'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!'

'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!'
What kind of woman would do what Cyndi did to me? This is a lady that I invested so much in- love, attention, money- just name it. I gave it all to her and more. I even went against my parents' wishes. They were never In support of my relationship with her right from the beginning. Their reasons were many and to me, mostly unreasonable.

'She's not from our tribe,' 'She looks like a gold digger who is just using you for money,' 'Her family background is not too good,' and so on. Unknown to me, my parents had done a check on Cyndi and found out things about her family she never mentioned to me. One was the fact that her mother had abandoned Cyndi and her two brothers when they were young and went away with one of her father's relatives.

Not just that, the woman had later left the said relative, and gone on to have more children for four other men none of whom she had married. "Is that the kind of girl you want to marry, with a mother like that?" stated my mother when I had announced to them my intentions of marrying Cyndi about seven months after we first met.
"But Mum, that is her mother, not her! Cyndi's different," I had insisted.
"In what manner? A lot of daughters tow the same path their own mothers took. Its' called blood, my son," my mother had countered.

My father, who had just entered the living room, grunted and addressed me:
"Jeff, I think you should listen to your mother. There's a saying that a goat does not give birth to a tiger and vice versa. The same applies to humans- it's what we have inside, our attributes that we give to our children."
"Meaning?" I queried.

"It seems love or infatuation has blinded you and you can't reason straight anymore! What your father is trying to say, is that she could end up as promiscuous as her mother who spent her whole life jumping from one man to another and breeding left, right and centre! Jeff, think and be careful. Don't make a mistake that you will regret later. Leave that girl and look for someone else! Be wise!" my mother had said hotly.

The argument had continued until I had got fed up with them and stormed out of the house. That was the last time I saw them for nearly two months. I stayed away from home and put up with my friend, Reggie at his apartment. Later, my mother who could not bear my absence from home any longer came over to plead with me to return home.
"The house is not the same without you. Please come home, my son. Your father and I miss you," she had said that evening. As the only son and last born out of four children, I was my mother's favouriteand 'pet'. She usually did and gave me whatever I wanted except on the issue of Cyndi. 

"How can I come home when you and my Dad have ganged up against me, depriving me of my happiness and joy," I stated accusingly.
"My dear, that's where you are wrong. Your father and I want the best for you. That's the reason for our stands on this matter," my mother said. Then, after a slight pause, she added: "Well, if you want this girl so much, then you can go ahead with your marriage. Your father and I don't want any girl to come between us and affect the unity and love of our family."
I was so happy to hear that, I jumped up from my seat and hugged her so much, she cried out:
"Hey, not so tight o, so you don't break these old bones. Your mother is no longer a young woman!" I laughed and hugged her even tighter...

  At the phone office
  I first met Cyndi when I had gone to the company where she worked, to make complaints about a phone I had bought from them. They were top dealers in phones and accessories and she was the customer care personnel who was assigned to me. Perhaps, it was the efficient and polite manner she attended to me mixed with her innocent, alluring looks that drew me to her. For, after my problem had been sorted out, I called her and invited her for lunch. She accepted and after that first day, we began to see regularly.

It did not take long before I fell deeply in love with her. In Cyndi, I seem to have found all I had been looking for in a woman, something that was lacking in the previous relationships I had had. So, despite my parents' non-acceptance of her, I made up my mind that she was going to be my wife. At 31, I felt I was old enough to know what was good for me and Cyndi was all I wanted...
  With parental approval given, there were no more obstacles and I happily looked forward to a bright future with my sweetheart. The saying, 'Man proposes, God disposes' was the last thing on my mind when Cyndi and I began planning in earnest for our wedding. My parents wanted something really elaborate with all the razzmatazz of a society wedding. 

"I want to show off to my friends who have been organising big weddings for their children, that I, Beatrice can have a wedding for my son that will be the talk of the town for years," she boasted one evening. She had shown me the guest list, which was so long, it looked as if we would need a hall the size of ten football fields to accommodate everybody.
"Mum, is it now a competition? A case of my wedding is bigger than yours?" I asked with a slight smile.

"Call it whatever you like. All I know is that this city will 'shake' that day, and everyone will talk of nothing else but the wedding," she enthused. On my part, I didn't care how elaborate the wedding was; all I cared about was Cyndi, and as long as she showed up, I was fine.
  One evening, I had gone to see Cyndi at her home in respect of our preparations. As I approached her house, I saw her getting down from an SUV parked by the roadside. I watched as she spoke to someone at the back of the vehicle, before turning into her gate.
"Sweetie, I saw you talking to someone as I drove in. Who was it?" I enquired on getting to her flat.

"In the jeep? Oh, that was my uncle," she disclosed.
Besides her father and two brothers whom I had met, I was not aware she had other male relatives.
"He has been living in Canada for years. He just came home for a visit and when I told him about our wedding, he promised to sponsor our honeymoon to any country of our choice," she explained.
"Wow, that's really generous of him. Will like to meet him before the wedding. When will you see him again?" 
Looking back now in view of what occurred later, I should not have taken everything she told me at face value. But you see, I loved this lady so much and trusted and believed in her...

To be continued...
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