WhatsApp Gold Version: It’s A Hack Don’t Install.

You may have received a message recently asking you to upgrade to WhatsApp’s “Gold” version.

The message says that a “secret” WhatsApp golden version has been leaked and is only being used by celebrities at the moment. It also says that regular users can now download the new version. This “Gold” version comes with features like Video Calling, message deletion, the ability to send more than pictures in one go, and more. It also says that the Gold version can only be activated by invites. More info : WhatsApp Golden Version Scam
Here’s the bad news for those who have actually installed the Gold version. It’s a hack. Yes, if you’ve installed this version, your phone in all probability has been hacked and you now have some sort of malware on your Android phone. Hard-reset your phone, install an antivirus, if you still can get it off, flash your phone original firmware and get it off your system cos it’s probably stealing your personal information.

In other news, The WhatsApp BETA 2.16.94 for Android out and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Interestingly, it's yet unsure if the Video Calling feature has been added to the phone. Apart from that no major changes are noticed in it.

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