The Captain's Woman-Episode 1

The Captain's Woman-Episode 1

Harry broke the news to her on his return from work that evening.

She was in the small kitchen of their apartment when he came in. Dropping his briefcase in the living room, he tip toed in and grabbed her from behind.

"Harry! You scared me!" she exclaimed as she dropped the spoon she had been using to stir the pot of soup on the cooker.

Turning round, she noted the look of excitement on his face and waited expectantly.
Harry always had that look whenever he had something important to announce or an exciting news to break.

"What has happened?" she asked as he took her hand and led her to the parlour.

She did not have long to wait.

After he sat her down on the couch, he stood stiffly in front of her, as if he was on the parade ground at the barracks. Then he said:

"Meet the latest Captain in the Nigerian Army!"

Ene jumped up from the seat, exclaiming excitedly:

"My God! Harry, you got promoted!"

He laughed, as he embraced her tightly.
"Yes, dear! The list came out today and my name was on it. Can you imagine? Me, a Captain?" he said happily.

She looked up at him, smiling broadly.

"I'm so happy for you, Harry! I told you to be patient, that one day, it will be your turn. See, your patience has paid off," stated Ene.

"You are right, sweetheart. Now, it's time to celebrate! What drinks do we have in the fridge?" he said, as he headed towards the kitchen...

Later that night, Harry passed out on the couch, sleeping off the effect of all the booze he had taken. He had gone out earlier, returning with a large amount of drinks and edibles which they had consumed to 'wash' his promotion as he put it.

Ene had not taken too many drinks so was still sober. She sat watching a movie on the TV, occasionally casting a fond look at Harry.

At a point, he turned and was almost falling off the couch and she quickly went up to him, making him more comfortable. She sat by him, watching him sleep, his mouth slightly open, snoring a little.

Besides her joy at the promotion, Ene felt a sense of relief as well. Harry had been overlooked in previous promotions and he was beginning to feel demoralized about it.

"Most of my classmates at the NDA* have all moved up, some with double promotions. Why's my own different?" he often grumbled.

Ene would reassure him that his turn would come, that he should be patient.

"Patient? Till when? When my mates are Generals?" he would retort, his mouth twisted in disgust.

Now, with the promotion, everything would be different. For one, they could now get married as he had often promised.

"Once I get promoted, we will go and meet your people to perform the marriage rites," he had stated.

'About time', Ene thought, getting up from the seat.

They had been together for nearly four years and in all that time, she had always been there for him, supporting, loving and encouraging him.

Now, it was time for him to fulfil his promise.

To make her his bride.

'A Captain's wife' she muttered to herself, smiling happily as she cleared the table of empty bottles, glasses and plates, her mind already thinking ahead, envisaging what she would look like on her wedding day, in her bridal gown with Harry in full ceremonial military attire, holding her hand and walking down the aisle...

Later that night, Ene woke up to see Harry crawling into bed besides her. She had left him in the parlour as he was sleeping so soundly, she did not want to disturb him.

"Why didn't you wake me?" he said, cuddling up to her on the wide bed.

"Didn't want to disturb your sleep," she said.
"You should have as we haven't finished the celebration," he noted. He drew her closer to him, his hand slipping inside her nightie to caress her body.

"What else is there?" she wondered.

"This," he said, his head on her chest, kissing, sucking, teasing.

"I love you, Ene. I'll never stop loving you, babe. You mean the world to me," he said as he kissed her on the mouth.

"Love you too, Harry! You're my everything" Ene intoned, drawing his head closer to her...

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Note: *NDA is the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, the only military institution that trains the officer corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force.
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