The Millionaire's Daughter (3) The chosen one

 The Millionaire's Daughter (3) The chosen one

How could I tell Nadia I had nothing to do with Mira, when we had become not just lovers, but she had even introduced me to her family?

She had another sister who lived outside the country. 

Though welcoming, I could feel their assessing eyes on me, perhaps wondering what I was doing with their Mira.

Later, Mira had informed me her brother liked me and was keen on meeting up with me again.

"His opinion matters as he's the head of the family now. Once he gives the go-ahead, we can start planning our future together," she said.

That was the stage I had reached with Mira but how could I tell Nadia that? That my landlady had fallen in love with me and was planning to marry me?

She would be devastated and I wanted to spare her that.

I love Nadia and until Mira came into my life, she was the woman I was intending to settle down with. 
My heart belonged to Nadia and not Mira, who I did not love. She was the one that was hot for me, wanting to grab me for herself from the beginning.

But why did I not resist her? After all, she did not put a gun to my head and insist I must marry her. 

Truth is, being an ambitious guy who wanted to get 
ahead in life, I knew Mira was a golden opportunity that I would be foolish to let slip through my fingers.

Getting hooked to her would change my life for the better and who does not want a better life in this hard world? With Mira in my life, there was no limit to what I could achieve.

"You know, T, money isn't everything," said Nick, when I discussed the issue with him. "It's Nadia you obviously love and makes you happy. Why don't you stick with her and forget this your landlady.

If you marry Mira, you will become very rich, but remember, you might marry into money, have all the luxuries of this world at your fingertips and still be miserable. 

My guy, think deeply before you choose as your future happiness is at stake here."

I knew that. I also knew I had reached a crossroads of sorts and soon, I would be forced to make a choice. Mira or Nadia?

The chosen one
Things came to a head sooner than I had expected. 

I had been seeing Mira for about eight months when she announced one day that she might be pregnant. 

We were in her apartment where I had come to spend the weekend as usual.

"I'm usually very regular. Once my period is late like this, it often means one thing," she stated.

"I thought you were using protection. How could you have been this careless?" I said, feeling confused.

"I could be wrong, anyway. I'll have to do a test, to be sure..."

The test came out positive. She seemed unflustered by this development while I became even more confused.

What were we going to do now, especially since she had stated she was going to keep the baby?

"Maybe, this is a sign it's time to take our relationship to another level. You know, be married..."
I knew she was right, but I was still unprepared for a final decision about our future. 

Because that would mean breaking up with my true love, Nadia and I could not imagine my life without her.
She had been a part of me for so long that a permanent break with her was too painful to contemplate.

I went outside to the balcony of Mira's apartment. She lived in a beautiful high rise building, a luxury block of flats in a very exclusive part of the city.

She was on the fifth floor and I stood gazing down at the swimming pool for the residents in the courtyard below. 

Everything looked beautiful and serene. And it smelt of wealth.

"I had to move out of our family home as I couldn't stand that 'cow' that calls herself my brother's wife. Here, I have my personal space. And peace," Mira had explained the first time she had taken me there.

Spread out as far as the eye could see were other high rises and mansions- in between lush greenery- where the very wealthy in society lived.

"This is the life of opulence you will be living if you marry Mira," a voice seemed to say to me.
I stood gazing into the horizon for a while, then I went inside to join Mira.

The following day, I proposed to her. She became very excited and immediately began to make plans for our wedding...

She called some of her friends to break the news and later in the day, a couple of them showed up at the apartment.

Tracie was the first to arrive.
"I hope you've not given the chief bridesmaid's position out because that's mine!" she declared as she hugged and congratulated us.

"I was thinking of giving that role to Ivy. She will..."
"What?" Tracie cut in. "No way! She's way too fat!"

Later, while Mira was downstairs getting something from the car, I went to the kitchen for some drinks.

"I don't understand you. Why do you want to tie yourself to one lady when there are so many out there to sample?"

I turned round to see Tracie standing by the door, her hands on her hips. She walked towards me saying:
"Like me for instance. Am I not beautiful enough? I'm even prettier than Mira. And I've got money too. 

My Dad even has more money than Mira's family. You know I like you. I fantasize about you a lot. I bet you must be hot in bed. That's why Mira can't keep her hands off you!

You and I could have a lot of fun together. I know how to please a man. I'll make you happy, much happier than Mira. And I'll give you anything you want. Just name it," she said, coming to embrace me.

But I evaded her grasping arms and said sternly: Tracie, this is wrong! I'm engaged to your friend and you shouldn't be saying such things to me. So, control yourself!"

And picking up the bottles of wine, I left the kitchen, her voice ringing behind me.

"You are playing hard to get, isn't it? I like that. It makes you even more attractive to me. But you can't escape me no matter how hard you try! Tracie always gets what Tracie wants..."

'Not this time,' I thought as I walked to the living room...

Having made Mira my choice, choosing money over love, I had the unpleasant task of dumping Nadia. I couldn't face her so I wrote a letter explaining everything and asking for forgiveness. 

My friend Dickson, who delivered the letter, later reported that she almost fainted after reading it.

"It wasn't funny at all. I felt really bad for her. Tunji, I know it's your life, but was it wise dumping her? That lady loves you so much. I doubt if she can ever get over you," he had said.

"What could I have done?" I had countered hotly. "Mira is already pregnant for me. You don't expect me to abandon her now she needs me most?"

"I'll advise you to see her. She needs all the consoling she can get right now," he said.

I promised to visit her, but I didn't. Call me a coward, but I was just too ashamed to face her. I even refused to speak with her on the phone when she called severally.

After a while, I decided to put the matter behind me and face the future with Mira.

We eventually had our wedding, a big society one. On our return from our honeymoon, which we spent outside the country, the plan was for me to resume work at Mira's family business. 

But I was not too keen on working for her family; I had other plans.

My dream was to establish my own company that will be into computer software development solutions.

"You need to be independent, have your own business, be your own man. That's the only way you can get any respect from your wealthy in-laws," Nick had advised me before the wedding.

But Mira was not initially in support when I told her my plans.

"What do you need your own business for? Our company is large enough to accommodate you. 
You can even be in charge of one of the subsidiaries if that's what you want. I'm sure Tadi won't mind," she stated.

"I appreciate the offer, dear, but I want to do my own thing. It's always been my dream. And as my wife, it's your duty to support me," I pointed out.

She looked at me sharply.

"What's that supposed to mean? Have I not been supportive enough? How dare you say that?" she stated hotly.

That led to an argument, the first of many in our marriage...

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Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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