We are not in Love, love it is in us.
I can see it in the corner of the mother's eye.
Right underneath the tear on the left side,
As she kisses his cheek and she whispers goodbye.
It's the first day of school for the little guy.  
A skip and a hop later and he's out of high school
No diploma to show but that don't make him a fool
Fascinated by the sound of music in his soul
He left everything behind to pursue his life goal
Off to California with no warnin' he is gone
Following the heart that his mother made strong
Believing in himself, it wasn't before long
He was on the radio singin' a hit song
Day by day she waited for a call or text
She messaged him wondering when he could visit next
He scanned the calendar but every box had a check
He replied "I'm busy mom, I got no time to rest"
Her blonde hair slowly but surely faded to grey
Wishin' she could see those blue eyes everyday
She's become too familiar with the feelings and the looks
Of the old home videos and photograph books  
So there she sat alone on the couch one day
Early in the month of May on a Sunday
Seems like he started school just the other day
When knock knock surprise, Happy Mother's Day!
Whiskers on his face, but she still sees a boy
Eyes filled with tears but a heart filled with joy
Through a smile she says, "it's been much too long"
He said "Yup, but you don't know what you got till it's gone"
He said,
"I've seen the world now, well, enough to have known
it don't matter where you are, what you've done or what you own
you could build a house out of sand or out of stone
but it's the love inside the house that makes you call it home"  
See as much as we believe, we have been deceived. LOVE IS not something you can gain or achieve. LOVE IS what we are. To LOVE IS to be. It's woven in the fabric of the air that we breath. Every tree tall every seed small. Every breeze that gives reason for autumn leaves to fall. Let it carry us away always in grace. You can wear a mask but LOVE IS your true face.  LOVE IS patient LOVE IS kind, it IS divine and it IS bliss, but if you take away the names you'll find that Love . . .
it just IS.
We are not in Love, Love it is in us.

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