My Husband's Tenant (3) an intense affair

After the call from her husband ended, Chrystal sat, staring blankly at the TV screen opposite her. Usually, the news that her husband would be coming home after such a long absence would have made her extremely happy.

She would have immediately started preparations such as cooking some of his favourite dishes, taking extra care of her appearance so she would look good for him and so on.

Now, it was not so. In fact, she dreaded his return. As it meant less time spent with Benji, her lover. Since their affair began over two months before, Crystal had grown more and more attached to him. It had reached a stage where she wanted to be with him every single day. He was like an addiction, a drug she could not do without.

His work made that impossible so they spent most weekends together when he was less busy. To avoid prying eyes of neighbours, they often met at a discreet guest house off Airport Road.

Last weekend, they had spent two days there and it had been wonderful. She had only reluctantly returned home because of her daughter whom she had left in the care of the maid.

In the beginning, Crystal had felt pangs of guilt, at the affair with Benji. But she had blamed it on Aloy, reasoning that if he had spent more time at home with her like a family man should, she would not be going out with another man.

'He neglected me all these years and he expected me to just remain like that, like a log of wood in this house,' she now stated, with a hiss.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was nearly time for Blessing to return from school. She went to the kitchen to instruct the maid on the meal to prepare for her daughter...

A week later...
The ringing of her phone woke Crystal up from her nap. She picked it up and seeing it was Benji calling, sat up.

"Just wanted to hear your voice. How are you doing today, babe?" he asked.

"Fine. Just missing you," she responded. Since her husband's return some days back, she had not been able to meet up with Benji. She was not happy about it. But there was nothingshe could do about it; she simply had to endure it till Aloy returned to his work offshore.

"Miss you too. Can we see today?" he queried.
"Much as I want to be with you, it's not possible right now. Aloy," she said simply.

She could hear him sigh.

"How long is he staying this time?" asked Benji.
"Three weeks," she said.

"So long!" he exclaimed. "I'm not sure I can wait that long to see you," he added.
She laughed.

"You make it seem like a year. It's just a few weeks," she stated.

"Let's do it this way. How about I close early on Monday and we meet up at our usual place? You can always find an excuse for leaving home," he suggested.

"I'll think about it," said Crystal.
They chatted for a while longer before she hung up.

"Who were you talking with for so long?" her husband asked as he came into the room.

She looked up quickly at him then said:

"It's Edith."

"Oh," he said. He opened the wardrobe and brought out a dark blue coloured ethnic attire.
"I'm wearing this to church tomorrow. Tell Angie to get it ironed now that there's light," he said, throwing the outfit on the bed.

She got up from the bed and picked up the clothes.

"I'll do it. The fabric is delicate; she might burn it. You know how careless she can be."
"Thanks darling. You're such a caring wife," he praised her, giving her a quick hug as she left the bedroom.

Crystal arrived the guest house shortly after seven o'clock. She noticed Benji's car in the courtyard and smiled as she walked towards the entrance.

He opened the door at the first knock.

"You surely took your time getting here. I've been waiting nearly an hour," he grumbled.

"Sorry, love. It was Aloy. I had to prepare his dinner before leaving. I'll make it up to you, sweetheart," she said.

He drew her to the bed and she fell on him.

"You better do. To make up for all the days you stayed away from me," he said.

He unzipped her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders buried his face in her chest.

"Hmm. You smell so good. I feel like 'eating' you up!"

"What are you waiting for then?" she asked, lifting his face up to hers, her mouth seeking his as he began to undress her.

His hot mouth trailed kisses from her chest to her belly, his tongue circling her navel, making her squirm in ecstasy.

She gasped as he moved lower, her hand holding his head tightly to her, his movements making her body come alive in intense arousal...

To be continued...

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