My fake lifestyle cost me the love of my life (4)

As I started to speak and tell Teddy the truth about myself, his mobile phone rang. He spoke for a few moments before turning to me.
"Babe, can we do this some other time? I really need to go. Mother wants to see me urgently over a family issue. Let's see tomorrow and we can talk then," he stated. He kissed me quickly on the cheek before heading for the door.

After he had left, I sat in my room thinking; I wondered if I would have the courage to open up to him again after this opportunity that just passed. Perhaps, it was for the best I kept things the way they were and not rock the boat, I thought.
It was based on that, that when we saw the following day, I told him something else when he asked me what I wanted to tell him the day before.
"It was nothing much. I just wanted to ask the type of gift we should get for your cousin for his wedding."

"Ah, that's so thoughtful of you! That's one of the things I like about you, Tanya- your thoughtfulness, always thinking of others. I will leave it to you to pick a nice gift for him and his bride. Remind me to give you one of my credit cards for the purchase and also to get yourself a nice outfit for the day," he said.
"Thanks, darling. You are so sweet!" I said, hugging and kissing him.
"Hm, you guys should go easy on this your 'love in Tokyo, o!' Diane said, as she came into the sitting room. We laughed and I left for my room to get ready for an outing with Teddy.

The following weekend, Diane and I got dressed and attended the wedding of Abe, Teddy's cousin. I met some members of his family including his mother, father and twin sisters Sonia and Sharon. He had an older brother who was out of the country. They were all kind to me except for one of the twins who acted snobby.

Anyway, after that day, I became a regular visitor to their home. Teddy had told his parents about my problem with my 'uncles', how they had seized my father's wealth and left me with nothing. Just like Teddy, his father also expressed support for me in retrieving my birthright from what he termed my 'greedy relatives.'
I thanked him for his offer, stating that when the time was right, I would make a move to get back what was rightfully mine. I felt some guilt about deceiving such a nice man; but the lie had already been told and there was nothing I could do but play along.

Then one day, my mother called from my aunty's place that she would be coming to my place to stay for a bit before returning home to the village. I did not mind her coming to my place- the problem was Teddy. I had already lied to him that my Mum was dead so how would he feel hearing otherwise, that the woman was alive and well? The thought about being found out as a liar gave me sleepless nights for some days.

Two days before my mother was to arrive, Teddy called to tell me he would be travelling to Port-Harcourt for a business trip.
"I need to see some of our partners in respect of our oil and gas business over there. I will be away for a week or so," he said. I heaved a sigh of relief at his words. Since he would be away, there was no way he and my mother would meet. She would have left for the village on his return from his trip.
"I'll miss you," I said.
"Will miss you more, babe. When I return, I'll arrange a short trip to Ghana to chill out. I need a break from work," he said.
"I'll love that!" I stated excitedly before hanging up. Soon after, my mother arrived myplace and I focused on taking care of her. Her injuries from the accident had healed a bit and she walked with just a slight limp. Call it guilty conscience or what, but I just wanted to make up for not rushing to her aid at the accident scene. I made sure she was comfortable and gave her whatever she wanted.

She noticed how caring I had become and even commented on it to Diane.
"Buki, my daughter, you have changed so much, have become more caring," she said, then turning to Diane, added: "What has happened to your friend? She wasn't like this before."
Diane laughed before stating:
"Mama, there's no mystery about it. She's in love!"

"That's nice. Who is the young man? Who are his parents?" my mother asked with a broad smile.
"Mama, don't mind Diane; you know she likes to talk," I stated, making faces at Diane who laughed.
"His name is Teddy and he comes here often. I'm sure you will meet him before you go back home," said my friend.
"I'll like that. At least, let me know the young man that has made my daughter become such a good girl," she said. That was the last thing I wanted and fervently hoped it would never come to pass.

Some days before my mother was to return home, I went shopping for some items she would take with her. On getting back home, you can imagine my shock when I saw Teddy in the house, chatting animatedly with my mother! I felt as if the ground should open up and shallow me.
"Teddy, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Port-Harcourt!" I exclaimed.
"I returned early as the plans changed. Some of the meetings were rescheduled. I missed you terribly, so here I am," he replied coolly.

"Well, that's nice," I said nervously. Noticing the stony look on my mother's face, I knew that my secret was out.
"I've been having such a nice time with your mother. Such a charming woman," he stated. Then, a hard edge to his voice, he said: "Tanya, how could you? Of all the lies you could think about, you had to lie about your own parents' death! What kind of human being are you?"
I quickly went to him, pleading for understanding, forgiveness, anything...

"I'm so sorry, Teddy darling! I know what I did was bad but please try to understand my situation..."I began to say but my mother cut me off angrily, stating:
"What is there to understand! So, you are so ashamed of your own parents, your father and I that you lied we were dead! What did we ever do to you? Just because we are poor, we don't live in a big house, drive around in big cars and spend our holidays abroad, you deny your own people! We did not raise you to be like this! I don't know where you got this lying spirit from! I'm ashamed to call you my daughter!"

"It's ok, Ma. Don't let this upset you. As for you," he said, turning to me,"You lied and deceived me all this while just to get what you want. Well, you almost got me as I was even considering marrying you. I had even discussed it with my parents and they were in support of it. But it's all over now. I can't be with a lady I can't trust. Or one that is as wicked as you. Yes, I have heard the whole story. Your mother was the one involved in the okada accident and you, her own daughter ran away from her because you did not want me to know she was your mother. How wicked is that? I loved you Tanya.

Whether your family is rich or poor doesn't matter to me. It's you I loved and wanted, not your background. But not anymore. You are just a sad, pathetic person and I don't ever want to see or have anything to do with you ever!"

With that he stormed out of the house. It's been months now and I have not heard a word from him. I can't reach him on phone or even the office as he left instructions with the security not to allow me into the premises. I just want to plead for forgiveness and have him back.

I'm sad and heart broken. My life is so empty without him. But I have no one to blame but myself and my stupidity. If only I had not been living a false life, pretending to be what I'm not, my Teddy, the man I love so much, will still be with me today. If only I had confessed to him earlier, I would not have lost him. If only...

To be continued...(NO DATE YET)

Should Teddy forgive Tanya and take her back?

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.
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