Me and the Chief (5)


Then one day, about two days before Chief and I were to travel to see my parents for the introduction and engagement ceremony, he came to my office one evening.Rosie and the Chief (5)

"JB, what are you doing here?" I asked on seeing him at the reception.
"I had to see you. Look, Rosie, we really need to talk. Can we go somewhere quiet, away from distractions? Please?" he pleaded. I was almost closing for the day anyway so I told him to wait while I went to get my bag and other stuff from my office.
 He drove to a fast food restaurant a short distance away from my office. The place was quiet as there were not many customers at that time of the day.

"What will you like to drink? Or will like to eat something?" he asked when we sat down. I was not in the mood for drinking or eating for that matter. I simply wanted to hear whatever he had to say and go home.
I shook my head.
"I'm ok. I ate at the office not too long ago," I replied. As he walked towards the counter to get some drinks, my phone rang.
It was Chief. He wanted to know when I would be closing from work and if I could come over to his house later.

"We need to see to finalize the plans for our visit to your family in a few days' time," he said. 
I told him it was not possible as I was working late. 
"Let's see tomorrow, Chief. I'll try to close early and come over to your place," I said. He agreed and we chatted for a while before hanging up.
"Who was that?" JB asked on his return to our table. When I told him it was Chief, he grumbled:
"What does he want now? Can't he allow you rest for ten minutes?"
"In case you have forgotten, we are getting married and we have wedding plans to make," I retorted.
"Not if I have anything to do with it," he said as he offered me one of the drinks he had brought. 

Then taking my hand across the table, JB said softly:
"Rosie dear, you and I know this marriage between you and my Uncle is a sham. You don't love him; you admitted yourself that you are just fond of him. How can you go into marriage with a man you don't have feelings for?" 
"How I feel about him is my business not yours," I stated shortly.
"That's where you get it wrong. Whatever happens to you is my business. Why? Because 
I love you Rosie! And I'm ready to do anything to get you back!" he declared.
"What makes you so sure I want to get back with you?" I asked.
"I'm sure because I know you still feel something for me. Look into my eyes and say you don't love me and I will walk away right now and not bother you again," he said. 

I averted my eyes and looked anywhere else but at him. I should have walked away then and things would have stayed as they were. But my errant heart betrayed me that night. I just could not lie to myself that I no longer felt anything for him. Being so close to him brought back all the old emotions and feelings and I just could not help myself.
We sat talking for some time before leaving the restaurant. On getting home JB said he was hungry soI prepared some rice for him. As he ate and I sat watching him, I realized then that this was what I really wanted: being together with JB, sharing our lives and loving each other again...

A hard choice
The following morning, however, in the cold light of day, reality struck and I knew, there was no going back. I had to look to the future. And that was with Chief. 
JB was the past, which had to remain where it belongs- the past.
It was a hard choice considering how I still felt about JB. The time spent with him the previous night showed I still cared about him. But that did not make me forget how he treated me in the past, and left me with a broken heart that took a long time to heal. Can I really trust such a man with my fragile heart again?

As for Chief, he is stable, reliable, like a rock. With him, I was sure of his devotion and love for years to come. Should I throw all that away for JB's love I could not guarantee would stand the test of time?
Just then, one of my mobile phones rang. It was JB. I was about to pick it up when the second one rang. It was Chief calling.
I stared at the two phones for a moment, then taking a deep breath, I picked one of them.
"Hello, Chief! I was about calling you concerning the final plans for the introduction ceremony at my family home. Yes, my mother said all the arrangements have been made. The whole family is looking forward to meeting you. Of course, I'll be at your place this evening. I should be there by 7 p.m. See you then. Love you, too!"
I hung up, and ignoring the other phone, which continued to ring, I picked up my bag and file and left for work.
I had made my choice. There was no going back...

The End!
enjoy your weekend

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