'My husband is rich, handsome and kind. Only problem is, he refuses to sleep with me!' (3)

"So you are married! But you don't look it," he stated, his eyes going over the blue T-shirt and skinny jeans I had on.
I found his comment amusing.
"So, how do married women look?" I asked him.
"Well, most look stressed and harassed most of the time, especially the ones with young kids. You look cool and calm," he said in an admiring tone. We chatted for a while before he left.

To me, he was just a customer I had to be polite to for the sake of business, but I did not know I had made quite an impression on him.
The following week, he called me on the store's landline.
"What gift are you getting for your sister this time?" I queried after he had introduced himself and remembering what he had come for the last time.

He laughed.
"No gift this time," he stated. "I just wanted to hear your voice."
"Is that so?" I noted, adding: "Don't you have anything better to do than be calling to just hear someone's voice?"
"You are right. I'm on leave so I have a lot of leisure time right now," he explained.
"Good for you. But not everyone is so lucky. I'm a bit busy at the moment as there are a lot of customers to attend to. So, bye," I stated and tried to hang up.

"Hey, hold on a minute. I'll be in your neighbourhood later in the day. I was wondering if I could take you out for lunch or something," he quickly stated.
"Well, Mr Max, thanks for the offer but as I said I'm busy. Besides I don't do lunches with strangers. Have a nice day," and I dropped the phone, a bit annoyed. Thinking he was one of those young men who liked to date married women for monetary gains, I dismissed him from my mind. Though, he called several times after that day, I refused to speak with him.

About a month later, I went to the bank to transfer some money to one of my suppliers abroad. It was a large sum of money and I was directed to one of the managers to help with the transaction.
I opened the door to the manager's office and sitting behind the table was Max!
"What are you doing here?" I queried, surprised to see him.
He looked shocked to see me too.
"I work here," he stated, offering me a seat.
"I didn't know you worked in this bank. I come here often," I said.
"I was transferred to this branch after my leave. Besides you never gave me a chance to get to know you," he said a bit accusingly.
"So, what can I do for you, Madam?" he asked. I told him what I wanted and he quickly attended to me.
Before leaving, I said:
"I'm sorry about the abrupt way I treated you the other day. I thought you..."
"I know. That I was one of these hustlers in town," and he laughed.
I smiled, glad that he had taken it in good faith.
He called a few days later and we began to speak regularly on phone. I got to know a bit about him. He had been married but his wife had died in a car accident two years before, leaving behind a little girl of four.

"My mother and sister help look after her as I'm too busy with work," he stated. I felt sorry for him, that he had to lose his wife so young.
At this stage, Max and I were just good friends. I grew to like him with time as he was such an amiable and likeable person. I remembered the arrangement I had with my husband though and tried to keep things platonic between us. I was not ready to lose everything just for a fling.
Things however changed some months later. It was a Saturday morning and I was in the store when Max walked in with a little girl in tow. It was Lola, his daughter.
"This is Aunty Amanda. Greet her," he said.
"Good morning, Aunty," she said, looking up at me with her big, innocent eyes.

"Hi, Lola!" I greeted, bending down to hold her.
"She's so cute," I said.
"Yes. She must have taken after her mother," he stated, smiling.
"You are not bad looking yourself," I said and we both laughed.
He explained that he wanted to spend some time with Lola as it was his day off.
"I had told her about you and she insisted on meeting you and inviting you to join us on the outing," he said. I initially wanted to turn him down but seeing the little motherless child touched my heart and I agreed to the date.

Max drove us to a theme park in town. It had lots of games for children and Lola ran around, playing excitedly on some of them. Later, I watched as Max pushed her on a swing and seeing the closeness and love between father and daughter affected me strongly. Call it the maternal instinct, but at that moment, I felt this strong urge to have a child of my own, a little girl like Lola that I will dress in pretty clothes, plait her hair and do other things that a caring mother did.
For one of the few times, I felt sad that I did not have a normal marriage with my husband. 'How wonderful it would have been to have a couple of children that we could take to places like this, have fun together as a family,' I thought glumly.

"So, how's your husband?" Max asked sometime later as we had lunch at a nearby eatery.
"He's fine. He's out of the country right now on business," I stated.
"It looks as if he travels a lot. So, how do you cope in his absence?" he said.
I shrugged.
"I'm used to it. Besides, I have my own business to run so I'm quite busy as well," I explained, with a forced smile.
He looked keenly at me for a while but said nothing.

Days after the outing, I still could not shake off that broody feeling, that strong desire to have my own baby. I knew my arrangement with my husband did not permit that but I kept thinking, what if it happened by accident? Perhaps, we both got drunk, slept together and I got pregnant? Will he ask me to get rid of the baby?

I thought about this a lot until it evolved into a plan. My intention was to seduce my husband and hopefully conceive!
So, on the night of his return from his trip, I showered and put on one of my sexy nighties, a short pink one with thin straps.
My husband was sitting in bed, working on his laptop when I entered his room. He looked up in surprise when he saw me.
"I thought you were asleep. Is there anything you want?" he asked.

"Yes. You. I want my husband." I slipped the straps of the gown over my arms and it slithered down on the floor. I stood naked, waiting. But instead of desire, the only reaction I got from him was anger.
He jumped up then from the bed, his eyes flashing with irritation.
"Amanda! What do you think you are doing? Get hold of yourself! And go to your room. Now!" he ordered, fuming...

to be continued......................
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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