My Husband's Tenant (Preview)

My eyes flickered all over him, from his face to his chest, flat stomach then his sturdy legs lightly sprinkled with dark hair. I was transfixed and could not tear my eyes away; it was like I was under a spell or something.
 I knew I should not be doing this- ogling and fantasizing about my neighbour who was also my husband's tenant. But I could not help myself. 
 It had been this way since I first met Benji. it was about four months ago when he moved into the duplex next to ours, owned by my husband.
 The first day he moved in, he had come over to my house to see my husband who was on a break from his job offshore.
 He was simply dressed in jeans and a black T shirt with loafers on his feet. He made quite an impression on me not just for his good looks but his intelligence. An IT specialist and consultant, he did consulting jobs for some top companies in the country and abroad.
"Nice meeting you, Madam," he said as he shook my hand that afternoon before leaving.
"Let us know if you need anything. I'm hardly at home because of my work but my wife is often around. You can always ask her," my husband stated.
He looked at me keenly for a moment then smiled, revealing even teeth.
"I'll do that. Thanks for your warm welcome," he said.
Maybe it was that smile for throughout that day, I kept thinking about our new neighbour. From then on, I looked forward to seeing him. It was not easy because of his work which kept him busy but once in a while, I would be standing by our gate in the evenings and he would drive home. He would stop and say hello and chat for a bit.
Then I began to watch whenever he washed his car at weekends particularly on Saturday mornings. That chore used to be done by his younger brother but since he left for the NYSC programme, Benji started doing it.
It gave me a thrill secretly watching him in that manner and it made me look forward to Saturday mornings.
One evening, I was returning from seeing off a friend, Edith who lived at the other end of our estate when a car stopped by me.
I turned to see Benji at the wheel.
"Heading home?" he asked.
 "How's Blessing?" he asked as we drove along. ... To be continued...join the discussion on whatsapp via*08065190885

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