Finding Tiwa (5) Finale


 It was like a scene out of my worst nightmare: Martin in another woman's arms! I could feel my heart pounding as if about to burst.

 Anger welled up in me at the conniving bitch who wanted to take my man away from me. How dare she do that? I wanted to pounce on her and pull out her long fake weave, scratch her face and make her scream in agony...

 'But it's all your fault,' a little voice said. 'You don't want him yet you don't want some else to have him!'

 The voice was right. I was being silly and selfish. 

 My indecision had made me lose the most important thing in the world to me: Martin's love which had now obviously been taken over by Trisha.

 I suddenly felt deflated, like a balloon that all the air had escaped from.

 I turned round with slumped shoulders to leave before they noticed my presence when a voice called out:



 Martin was standing up, a surprised look on his face.

 "Quite a surprise! I didn't know you were coming," he said.

 "Sorry to barge in like this, Martin. I can see you're busy. Excuse me," I stated quietly, turning towards the front door, to escape from the tensed situation in the room.

 Trisha, who had been looking at me with a frown on her face, was trying to pull Martin back on the couch but he pushed her hand away and quickly came after me.

 "Wait, Tiwa! Don't go!"

  Trisha came up to us, eyeing me like one would do something distasteful.


 "And why can't she leave? Who's she that she can just stroll into your home unannounced whenever she likes?" she demanded from Martin.

 "You want to know? Alright!" he said and paused. Then holding me by the shoulder, he said:

 "This is the mother of my son that I told you about the other day. Now you get it? So, you should leave because I need to see her about something!"

 "Martin, are you telling me to go just because of her?" she said incredulously.

 "Isn't that obvious?" he replied, his arm still around me.

  Then he took my hand and led me upstairs to the small balcony there.

  "Martin come back here! You dare walk out on me. You...". I could hear her scream after us...


 "Tiwa," he began when we had sat down, "It's a good thing you're here. There's something I need to clear up with you."

 Then he began to speak, first apologizing for the manner he had been treating me since our reunion.

 "I've given it some thought and I now realise I've been unreasonable and insensitive. I tried to rush you back to me, to the place we were before I left Nigeria for further studies abroad.

 "I should have known you'll need time to get used to the situation and adjust. I'm sorry, Tiwa. You can blame it on my joy, excitement at seeing you again, at finding you after so many years apart. So, I became impatient to get you back with me.

 Based on that, I've decided to give you the time and space you need till you're ready. But," he paused. "It's on one condition. You have to bring Henry to me. I want him to stay here with me. He's my son, he should be with his father. I don't want him to go through the same fate I had, growing up without a father. So?" he said, his brows raised questioningly.

 I breathed deeply then said:

 "It's ok with me. I'll arrange to bring him over. But I also have a condition," I said, my mind made up.

  It was now or never.

 "What's it?" he enquired.

 "It has to be a total package. So, his mother too has to come as well. To be by his father's side," I told him.

 A look of amazement then joy came on his face.

 "Tiwa! Are you sure about this?" he asked a bit uncertainly.

 I nodded and he came over and held me in his arms in a bear hug.

 "Hey, easy Martin before you break my ribs!" I said laughing...


Soft light coming in via the security lights outside the window, enlivened the darkness in the room, casting soft shadows on the wall.

 Tiwa, who had fallen into a restless sleep not too long before, woke up suddenly. She was disoriented for a while, wondering where she was. Then she remembered and a smile curved her full, sensuous lips.

 She was in Martin's house at Lekki. She had wanted to return home when it got dark but he had insisted she stay.


 "I don't want you to disappear again. Now, that I've found you, Tiwa, I never want to lose you again!" he had declared.

 They had sat downstairs in the living room for hours, chatting, laughing and making plans for the future, including a wedding perhaps...

 There was something that needed to be resolved.


 "Trisha? Actually, it's not the hot romance everyone thinks it is," Martin had said. "Ok. We dated for a while. But she wanted much more than I could give. She wanted me to commit to her, infact to marry her. But I wasn't ready to do that though I'm fond of her. But I'm not in love with her.

 "Perhaps, I was holding back because at the back of my mind, I hoped to find you one day. Now you're here with me, no one else matters."

 "So, why were you kissing her then?" I asked petulantly.

 "Truth is, she was the one kissing me as she had been complaining of my neglecting her, that I was too unromantic and cold to her..." he explained.

 She was satisfied with his explanation and placing her head on his shoulder, had sighed with contentment like the proverbial cat that got the cream.

 Later that night, as they went upstairs to bed, Martin had steered her towards his bedroom but she had told him, they should wait till she had moved in fully with him.

 "Alright, baby. I can wait. But it shouldn't be too long!" he said wagging a finger at her.

 She was in the room Henry slept in whenever he came over to stay.

 Tiwa tried to go back to sleep but it was impossible. How could she sleep when a few doors down the corridor was Martin? Her man that she just got back after many years of separation?

 She climbed down from the bed and left the room. She wore nothing but an old T shirt of Martin.

 He was lying sprawled on the bed on his chest, the way he always slept. She sat by him, her hand caressing his soft wavy hair, then it slipped to his face, her fingers tracing the outline of his soft lips...

 His eyes opened and he looked up.

 "Tiwa!" he said, turning over on his back

 "Are you ok?" he asked. Then remembering something from years back, he added: "There's no storm tonight."

 She took his hand and placing it on her voluptuous chest, said:

 "Yes, there is Martin. Not just a storm but a blazing fire that only you can put out!"

 "Come here, babe!" he said, drawing her to him on the bed, his lips claiming hers in a fiery kiss. Then he pulled off the T shirt and his mouth sank into the enticing globes of pleasure on her chest, his tongue tracing rings of fire round them, eliciting gasps and moans from her.

 She drew him tightly to her, wanting him more than ever before, her hands caressing him, rediscovering him, this man she loved so much and thought she had lost for good.

 "Oh, Martin!" she said softly, her body raised to receive him, to welcome him back.

 She was finally where she belonged. 

  With Martin...

  The End!

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