The Captain's Woman Episode 6 (together again)

If someone doesn’t care about losing you: Move on. There are thousands of people

that will die and kill to not lose you. - anonymous


Ben gave me a quick hug and a kiss as he stepped in through the door that Monday evening
on his return from work.

"How was work?" I asked, smiling up at him.

"Fine, dear. What's for dinner? I'm hungry," he said.
"Something you'll like."

"Great!" he enthused. "Hope you made enough so my new ADC and the driver can have something to eat before they leave. Let me go and change. Will join you soon," he added, walking towards the staircase.

I was replacing a cushion that had fallen off the couch in the living when the door opened.

"Good evening, madam. I'm..."
I turned round towards the voice and nearly fell on the chair from shock.

Was I dreaming or what, was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the person standing at my door.


"Ene!" he said, an astonished look on his face.

I finally found my voice.

"Harry! What are you doing here?" I inquired. Then I saw the briefcase in his hand and I really had to sit then as it seemed as if my legs were about to give way.

My eyes shifted from the case to his face.
"Are you...?" I began to say then paused. It did not seem possible.

He nodded.

"Yes. I'm Gen. Ben's new ADC."

"And you? What are you doing here in the General's home?" It was Harry's turn to ask.

A look of shock came on his face when I told him.

"I'm the General's wife!"

The briefcase dropped from his hand.

Ordinarily, this should have been a moment of triumph, of gloating for me. I, Ene, whom he dumped after many years together, who nearly died from a broken heart, now married to a much senior officer, who happened to be his boss!

But all I could think about was: 'Oh no! This could not be happening. What kind of fate was this, playing such pranks on us?'

"Oh! I see you two have met," stated Ben as he came down the stairs. He had changed from his uniform into shorts and a black T shirt.

Then holding me by the shoulders, he said proudly:

"Harry, this is Ene, my darling wife."
And he introduced him saying:

"Sweetheart, meet Captain Harry, my new ADC!"


In all my years of existence on this earth, I've seen a lot. Especially being in the military where you see all kinds of stuff. But nothing prepared me for what happened in my boss, Gen Ben's house recently.

Ene of all people! My ex-fiance now my boss's wife? My God! How did this happen?

How did she end up with the General? When did they meet? How? Where?

So many questions I needed answers to but no one was ready to give me any. I had been seeing Ene since that day but we had never had any private time together to enable us talk.

Her husband was always around whenever I was in their house. Besides, what was I going to tell her anyway?

That I feel bad the way I treated her? That kicking her out of my life was a big mistake which I've been regretting? That I feel ashamed looking at her, remembering all I did to her?

We got the chance to talk about two weeks after we met up again. My boss had sent me to the house to get a file he needed for a meeting with the GOC later that day.

At the house, I sat waiting in the living room while she went to get the file. Her maid had gone to the fashion design school she attended and she was alone in the house.

"Here," she said later, offering me the file. She turned round to leave.


She stopped without turning in my direction.

I walked up to her, stopping at her back.

"We need to talk. How long can we keep up this charade? Pretending we don't know one another?"

"But it's not pretence," she rejoined. Then turning to face me, she added: "I really don't know you. Except as my husband's ADC, that is."

There was a coolness about her that made me feel dispirited.

"Ene, please..."

But she cut in abruptly.

"Hold it there, Harry! What were you expecting? That I would jump for joy at seeing you again?" she said, her voice dripping with anger. "Maybe you've forgotten with the passage of time, but we didn't really part on a cordial note, you know! You were the one who threw me out of your life, remember?"

"I know Ene. And it's something I've regretted ever since. Let me explain..." I said.

"There's nothing to explain, Harry," Ene said. "You made everything clear on the day you kicked me out and brought in another woman into our home. I don't even know why I'm standing here discussing this with you. As you can see, Harry, I've moved on. I'm now married to a man who cherishes me like the most precious jewel."

Then glancing at the file in my hand, she added:
"And it's time, you left. My husband'll be waiting for the file."

"Ene," I said in an imploring manner.

"Just go Harry! There's nothing more to say!"

With that, she left me and walked towards the kitchen.


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