My fake lifestyle cost me the love of my life (1)

"Why don't you try the blue shoes. I think they will go well with the dress," said Teddy.

"You think so? Alright," I said. I slipped on the pair of high heeled shoes and stood in front of him.
"What do you think? You like?" I asked as I turned round so he could see the back of the dress.

"Beautiful," he stated admiringly. The dress, a cap sleeve, bodycon style was one of the many outfits I had tried on in the top end boutique in the shopping centre at Ikeja. Teddy, who had a good eye for style, had selected most of them including the accessories.
"Lovely. The colour of the dress suits your skin," he noted.

"Thanks, darling. You are really spoiling me. Look at all the stuff we've bought so far," I started glancing at the pile of clothes, shoes and bags at my side. They were enough to fill a large suitcase and I was not done yet. The bill already looked big, but I was not worried as I knew that Teddy, my boyfriend of a few months was capable of paying whatever amount I had incurred.
"You are my baby, Tanya. Who else will I spoil, but you?" Teddy said squeezing my shoulder.

Later, after picking some other items including a few pieces of jewellery, a shop assistant packed all my purchases into bags and took them to the car in the parking lot. I followed her outside while Teddy took care of the bill.
We were arranging the bags in the boot of the SUV when a loud bang followed by a scream like that of someone in great pain, drew our attention.

Just a few meters away by the roadside, we could see a woman sprawled on the ground with a motorcycle half lying on top of her. A short distance away, the okada rider, who appeared dazed, sat on the sidewalk, rubbing his leg. We watched as a few passersby gathered round the accident scene, talking and gesticulating.
"What's going on?" asked Teddy when he came out and saw the small crowd by the roadside.
"Looks like an accident," I said.

"These okada riders (motorcyclists) can be so reckless. Hope no one got hurt," he said as he walked to the scene. I closed the car booth, gave the shop assistant a tip and joined Teddy and the other spectators.
Apart from bruises on her legs and hands, the woman appeared to be alright. A plump lady in the orange shirt and trousers of road traffic wardens, was helping her to sit up. She sat by the curb groaning and inspecting her body, especially a deep gash on her right leg that was dripping blood.

There was something familiar about the woman, so I moved nearer for a closer look. On seeing the woman's face, I gasped and quickly drew back to stand at the edge of the group.
"What is it Tanya? You look as if you have seen a ghost!" Teddy observed, looking worriedly at me.
Quickly gathering myself together, I stated:
"It's nothing. Maybe it's the sight of all that blood that's freaking me out. I think we should leave. Remember, you have an appointment in an hour's time."

'Narrow escape,' I thought with relief as we got in the car and drove away. I could not imagine what would have happened if the injured woman had looked up and seen me. All my carefully laid out plans would have been ruined and what would have happened to me then?

Who is the mystery woman and why was Tanya so upset at seeing her? Keep a date with us later today!

To be continued... on Wednesday 6-4-16

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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