'My husband is rich, handsome and kind. Only problem is, he refuses to sleep with me!' (4)

I got frightened by the fury in his eyes for a moment. But I was not ready to back down.
So, moving closer to him, I said in a cajoling tone:
"Bennie darling, relax. I know you want me too. We are married so why can't we sleep together like other couples do?"

He shook his head.
"That can't be. You knew the terms when you agreed to marry me," he pointed out.
"That was then. Now I want to be a proper wife, for you to hold me in your arms and make love to me. To have your child, a little boy that will look just like you," I told him.
"That's impossible, Amanda. So, put such foolish thoughts out of your mind and go to your room," he ordered again.
"Please, Bennie. Let me stay with you. Just this night," I pleaded, reaching for his hand.
But he flung my hand away and picking up his laptop, hurriedly left the room.

I stood there for a minute, then collapsed on the bed, weeping tears of bitterness and regret.
When I woke up the following morning, a Saturday, Bennie had left the house. He left a note for me, stating he was traveling out of the country on business and would be away for a while.
"I will ignore what happened last night and consider it a momentary weakness on your part. But this must not happen again. We have a contract. Learn to stick with it..."

I flung the note angrily away, feelings of frustration washing over me as I recollected the previous night's incident. I checked the time on my mobile. Normally, I would be getting ready to go to the shop as Saturdays were always busy days there. But feeling sad and depressed and not in the mood for work, I called my manager at the store telling her I was not well and would be resting at home.

Later in the afternoon, Max called.
"Just wanted to see how you are doing," he stated.
"I'm cool," I replied, though I wasn't feeling fine at all.
"You don't sound it. Is there anything the matter?" he queried.
I sighed.

"I'm ok. Don't worry about me. I just feel a little bit under the weather," I stated.
"Maybe you need a break from work. To rest and chill out," he advised.
I smiled wryly to myself. If only it was that simple, I thought.
We spoke for a while about his daughter, Lola and before hanging up, I stated:

"I will like to see you. There's something I need to discuss with you. Can I come over to your place?"
"I'm at the office right now. But I will be leaving in another hour or so. I will let you know once I'm through here," he said.

"You are welcome to my home," Max stated when I got to his house some time later. He was alone as his maid had taken Lola to a birthday party of a school-mate.
"Nice place," I said as I took the drink he offered me.
We chatted for a while and I felt so relaxed with him that I decided to open up to him about what was going on in my marriage.

He remained silent while I spoke, about meeting and working with Bennie and the marriage proposal and all the strings attached to it.
"I feel bad that you've been going through all this all this while," he said quietly when I finished speaking.

"You have no idea what I've been through. My husband provides everything for me and I live in the lap of luxury. But I have realized that money is not everything. What's the point of having money without peace of mind? And I can't even have a child of my own to love and cherish. Honestly, Max, I've realized what a big mistake I made. I regret marrying Bennie. And I 'm so confused, I don't know what to do!" I said. I felt so sorry for myself that I broke down and started weeping.

Max held me close and consoled me.
"Don't cry, Amanda. Everything will be alright. I hate to see you so sad," he said.
Later, after Lola returned from her outing, I made dinner for everyone.
"Auntie, this rice tastes so nice. Will you be coming to cook for Daddy and me everyday?" she asked.
Before I could say anything, Max stated:
"Auntie is too busy for that. She has her business to run."
Seeing the downcast look on her little face, I quickly said:
"Don't worry. I can come at weekends to prepare food for you if that's what you want."
"Thank you, Auntie!" she stated happily.

That day, I did not return home but spent the night at Max's place. That's how we became lovers. After that day, I knew I could no longer stay with Bennie. Our marriage was a sham and I could no longer continue with such an arrangement, pretending that all was well.
It's been nearly two months now since my husband travelled. In that period, Max and I have grown very close. We spend a lot of time together and I sleep over at his place most nights. I don't care if my husband finds out about my affair with Max as I have made up my mind to leave him.

I know I will be losing a lot financially if I leave him before the seven year period stated in the contract. I don't care. Besides, I've made a lot of money from my business so my family and I will not suffer.
Max has promised to marry me once I'm free from Bennie. So, the first thing I will do when he returns from his trip is serve him divorce papers. I want my freedom so I can be with a man who loves me and I can have children with. I can no longer remain in a marriage that exists in name only, just for the sake of money...

The End!

Did Amanda do the right thing by ending her marriage to Bennie? Readers reactions are welcome.

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