Finding Tiwa (4) Preview


 Then I came to my senses and extricating myself from his embrace, stood up.

 Martin sat up, leaning against the couch, watching as I adjusted my clothes.

 "Is there any problem, Tiwa? Is there some one else in your life? A boyfriend? Fiancé?" he queried.

 I shook my head.

 "It's not that." While I had some suitors who were interested in me, there was nobody special at the moment that I was seeing.

 "Thing is, I need some space, Martin. So much has happened and I'm kind of confused right now. I need time and space to clear my head..." I said.

 He was unimpressed with my explanation.

"What more space do you need, Tiwa?" he queried. "We've had ten years worth of it thanks to my mother! I thought like me, you would be anxious to make up for lost time. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps, you don't love or want me anymore," he stated in a truculent manner.

 Then he picked up his jacket and headed for the door.

 "You need space? Ok. I'll give you space. But don't keep me waiting too long!"

 "Wait, Martin! Let's..." I said, my hand raised towards him. But he was gone, leaving me all by myself...


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