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Before he could finish speaking, I cut in abruptly: "Look, Dani. I don't want stories. Just the truth."

"The truth Ama? That will have to wait till I return to Nigeria," he said.

"No way, Dani. You have to speak now or..." I left it hanging.

"I'm sorry, Ama. There's nothing I can do now. Please wait for me, ok?" he pleaded earnestly.

"Then return fast because I can't wait for ever..." I told him angrily.
It was a three weeks wait. He finally returned to Nigeria and though, I was glad to have my husband back, there were issues we needed to resolve.

What he told me was not what I was expecting to hear. I thought he would deny it, that he was married but it was not so.

"It's true, Sandra's my wife. I'm sorry, Ama. I know I should have told you earlier but..." he said and paused.

"Then why didn't you, Dani? Do you realise what you have done? You deceived me! Made me believe you were single while you had not just a wife but children! You're nothing but a liar and a deceit!" I stated angrily.

He sat silent for a while just staring at the floor.

"Ama dear, nothing I'll say will excuse what I've done. It was for love. I fell in love with you right from the beginning when we met online. I didn't want to lose you. I knew that could happen if you knew my true marital status so I lied I was single. I'm really sorry, darling! Please try to forgive me!" he pleaded.

"What kind of excuse is that? You did it for love? You say you love me. But you don't! True love is sincere, not deceitful like you've deceived me! I don't need that kind of love. So, take your fake love and get out! Out of my life! This marriage is over!" I shouted at him.

He looked shocked at my reaction as if that was not what he was expecting. What did he think I would do? Hug him and make up after all the lies he told me? No way!

"Ama, don't do that! Let's work this through. It's you I love now not Sandra. She's still with me now because of the children; nothing else. I'll be moving back to Nigeria fully soon and we can be together as we planned. So, honey, don't do this!" he said, reaching for my hand. But I flung his hand away and ran to the guest room.

I locked myself inside, refusing to come out even when he came knocking and begging me to open the door. I slept there that night.

The following day, I left the house very early in the morning to my mother's house.

She was surprised to hear what Dani had done.

"Human beings are deep. Who would ever suspect that Dani, who looks so innocent, could ever do such a thing? Such a liar! Why didn't he simply open up to you, that he was married. It will now be left to you to decide whether to marry him and become a second wife or not. Some of these guys based abroad do it. They have a foreign wife as well as a Nigerian one. But at least, they open up to their partners. What a mess!" she said with feeling.

It was indeed. And the worse thing is that I didn't know how to get out of the situation. Despite what he had done, I still loved and cared for Dani. I've never loved any man as much as I love him. But is love enough to erase what he has done to me? Can love forgive such a betrayal?

"So, what do you want to do now, Ama?" my mother asked.

"I don't know. I've told him I want out of the marriage but he has been begging for forgiveness. But, Mum, how can I forgive him after what he did to me? He deceived me," I said.

"Ending the marriage is not the best solution. You've been married barely six months. What will people say when they hear you've divorced six months after your wedding? There has to be a better way out," said my mother.

Right now, I feel angry, deceived and even betrayed. He fooled me completely and all he can say is love that made him do it! How could I continue to be with such a person?

Later, I moved out of our home to my mother's house. I've been there for nearly a month. Dani has been coming nearly everyday but I have refused to see him or pick his calls.

My mother said I should see him and try to sort things out, that he looks really miserable.

So, we are seeing in two days to talk. What will be the outcome, I can't really tell...


Dani and I finally met and we arrived at a decision. He told me he had been planning to confess to me about his marriage and plans for a divorce from Sandra.

"We've been having problems. We were even separated for over two years. It's the children keeping us together. Now, I want out of that marriage so both of us can be together," were his words.

When I told him I did not want to be held responsible for the break-up of his marriage to Sandra, he stated:

"It has nothing to do with you. We were having problems long before you and I met."

He said he would start the divorce process once he returned to London.

"Please bear with me, Ama. I'm really sorry for everything. And don't talk about leaving me again. I can't bear to lose you. I love you too much," he implored.

I loved him too, despite everything. And the thought of him not being part of my life was unbearable.

So, in spite of his lying and deceit, I have decided to stick with him. He's my love, my heart and I can't do without him. I don't know if I've made the right decision. Only time will tell...

Or what do you, dear readers think?

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The End!

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