When Love is not Enough (2)

His hands slipped behind my back and struggled to unhook my bra. With a swift movement born of years of practise, I undid the hooks and my boobs sprang free from its restraints.

He gazed upon my nakedness for a moment before his hands began to fondle my boobs, his fingers and mouth playing magic on my body, sending sweet sensations through me.

"Let's go to my room," I whispered.

He looked up briefly.

"You sure about this?" he asked.

"Yes. I want you Dani. Can't wait any longer. Let's..."

"Ama, where did you keep my...? Oh my! What's this?" Mandy's voice penetrated into the amorous mood we were both in, breaking the spell.

 I sat up reluctantly and sighed, giving Mandy a pissed look. 

 She had to burst in when things were really getting interesting, I thought with irritation...

 Later, I saw Dani off in his car. 

  "Goodnight, sweetheart. Dream of me!" I said, touching his cheek lightly.

  He smiled then stated:

  "I doubt if I can sleep tonight. Your face and..." his eyes slipped to my chest, "Will haunt me all night!"

  Soon, Dani had to return to his base abroad as the short break he took from work was over. The plan was for him to take his annual leave in a few months time for us to do the traditional marriage ceremony.

 In his absence, my mother, sisters and I made all the arrangements, like preparing the traditional outfits we would wear, the food and drinks for the guests and other things.

 His family too were involved though not fully as traditionally, it was the bride's family that is often responsible fororganising the ceremony which holds in the bride's family home.

    Bride of hope

   Finally, Dani came home and we got married. I was a bride at last and my mother would no longer have to worry about my ending up an old maid in my father's house.

  As for Dani, I was his 'bride of hope' as he put it. "With you in my life, I have hope for the future. You are my bride. Of hope!" he enthused.

 We were at the Sun View Resorts at Ibeju-Lekki where we had gone for our honeymoon. It was situated a short distance from the ocean; cool breeze from the sea ruffled the branches of the tall coconut trees dotting the expansive grounds of the Resort.

 We stood on the small verandah of our chalet, some distance from the main Resort building. The soft lights around the grounds, the pale moon in the sky all created a romantic ambience, befitting our status as newly weds.

 I looked up lovingly into my new husband's eyes, feeling touched at his words.

 "That's so sweet of you, Dani. I also feel blessed having you as my man and husband," I told him.

 "I mean every word I said, sweetheart. With you in my life, I feel I've been given a second chance, to start afresh, have a new beginning," he stated.

 I reached up and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

 "And I hope we'll always love each other and grow old together, darling," I said with all sincerity.

  He held me by the waist, drawing me into his arms, his hands caressing my back and slipping up to my shoulders.

 Then cupping my face in his hands, he planted a light kiss on my nose before slipping to my mouth where he lingered for a while. The kiss deepened with his tongue in my mouth, feeling, savouring as if in no hurry to let go.

 The kiss and his hands on my body heated me up and I could not wait to have him fully in my arms in our bed.

 "Let's go inside," I stated a bit shakily.

 "You afraid Mandy might barge in on us again?" he said teasingly.

 I smiled, remembering the incident some months before.

 "Mandy's far away in Lagos and can't bother us now!" I said. Then taking his hand, we went inside the chalet...


 "Happy?" Dani asked, about an hour later.

  I cuddled up to him on the large bed, sighing contentedly. He was everything I ever wanted in a man and more.

 "I am, darling. Being with you here is bliss. Maybe we should stay here for a long time, say a year or two," I said.

 He laughed softly.

 "If that's your wish, I might consider it. You know I'll do anything for you, my sweetheart," he said. 

 His hand cupped my breast, stroking it in a way that ignited my desire for him again.

  I felt his hardness pressed against me and I said:

 "Aren't you tired, Dani?"

 "With a sexy body like yours, I could go on all night!" he said as his mouth descended on my boobs...

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