The millionaire's daughter (Preview)

 The millionaire's daughter (Preview)

(A young man, who married a rich man's daughter, got more than he bargained for)
"Girl, you need to have seen the bag! Smooth, real crocodile skin like polished silver! And in a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. It was lust at first sight!"

"Why didn't you buy it, then if it was so pretty?" asked Mira, smiling at her friend. Tracie grimaced as if she had just tasted some bitter medicine.

"It's that father of mine o! He seized all my credit cards and placed a limit on the amount I can spend while shopping. And do you know how much that is?" she asked.

Mira looked at her eagerly, like one expecting a great story.

"Five hundred thousand Naira! Can you imagine! Me, Tracie! What am I supposed to buy with that kind of money? God, that old man is driving me crazy!" she said with feeling.

From the other end of the large sitting room, I sat reading a newspaper, while paying half an ear to the conversation between Mira, my wife and one of her closest friends, Tracie. I could always predict what they spoke about whenever they met for some 'girl time' as my wife put it. It was often about the latest designer clothes, shoes and bags, the best human hair weave from Brazil or one Asian country or the other, the hot colors of the season, their next holiday destination and so on...

Initially, I had found it all amusing, but recently, it was beginning to get on my nerves. I could not understand their obsession with such stuff, things I considered frivolities...

"You know your problem, Tunji. You take life too seriously. Learn to relax! And enjoy life! And what is money meant for if not for spending on things one likes?" she had stated a few weeks before when I had complained about her spending habits especially on clothes, most of which she wore just once and discarded.

You see, Mira grew up in great wealth. Her late father, a multi-millionaire industrialist and businessman had denied her nothing as a child growing up. Mira had thus grown up with a sense of entitlement, that she could get anything she wanted in life. And she usually did. After all, she got me, didn't she? But I'm getting ahead of my story...

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