her to the family.

Over the years, as we grew up into adults, I had seen Vinny with different ladies; some he had dated, others he simply had flings with. But Ibiere was the first woman I saw him look at in a way that showed he was madly in love.

"Nice to meet you. Your brother has told me so much about you," she had stated back then when Vinny introduced us. She gave me a smile so bright, it was enough to make the sun jealous with its radiance.

I could feel my heart beat increase and a warm feeling wash over me. I knew what that meant: I was turned on! By my brother's fiancé!

'Guy, chill it. This one's taken,' I admonished myself silently.

"Good things I hope," I stated, shaking the proffered hand. Her palm was silky soft as if she had never done a day's work in her life. The handshake felt as if an electric current was passing through me and I quickly dropped her hand.

"Have you ever done any good thing in your life?" my brother quipped, eliciting laughter from everyone around including our parents.

Then my mother took her hand and led her to the kitchen, "to help me with serving the food before these hungry men starve to death!" as she put it.

For the two days, Vinny and his fiancé stayed with us, I was very much aware of Ibiere. In fact, I found it difficult tearing my eyes away from her anytime she was around.

My brother must have noticed the way I was staring for on their last evening with us, he had stated:

"Val, is Ibiere the first beautiful woman you've ever seen that you can't keep your eyes off her? Well, keep off because she's mine. Stop looking at her like a hungry dog!"

He said it in a jocular manner as my brother trusted me explicitly. He knew I would never mess around with his woman.

What he failed to understand was that Ibiere was different and if given half a chance, I would be all over her like a bad rash!

Anyway, I kept my emotions and hands in check till they eventually left for my brother's home in another part of the city.

Then two weeks after their departure, I got a call from Ibiere. She was planning a surprise birthday party for Vinny, she said and wanted me to be involved.

"It's our secret. Hope you can keep secrets," she stated.
I assured her, her plans were safe with me.

"We have just two weeks to plan it. We need to meet up to make the arrangements. His house is out of it as he might get suspicious. Can you meet me at my place?" she said. She lived with an older sister and as she gave me the address to the place, I knew it was a big risk seeing her considering the way I felt about her.

'But her sister would be there, so we won't be alone,' I assured myself silently.

The following weekend, I drove down to the house at Maryland. Her sister, Flora let me into the house when I arrived.

"She just returned from an outing and is freshening up. She'll soon join you," she said, offering me a seat and a drink. The sisters looked very much and could pass for twins except that Flora was lighter skinned than Ibiere and slightly taller.

Shortly after, Ibiere entered the sitting room where I patiently waited. Her phone was clamped to her ear and she was talking earnestly to someone.

"Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long, Val," she stated, coming over to where I sat to hug me.

She smelt fresh and sweet and I wished the hug had lasted longer than it did. She was dressed in shorts that showed off her slim legs and a small top which barely covered her ample chest and left her waist bare.

Remembering what had brought me all the way to her house, I dragged my eyes away from that enticing waist to her face and said:

"So, what plans do you have in mind for the surprise party?"

We sat at the dining table for nearly an hour working out the details for the party. She wanted something small and intimate.

"Just a few friends and family. You know your brother doesn't like crowds," she said.

"What about the venue?" I enquired, jotting done something on a notepad.
"We can use his place or here. Which do you prefer?" she asked. I did not answer immediately as my eyes were fixed on her breasts which were nearly popping out of the skimpy top. Being so close, I noticed she was not wearing a bra and could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric.

I suddenly felt pressed and excusing myself made for the restroom. I was there for sometime, to calm my nerves and fast beating heart.

I stared at my image in the mirror silently cursing myself for feeling the way I did, for lusting after Ibiere.

"She's your brother's wife-to-be. You shouldn't be feeling this way about her. Control yourself," I said silently to myself.

Finally, I took a deep breath and exited the room to rejoin Ibiere in the parlour.

Her sister, who had stepped out for a while was back. She was placing an assortment of drinks on the centre table with some glasses.

Then turning to us, she stated:

"Enough of all this planning. Time to chill out!"

I wanted to leave but they both prevailed on me to stay for a while.

"What's the rush? It's the weekend! No work so relax and have some fun!" stated Flora.

So I sat down against my better judgement and Ibiere poured some beer into a glass for me.

"Thanks," I said and drank thirstily.
Flora had put on some music and soon PSquare's 'Do me I do you' was blaring from the speakers.

"Come on, Val! Dance with me," Ibiere said, drawing me up to her. She was a good dancer, her body swaying to the rhythm in a slick, sensuous way that looked enticing.
I later danced with the sister then back to Ibiere. This time, it was a slow number; her arms wound round my neck, making me draw close to her.

My hands seem to have a life of their own for they were soon holding her waist, drawing her closer, her body pressed to mine.

"How does it feel?" she whispered in my ears. "Being in your arms?"

It felt wonderful, like I was in a dream, which I did not want to wake up from. This was the woman that had haunted my thoughts, had been on my mind all this while and here I was, so close to her, her chest pressed against mine doing havoc to my mind and body...

"Feels great!" I said. Something occurred to me. "How did you know? How I feel about you?"
She raised her head from my shoulder and looked straight into my eyes.

"Your eyes. They were practically undressing me at your parents place the last time I was there!" she said, a little smile curving her lips.

As we gazed at each other, I could not believe what I saw in her large, soulful eyes. Desire. Longing. Did she feel something for me as well?

I got my answer shortly as the gap between us closed up, her face pressed against mine, her mouth seeking mine...

To be continued tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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