When She Cheats – Locked Up

“When She Cheats” 

We never get to hear of women who cheat, so I got this story and decide to share. This happened to a married man,

I am a widower in my very late 50s. I lost my wife some 10 years ago, she died in her sleep. We were happily married until death took her, we had three children.

For about 6-7 years, I was single because I didn’t think anybody could replace my wife and I wanted to focus on raising my children without any problems arising because of any step mother.

Finally, my children all gained admission into the university and I was left at home, then it dawned on me that I needed to get a companion. My friends urged me to get someone, adding that my trip to the monastery was taking too long and that I needed to come back. I finally gave in to the pressure and that was when I met Bimpe(not real name).

Bimpe, a charming and friendly young lady, very homely, caring, everything a man wants in a woman. She was in her early 30s when I met her. About a year after I met her, we had our traditional marriage.

Everything went smoothly for about a year or so after the marriage and even though I didn’t think she needed the money, I allowed her work a regular 9-5. I am a land owner here in Lagos and I am an old man so my job is just to sit here in the house and collect my rent from my tenants when it is due. I really don’t do much.

After a while, Bimpe started coming home very late, like around 10, or 11 and her excuse was that she had just been promoted and she had more workload. I let it pass, because I try to be very understanding and I trusted her so much.

About a year and half into the marriage, I was arrested while on my way back from a friend’s place, I was refused bail, I was not charged to court for any case, because there was no case, all efforts that my wife supposedly made to release me proved abortive and for two weeks, I was kept behind bars and when I was released, I was told it was a case of mistaken identity.

When I got back however, nobody knew that I had been arrested, my wife had told people that I had travelled, she said she didn’t want anybody in our business, and that she had been trying all she could to release me. I was confused, but I let it pass.

Fast-forward, five months later, my wife had been owing a particular lady some money. This lady kept asking my wife for her money, but Bimpe kept posting her. One day, she decided to come to my house to demand her money. Bimpe wasn’t around and she met me, I tried telling her that I would source for the money and pay her, that was when she dropped the bombshell, she asked, “you who cannot put your wife on a leash? Was that not how she had you locked up for two weeks? You think you are married?” I asked her to calm down and explain what she meant by “my wife got me arrested” it was then she spilled the beans. She told me that my wife had wanted to travel with her “officer” boyfriend for about two weeks and since I would not let her be gone for that long, she decided to have me arrested while she travelled.

To say I was shocked is an understatement, I broke down into tears, everything then fell into place, I spent two harrowing weeks in a cell full of bed bugs, with other inmates, the mosquitoes, the sleepless nights wondering what exactly I had done, the result of which is my high blood pressure which I am trying so hard to bring down only to realize that my wife was responsible and simply because she wanted to have fun with another man.

Right now, I have sent her out of my house, if she could do what she did to me, she can have me killed next time. I have no intentions of marrying again, I think I have seen enough.

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