When Love is Not Enough (4)

I thought my ears were playing tricks with me. Did I just hear the girl call Dani, my darling husband daddy?

What was going on? Then I heard a woman's voice on the line.
"Who's this?" she asked abruptly.

"My name's Ama. I want to speak with Dani," I stated calmly though my mind was churning with different thoughts.

"He's at work. Do you want to leave a message?"
I told her I would rather speak with Dani directly and she was about to hang up when I asked who she was.

"I'm Sandra," she said, pausing then added: "His wife!"
"Wife? What wife?" I said sharply.
"You heard me! I'm his wife. Are you his sister or what?"

"I'm not his sister! I'm his wife!" I nearly screamed down the line.
"What?" she stated incredulously.

"Have you heard from Dani yet?" asked Mandy. It was late in the evening and she had just returned from her office on the Island.
I was still on leave so had not gone to work.

"I've been trying his number but it's not getting through," I replied.
I had just narrated to her my conversation with the woman called Sandra who claimed to be Dani's wife.

She had told me other things about my husband that I still found difficult to believe. She said they had been married for about nine years and they had two children.

"We were separated for sometime but we are back together now. You say you are his wife in Nigeria? There must be a mistake somewhere. Maybe you've got a wrong number. Goodbye," and she had hung up on me.

"Look, Ama, you shouldn't jump to conclusion based on what the woman told you. Wait until you hear from Dani," Mandy advised.

The truth was, I was really confused about the whole thing. Was the woman telling me the truth or what? Or was she lying?
Was she really Dani's wife? What about the children?

"I'm really confused. Dani didn't tell me he was married when we met. Or that he had children. But the woman sounded convincing so..." I said, pausing.

"Hear from Dani first. Before we decide what to do," Mandy advised.

So I waited for his call which came later that night.
I've been trying to reach you all day, Dani. What happened?" I asked coldly.
"Really sorry, Ama. I had a problem with my phone. So, how are you today, sweetheart?" he asked.
"I'm fine" I responded. Then:
"I spoke with Sandra today."
"Sandra? Oh..." he said vaguely.
"Is that all you can say, Dani? What's going on? For God's sake, who's that woman?"
"Look, dear, it's a long story. It's not something we can discuss over the phone," he said.
"Then make it short, because there's no way I'll wait till you return to Nigeria for you to tell me the truth- whether you're married to that woman or not!" I stated sharply.
He was silent for a moment.
"Ama, it's like this..." he began to say.

Final Part to be published soon...

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