'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!' (3)


'She Was Carrying Another Man's Child, Yet Planning To Wed Me!' (3)
"Then, who, how?..." Rogers said in a confused manner. Later, taking my hand, he led me to the car park. We sat in his car talking, and I opened up about my relationship with Cyndi.
"When we started dating and I wanted us to start sleeping together, she told me her church was against pre-marital sex. That if I really loved her, I would wait until we were married. You see, by then, I had fallen madly in love with her, to the extent that I was ready to do anything, practically anything she wanted. 
So, I agreed to her demand. By then, I had made up my mind that she was the one for me, that she was going to be my wife. My parents were initially opposed to my marrying her, citing all kinds of reasons. From what you just told me, if it turns out to be true, then they were right all along. Cyndi! So, this is how you pay me back for all the love and care I gave you!" I cried, with my face in my hands.
Rogers did his best to comfort and calm me down.
"I know this is painful, Jeff but you need to get yourself together. The deed has been done. What is left now is to look for a way to clean up this mess," said Rogers.
 "Clean what up? Who's going to do that?" I countered angrily before adding: "All I want to do now is get my hands on that bitch and beat the living daylights out of her, break her head and do something crazy to her! I'll make sure she pays for what she has done to me!"
But Rogers shook his head, stating: "Do you want to commit murder? And spend the rest of your life in prison? You are still young with your whole life ahead of you. Why throw it away for the sake of a woman, an unreliable, unfaithful one for that matter," stated Rogers.
"So, what should I do now? One thing is certain though; this wedding is off! There's no way I'm going to marry her while she is carrying another man's baby. No way!" I stated furiously.
"If that's what you want to do, no problem. But don't call off the wedding yet. This is what I think you should do," he suggested. We sat talking for a while, making plans for a way out of the messy situation I had found myself.
Since I was no longer in the mood for partying, I decided to go home. Before leaving, I said to Rogers:
"I need concrete evidence before I can do what I need to do. So if its possible, can you get me the test result?" 

I did not see Cyndi again until about three days to our wedding. I wanted to avoid her completely because the thought of seeing her after what she had done made me feel sick. But I could not stay away too long or my plans would be ruined. So, on the evening she came over to my home, I put on a stoic look, pretended all was well and met her.
We sat talking about the final preparations for the big day. She said she had to see her stylist the following day to make some adjustments to her wedding gown.
"The waist is a bit tight so we need to adjust it. It's like I've put on a bit of weight. I need to stop eating those pizzas at least until after the wedding or I won't be able to fit into the gown," she said. 
 Looking at her, I did not see any difference in her appearance, except for her face which looked somewhat fuller and fresher, making her look even more beautiful and alluring.
 "Baby, you are so quiet; what are you thinking about? Oh, I know! You are imagining what I will look like in my wedding dress. The gown is stunning! I bet you will be amazed when you see me in the church, walking down the aisle to meet you at the altar," she said happily and with a big smile on her face, she went to the end of the large room and began to walk slowly towards where I sat.
 Just then, my Mum came in and stood by the door, watching her, an amused look on her face.
 "So, you have turned my living room to a runway? Why don't you wait till Saturday before showing off your catwalking skills?" she said, coming to sit on the couch nearby.
 "Welcome, Ma. I'm just doing rehearsals before the day. Were you able to see the florist?" Cyndi asked her and sitting near my Mum on the couch they started talking earnestly about some arrangements they still had to make before Saturday, which was the day of our wedding. I sat watching them for a while. 'She looks so innocent and sweet, yet she's full of wickedness, cunny and has an evil heart,' I thought grimly to myself. Suddenly, I could not bear to see her face or be in the same room with her any longer. 

  "This place is getting a bit stuffy. I'm going out for some fresh air," I stated in reply to my Mum'senquiry about where I was going to. Upstairs in my room, I called Rogers on my mobile.
 "Can you imagine? She's downstairs with my Mum talking and making plans, acting like the virgin Mary, all innocent and pure. I feel like I'm going crazy!" I stated hotly. 
 "Just take it easy, Man. A few more days and it will all be over," he said soothingly.
 "Thanks, pal, for your support. I'm not sure I could have coped with this nightmare situation without you," I said.
 "What are friends for. I bet you will do the same for me if I were in your shoes. I hope all your arrangements have been concluded for that day," Rogers asked.
After reassuring him that everything was in order and hanging up, I picked my car keys and left the house without seeing Cyndi...

  The big day
 The events of the day of my wedding might seem like scenes from a thriller written by an author with a very fertile imagination, but it really happened to me. Like any groom on their big day, I woke up early in the morning. By six o'clock, I had taken my bath, dressed and was ready to go. You might wonder 'why so early bros, as most weddings don't start till 10 or so?' Patience, please!
 Anyway, I took my bags downstairs, and after leaving a note on the dining table for my parents, I quietly left the house so as not to wake anybody up. Rogers was already waiting outside our gate. He was the one who drove me to the airport where I took a flight out of the country...

  The aftermath
 Expectedly, my 'no show' at the church caused a lot of confusion. I learnt from sources that Cyndi had fainted on getting the text message Rogers had helped me to send with my phone while she was at the church waiting for my arrival. In the text, I had told her to wait for the man who was responsible for her pregnancy to come to the church to marry her as I would rather be wed to a snake than her! 

 In the note I had left for my parents, I had explained the reason for my actions, Cyndi's betrayal and the anger I felt towards her.
 "It was either this: standing her up at the church so she can feel some of the pain and humiliation I'm feeling or I would have ended up killing her," I had written. 
 My parents were shocked at the turn of events. My Mum especially felt devastated after putting in so much effort in the arrangements. But trust my mother; after she had recovered a bit from the shock, she had gone to look for Cyndi and a showdown had ensued, with the whole sordid story spilling out. 
 Can you imagine that Cyndi, the girl I had placed so much trust on, loved so much had been sleeping with Reggie, my friend and one of my groomsmen and got her pregnant? Cyndi confessed not just to that, but her plans, together with her conniving mother to pass off the pregnancy as mine after our marriage. And their wicked plans would have succeeded if I had not heard about the pregnancy from my friend, Rogers.
 All this happened over a year ago. Cyndi, I learnt is now a single mother of a baby girl. Reggie refused to have anything to do with the pregnancy, claiming he was not the only one she was seeing, mentioning at least three or four other men she was dating behind my back! While she was acting like an angel or a virgin before me, behind me, she was behaving like a slut on Allen Avenue.
 Now, I'm much more careful with ladies. For behind those innocent, alluring looks could be a she-devil that can wreck havoc on one's life, plans and peace of mind...

 The end!
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