Am At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (1)

Am At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (1)
What will you do if your father, a widower falls for your friend, a retired 'runs'* girl and plans marriage with her? Two friends, Sonia and Thelma are locked in a deadly battle over such an issue.
It was my last class of the day and as I stepped out of the classroom into the corridor, I ran into Debra, a fellow teacher. Trailing behind her were two students, a boy and a girl in the senior school with their school bags strapped on their backs.

"Ah, Sonia, I was about looking for you in the staff room. Please, lend me your cane. I need to teach these two miscreants a lesson," she said, turning to scowl at the students who looked down as if ashamed of themselves.

"What have they done this time?" I queried.

Drawing closer, she explained she had caught them at the back of the class she was teaching, watching porn movies on a mobile phone.

"My students were doing a test I had given them. I stood by the window to relax a little and take some fresh air, when I looked down and saw them outside, by the wall. 

They were supposed to be in class but were instead watching dirty films. At your age! Is this what your parents sent you to school to do?" she said angrily to them.

"Please, Ma. We are sorry! This won't happen again," the girl pleaded earnestly, her hands raised in supplication. 

"Shut up! I will report both of you to the Principal after flogging you. And you know what that means; your parents will hear about this and you will both go on suspension!" Debra stated angrily. At that point, both of them knelt down, pleading with Debra and even appealing to me to save them.

"Please, Ma, do whatever you want with me. But don't let my Daddy hear or he will kill me," the girl begged.

At that point, I took Debra's hand and drawing her aside said:
"I think it's better you handle this instead of involving the Principal. The exams are approaching and it might affect them if they are suspended from school." 
She grudgingly agreed and turning to the two errant students, she ordered:

"Follow me!"

I stood watching as they all marched down the long corridor until they disappeared round a corner...

I shook my head and walked towards the staff room, thinking about all the stuff and 'drama' one saw every day as a teacher. I had been working at the school for about three years and while I enjoyed the job, it could be stressful at times. 

But it was better than staying home idle after graduation. I had written so many applications and attended endless interviews all to no avail; I had not been able to secure a job nearly four years after leaving school.

In fact, I was at the point of getting really frustrated with my job hunt when one of my uncles, who knew the proprietor of the school, arranged the teaching job for me. To supplement my salary, which was not that fantastic, I conduct home lessons for some selected students. 

On getting home, I took a quick bath, ate and rested a bit before going to the home of one of my students...

Her name was Joy and she was an eleven-year-old J.S.S 11 student. Joy was sitting at the dining table working on her lesson, when I arrived.

"Joy, you have not finished the homework since yesterday?" I queried, standing by her at the table.
She looked up at me sheepishly then said:

"No, Aunty Sonia. I'm really sorry. It's just my friend Ena came over and she wanted to watch the new film my Daddy brought and..." she said.

"You know that's not good enough Joy. Always do your home work first before watching movies or playing games," I told her.

"Ok Aunty. Please, Aunty Sonia, can you help me with this calculation?" she asked, pointing to her note.

Except for her playful ways, teaching Joy was no problem as she was quite intelligent. I had been teaching her for six months and we were getting on well. 

If it were not for the unforeseen problem that had come up, I would have continued as her teacher for a long time. But from the look of things, I might have to give up as her teacher.

It was all because of my friend, Thelma, who incidentally is Joy's older sister. Thelma and I knew ourselves way back at the university. We had done a lot of things together which I will state later in my story. 

Presently, however, Thelma is upset with me because of her father, a widower. Her mother had died over ten years earlier when Joy was still a baby. He had not remarried and had focused on taking care of Thelma and her siblings. 

Her father, whom I usually called Uncle Luke had to my surprise, fallen in love with me. All the while I was coming to their home to teach Joy, I had regarded him like my own Dad or older uncle. He was over sixty years old, nearly twice my age and I looked on him as a father figure. 

But unknown to me, Uncle Luke had developed feelings for me. And just a month ago, he had taken it a step further and proposed marriage!

When my friend heard about the proposal, she had hit the roof. She had been really angry and we had had a big quarrel over the matter. 

She had accused me of seducing her father and using charms or 'juju' on him to make him fall in love and even propose. She said if I did not leave her Dad alone, she will reveal so many secrets about me, especially about my escapades while at the university...

To Be Continued...

*Runs' is a term or slang used to describe the activities of young ladies especially university undergraduates who date wealthy, older men for money or favours.

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