Photos: Policeman allegedly harasses lady at airport with his gun, seizes her phone after she films him harrassing another lady

A policeman allegedly harassed two ladies today at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport. 

According to an eye witness who sent this in, she wrote;

''Today, the 10th April 2016 around 11 this morning, a police man was pictured, alongside his colleagues at the Lagos International Airport (MMA 2), molesting a woman, dragging her around and handling her inappropriately.'' 

''The situation became very rowdy and violent. Another woman, a passersby took pictures of the ongoing situation. Realizing this, the police man pictured, wearing the police armored vest, seized the mobile phone of the second woman, harassed her with his riffle, while abusing her verbally.''

''It took the intervention of airport officers for the phone to be released by the police.''

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