'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!' (2)

'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!' (2)

Looking back now in view of what occurred later, I should not have taken everything Cyndi told me at face value. But you see, I loved this lady so much and trusted and believed in her. I was madly, blindly in love and it blinded me to her faults and shortcomings.

Anyway, as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Whatever happens to a man is for his own good because if he is wise, he will learn from his mistakes and make better choices  in life. To get back to my story, our wedding plans went on as scheduled with little hitches here and there. My mother, in her eagerness to put up a great, 'show- stopping ceremony' as she called it, handled most of the arrangements herself. She even took Cyndi to the U.K to shop for her wedding gown and other items women love to buy.

My mother really tried. "You are my only son; if I don't do this for you, who will?" she would say whenever I pleaded with her to reduce the scale of the wedding. As for my father, you know how men are when they are married to women like my mother who like to have their way most of the time. For the sake of peace, he allows her to get away with a lot of things other men would not tolerate.

"Why do you think our marriage has lasted all this while; this year will be our 41st wedding anniversary. One of us had to be deaf and dumb to make it work. Unfortunately, I your father had to play that role," he said with a wry smile one evening while we were having drinks at the gazebo in the garden of our house. I knew what he meant. My father is the calm, cool-headed type who hardly shouts. Unlike my mother who is more of a drama queen- loud, blunt and argumentative. 
"I'm not sure I'm ready to do all that, be a fool or a deaf-mute just for my marriage to work," I remarked.
My Dad just laughed and said:
"My son, you will soon join the institution. You will understand what I'm saying when you get in. I wish you luck!" He raised his glass of brandy and made a toast to my future happiness to my bride...

"Honey, I think you need to talk to my father o! He's still insisting that my Mum can't be at our wedding," Cyndi stated one day. We were at her small apartment and had just finished eating the meal her young cousin, Gloria, a student on holiday had prepared.
"I thought that issue had been sorted out," I said, picking up the remote to change the channel to a sports channel where a premier league game was showing. Due their age-long quarrel and differences, Cyndi's parents even after so many years had gone by, could not stand each other. Her Dad in particular, hated his ex-wife so much, he could not bear to mention her name. 

"I believed so as well, especially after my uncle, Gloria's Dad had spoken to him. Then, yesterday, when we spoke on the phone, he said he was no longer coming as he did not want to be in the same room as 'that woman' as he calls my Mum," she said, a deep frown marring her smooth face.
I drew her to me and stated reassuringly:
"Don't worry about it, sweetheart. I'm sure he will change his mind."
"He had better o! Or does he want me to go and 'rent' a father at Oshodi who will walk me down the aisle?" she grumbled. Gloria, who was sitting nearby on an armchair, laughed.
"You find it funny, abi? Wait till your own turn comes and your Dad threatens to boycott your wedding and you will see how funny it is!" Cyndi said, hissing.

Bachelor's eve
Reggie, who was to be one of my groomsmen and other friends of mine decided to organize abachelor's eve party for me. The venue was a new nightlub that was the newest hangout for many of the city's silver spoon kids. 
"Must you go? It's not compulsory to have a bachelor's eve, you know," said Cyndi a day before the party which was a week before our wedding day.

I laughed and said:
"Jealousy! Are you scared I will go off with one of the hot babes that will be there?" 
"Just try it! I have my spies, so don't try any silly games o! You guys are always up to no good at such parties," Cyndi stated vehemently.
"Baby, your fears are misplaced. You know there's no one but you for me. Now and forever," I vowed, hugging her tightly to me. She smiled then and began to talk about the hairstyle and makeup she planned to do for her big day...

The party went well and everyone was having a nice time. Then, just before the high point of the night when my friends were to 'wash' my head with drinks, someone hailed me. I turned and saw it was Dr Rogers, an old school mate of mine in secondary school.
It looked as if he had just arrived as I had not seen him earlier.
"Jeff, my guy! So you are leaving us behind in the bachelors' club!" he said jokingly as he gave me a bear hug. I laughed, and punching him playfully on the chest, said:

"Yes o, my brother. I'm getting old, you know. Time one settled down. I think you should do the same soon; find a nice girl and quit this your womanising!" 
He laughed, then said: "Remind me to do that in five years time! Anyway, congrats! I should say double congratulations because of the baby as well." Then he turned to talk to a mutual friend that just came up.

The music inside the venue was loud and thumping so I thought my ears were deceiving me when Rogers said something about a baby. What baby was he talking about, I wondered. Later, on noticing he was alone, I grabbed his hand and dragged him outside where it was less noisy.
"Guy, what's up. We should be inside having fun not hanging outside," Rogers protested.
"Chill, this won't take long. What did you mean about a baby while we were talking inside or were you drunk?" I said.

  "I might have taken a few beers, but I'm not drunk yet. Unlike you, I have a large capacity for alcohol. Anyway, is that why you dragged me here. Don't tell me you did not know your bride-to-be is pregnant?" he said.
Pregnant? Cyndi? Was this a joke or what? I stood, gazing at him in the dim light, too shocked for words. Then I finally spoke.

  "Rogers, if this is a joke, it's not funny. Tell me this is not true!"
"Why would I joke with something like that? My colleague Charles, was the one who attended to her when she came to our hospital, I think she said she had fever or something. That was about a week ago. Anyway, I overheard him discussing it with someone in his office. It's no secret. How come you are acting so shocked! You guys are getting married in a week's time, so what's the big deal if she's pregnant. 

"The pregnancy is still young, so it won't even show in her wedding gown if that's what you are worried about. Besides, these days, cases of pregnant brides are quite common. Some were even rushed from the wedding reception to the delivery room to give birth. As a doctor, I have seen a lot in my career. So, guy, cheer up and lets go catch some fun! I need to check out one of those hot babes in there!" said Rogers, patting me on the shoulder.
But I flung his hand away and almost shouted at him:
"How can you stand there and tell me to go have fun when my world, my life is crumbling in front of me!"

"How! What are you talking about?" Rogers queried in a worried tone.
"You don't understand. If truly Cyndi is pregnant as your colleague says, then I can't be responsible," I said grimly.
He shook his head.
"You are right, I don't understand. Why won't you be the one responsible. You have been dating for a year or so now. Don't tell me..." he began to say then stopped.
"Yes. I have never touched Cyndi in that way since we have been together. We have never slept together..." I told him.
"Then, who, how come..." he said in a confused manner...

So, who is responsible for Cyndi's pregnancy? The mystery will be revealed 30th may

To be continued...
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