When She Cheats – Falling Prey

Yaay!!! Ok now here is Another guy story!!! But this story has quite a different tune to it. You want to check it out. Trust me!!!

It all began in 2010, in school, I was rounding up my degree program and she was just coming in. It turned out that we were in the same hostel off-campus. Her friend was already in the hostel and she came in to put up with her for a short while, pending her accommodation.
So it was this friend’s birthday that was being celebrated in my room, just a little get together, nothing so elaborate. It was game time, the spice of any birthday party- truth or dare. It was her turn and because we all knew she was a fresher, we went easy on her, so we asked, “let’s meet you”. She introduced herself and she said she wanted to be a force to reckon with in her field and that she wanted to make heaven. That was the sellout for me. It is rare to find girls who make that their priority in this age and are proud about it, moreso the fact that it was a truth or dare game, at a birthday party where booze and the like were flying around.

So I got to meet her, later we became friends and after about two months (Jan 2011) we started a relationship. By August, I was done with school and due for service.

There was no intimacy because she said she was a virgin, so we maintained that for about two to three years. By the climax of the third year, we had our first sexual experience, and in all this time of waiting, I never for one day had sex with another woman because I felt she was the one. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and have my children by her.

Remember I said she said she was a virgin, but when I first had sex with her, it was normal, very easy and felt like she had been doing it before, but then I had never dis-virgined a person before so I let it slide.

Rumors started flying in, about her in school dating other guys, not just dating, doing other guys, doubts started coming into the relationship, I started having trust issues but I tried to let things be normal between us. She started changing gadgets anyhow, she was now always liquid, like I said, I had doubts, I always wondered how she got the money for those especially since I knew the size of her pocket. There was even a time I went to see her and saw a vagina-tightener. I actually didn’t know what it was, so I asked her and she said it was meant for cleaning the area. Naïve me, I believed her, only to stumble upon it somewhere when I was with my guys and they said it was a vagina-tightener.

I loved her to pieces, my family knew about her, I stayed back in Nigeria because of her, I was meant to do my masters in Canada, but because I didn’t want anything long distance, I chose to stay back. I even relocated all the way from Benin to Lagos because of her.

When I lost my job, I discovered a change in attitude, then it became much more unbearable. The rumors were getting too much so I decided to stage my friend against her. She didn’t know him and she had no idea what I was up to. The guy made a move on her and they even went as far as booking an hotel room before I asked my guy to step down.
After which, we had a long quarrel which resulted into a break-up. This was early 2014.
I really loved her, still do, but our ship sailed a very long time ago.

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