The Captain's Woman- Episode 3

A relationship is built for two. But apparently, some bitches don't know how to count.


Three months later...

Promises. Easier to make than keep.

He promised her eternal love, to always be there for her, never to leave her. To forsake others for her. Treat her like a queen.

So what was going on? Why was he treating her this way just some months after their reconciliation? He said he loved her yet did things that made her miserable...

The rumours of his escapades with ladies outside.
Which he mostly denied when she confronted him.

But the signs were glaring.
The strange smells on his clothes, the calls he took outside the house whenever his phone rang, the late nights.

"Do you prefer to listen to gossips or me?" he would ask. She had seen him one day with one of the girls he was said to be dating; she knew the lady fairly well. Her name was Chichi and she was a hair stylist who worked in a popular salon not too far from the barracks where they lived.

Ene had done her hair at the place a couple of times. She stopped when she found out about Chichi's affair with Harry.

One evening, she had been returning home from visiting her sister, Sarah when she saw Harry in his car. She was walking towards the main gate while he was driving out. She waved at him and though he saw her, he pretended as if he did not.

Sitting by him in the passenger seat was Chichi. She sat close to Harry, with her head placed on his shoulder. They were talking and laughing.

Ene stood still, watching as the car drove down the road till it disappeared round a bend.

They had had another bitter row on his return home later that night.

"What is it that you are looking for outside, Harry? I give you everything, do everything for you, yet you're not satisfied! Why are you so greedy? Why are you doing this to me?" Ene asked in an exasperated tone.

He was engrossed in his phone and did not answer immediately.

Then raising up his head and giving her an appraising look, he stated:

"And what am I doing?"

"Stop acting innocent, Harry! You know what you're doing! You are cheating on me, that's what!" she said vehemently. "You run around town with all manner of girls including that useless Chichi then come home pretending nothing happened. This must stop, Harry! I can't take this from you!"

"Look here, Ene," he said, "I'm a grown man and can do whatever I like. Who I see or don't see is none of your bloody business. You look after your own affairs and let me be," he added before picking up his phone and heading for the bedroom.

Ene marched after him shouting:

"I won't let you be! I'm your fiancé and demand some respect! Stop seeing that bitch or the next time I catch you with her, I'll give her the beating of her life..."

Ene was in the kitchen when Harry's phone rang. It was on a side stool in the parlour and as it continued to ring and Harry was no where in sight, she picked it up.
"Baby, where are you? I've been waiting over an hour and I'm..." a lady's voice said.
Ene frowned.

"Who's this?" she asked. Who was calling her Harry in such a manner? Was it Chichi or another of his women?
"This is Tilda. What are you doing with my Bae's phone. Put him on at once! I need to speak with him," she ordered.

What impudence, Ene thought.

"And who's your Baby? I'm his wife so keep off! Go find your own man and leave mine alone! Bitch!" she stated angrily.
She was about ending the call when Harry walked in through the front door.
"Ene, did you see my phone?" he queried as soon as he stepped into the room.
Then, seeing her with it, he rushed and snatched it from her.

"How many times have I told you to stop picking my calls?" he said angrily. Then in a much softer tone, he said on the phone as he walked towards the door:

"Yes, Tilda. I stepped out for a while. Yes, I'm on my way. Will soon be with you..."

Ene walked up to him quickly, blocking his path.

"And where are you going now? To see another member of your harem? Well, she'll have to wait because you're going nowhere!" said Ene emphatically.

"Says who?" he inquired, giving her a baleful look.
Ene pointed a finger at her chest, standing firmly in front of him.

"You better get out of my way if you know what's good for you," said Harry.
"And if I don't? You'll hit me? It won't be the first time. So...?" she rejoined.

They stood glaring at each other, like two combatants, none willing to back down...

What next? Watch out for more of Ene's story coming soon!

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