Am At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (3)

Am At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (3)
It was after I joined that my eyes were opened to what the members of the group were really up to. They were more like high class 'call girls' than anything else.  

They dated all kinds of men, mostly wealthy older men- powerful politicians, businessmen, top professionals- and the like. As long as they had plenty of money, the Pink Panthers were game.

Not just that, they were into blackmail, extortion and all kinds of rackets as long as it brought in money. And lots of money, these girls had and in all kinds of currency- dollars, euros, rands and much more. 

Before I knew it, I was sucked into their activities. Unlike some of the girls in the group who were from poor backgrounds, I did not join because I needed the money. The same with Thelma, whose father is quite rich.

I come from a comfortable background- my father before his death some years ago was a medical doctor while my mother used to work in the bank before she resigned to start her own food supply business. Even after my father's death, we did not lack anything.

So, why did I stay with the Pink Panthers knowing what they were into? Perhaps, it was peer pressure, youthful exuberance and adventurous spirit, I can't say. 

All I know is that I loved being with them and participated fully in their nefarious activities. Thelma was our leader whom we all looked up to. She was the one who brought most of the 'deals' we did. 

Like the time she got a 'contract' to arrange some girls for the birthday party of an ex-governor of one of the 'oil rich' states in the country. It had been a two city event, taking place both in London and Dubai. I was among the girls selected for the party. We had each been paid thousands of dollars for our 'work' of entertaining the governor's guests apart from the numerous gifts we got.

So, I'm surprised that Thelma is threatening to expose my secret past to her father when she was fully involved too!

Anyway, back to my story. As they say, you can't serve two masters as one will definitely suffer. As I became more involved with the activities of the Pink Panthers, my studies suffered. I was no longer attending lectures regularly and missed tests and in one case, examinations because I was out of the country on a 'job'. 

My 'carry-overs' accumulated and my GPA kept falling. Strange as it may sound, I did not care. I was too deep in my extra-curricular activities with the Pink Panthers and having too mush fun to care about my studies. 

But, unknown to me someone cared; infact, that I graduated with a decent degree is largely due to the woman I will call Dr Fran who was one of my lecturers.

Having noticed that my grades were falling, she summoned me to her office one day and told me to either start taking my studies seriously or I might be kicked out of school.

I would have ignored her advice and gone on with my old careless lifestyle except for a chat I had with my mother later that day. 

She had called on phone and we had been talking about my late father whose death anniversary was coming up when she said something I will never forget to this day.

"I hope you are studying hard my dear, so you can come out in flying colours. One of my happiest days in life will be your graduation day when you receive your degree. I'm sure your father will be very proud of you and will be looking down from wherever he is," she had stated. 

My mother was blissfully unaware of my escapades in school and I wanted it to remain so. I knew she would be heartbroken if she knew what her beloved daughter was up at school.

I think it was the mention of my Dad that did the trick. I remember his love and words of encouragement back when I was younger. What will he say about my life now, I thought. He would definitely not be happy. I think it was that thought and my lecturer's words that marked the turning point in my academic career.

After that, I began to pay more attention to my school work. My class attendance improved and I did my assignments promptly, much to the surprise of my lecturers. Gradually, I distanced myself from the Pink Panthers, an action that drew the ire of the other members especially Thelma.

"Once a Pink Panther, always a Pink Panther," were her words when I renounced my membership. I did not care. It was my life; she had no right to dictate what I could do with it, I had told her back then. 

Despite their threats to deal ruthlessly with me, I forged on, changed my lifestyle and threw all my energy and zeal into my school work. By graduation time, my grades had improved and I left school with a degree I was not ashamed of...

Decision time
Now, some years later, my past has caught up with me. By trick of fate, Thelma's father has fallen in love with me and wants to marry me. And Thelma has declared war on me, not minding our past close relationship. 

With my mother's encouragement, I have been giving serious consideration to Uncle Luke's proposal.
After all, as she pointed out, I had no serious suitor and was not getting younger so why not give the man a chance as he obviously cared about me so much, she had said when we discussed the matter.

"The man is wealthy and he will take very good care of you and any children you will have. Is it not better to consider him rather than wait endlessly for what you think is a more suitable suitor? You know at 32, age is not on your side," she had said. 

Truth is, I liked him a lot and he has been so good to me. But what will happen if I marry him with Thelma's attitude? She might create problems for me in the marriage. 

Luke however, does not see her stance as a problem and has been telling me to ignore Thelma.

"What matters is us, being together. Thelma is just being difficult. Just ignore her," he said.

How can I do that when she is threatening to expose my past life to him? Will he still want me if he finds out I was a former 'runs' girl? 
Or should I confess to him about my dirty past? So, because of my past, am I no longer worthy of a man's love? I'm in a dilemma right now and I need advice.

The End!

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