In anticipation for a forthcoming programme in Bauchi state tagged: Beehive Mega Gospel Blast BEAUTIFUL AREWA had a short interview with the vice president of Zion Ambassadors in person of David Avong on what Zion ambassador is all about and the concept of the programme.

BA: Sir, let’s get to meet you

Guest: Alright am David Avong by name and like he rightly said, i am the vice president of Zion ambassadors, Zion ambassadors is just a group of young people that came together to create a platform for all other young people with different gifting in the house of God to together to put together what they have just to make something great out if it, just to build your talent, build your gifting and then create a platform to minister to others. So basically that’s what Zion ambassadors is all about, it's basically about reaching out to others, and that’s one face of what Zion ambassadors stands for. Another face of what we stand for is, we earlier on started couple of outreaches to orphanages and some other group of people, so Zion ambassador is basically a platform to reach out to people, our anchor verse is from 2 Cor 5: 20 (That talked about us being ambassadors of Christ reconciling the world to him)

BA: thank you sir, but in the course of your speech We didn’t really get to know some details about you… like are you single, married are you a student, working???? The audience are dying to know…

Guest: am …….(download the audio to hear it yourself)

BA: we’ve heard about a fort coming program 27th of may, what do you have to say about this?

GUEST: alright, I think you all have to really get your hopes up because its gonna be big, it’s gonna be great and I believe it’s the beginning of something new, like I said about Zion, Zion Ambassadors its just a platform and that’s all we want to do. The world out there create a platform for their people to showcase whatever they got, and it’s no wonder we have many of our Christian folks going down There just because they have a platform to do what they know how to do best. So its high time that the church also create that platform for our young stars to bring what they have on the table and at the same time take it beyound just a performance, just a show and at the same time ministering ever it is, what ever it may be you are doing.

BA: what are our expectations for may 27th

Guest: expect spoken words, music from talented people, expected dance performances, expect dramas…. name it all… it’s a stage for them all, it’s a variety, so you can as well call it a variety night.

BA: Where is it taken place?

Guest: @ Word of Life conevnant Assamble (WOLCA) opp yelwa market by ATBU small gate. MAY 27. 5:00pm

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