Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 4

Depth Of Addiction - A Love Story 4

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Then I took a bold step by placing my right hand on her chest and silently prayed that she should not restrict me. Then I moved to the next stage by sliding my hands downward a little and it's now resting on her B****t. I fondled it and it seems she is enjoying it. I removed her top and her b**. It seems quite bigger than when she's in her clothes. I placed my lips on her right N****e while my right hand softly pinched the one on the right.

I switched my mouth at intervals of one minute between the two oranges. She seems lost and me in paradise. I removed my shirt and trousers (remaining my boxers). I now striped her off all her clothes and I inserted my index finger into her ******. She keeps saying different things that I can't remember. I was enjoying every bit of it. She then got hold of my hand and she said "Femi, please make love to me ''.... I felt very happy but I dint want to show it.

Me: are you sure about this?

Kikelomo: yes... I want you now. please... please

[[[[If I have/had the power to see into the future, I would have said NO]]]]

I hurriedly removed my boxer. Pushed her on her back and I positioned my self for easy access (knew she's wet already) .

Today is my lucky I thought in my mind.... until my "OGA" just went limp when I was about to enter the promise land (see gobe).

I tried and tried while she's still moaning and thinking that I'm using my "OGA" to tease her. I was sweating profusely because my mind was telling me 'you don Bleep up'...

Until she opened her eyes and asked what is wrong with you. I felt like the ground should just open up and swallow me. I replied that my my my.......! I was stammering and she just planted a kiss on my lips and said she knows. She held my oga and it came back to life, but as soon as I mount her again... same old story. She really tried to help me out but it's one of those days that things won't go your way.

I was very shy and ashamed of myself and She saw that in my mood and tried to cheer me up...

Kikelomo: Na Jedi Jedi... u sef too like sugar.

I dint reply her because I knew that I failed today. I looked at the time and I suggested that we should put on our clothes because mummyk and Bidemi would soon come back.

We dressed up and she kissed me on the lips and said there is a next time. We will find time to do it again Okay. I just nod my head like Agama lizard wey rain dey beat...

As we were chatting.... my phone rang and it was funmi. she said Daddy is around and that I come home fast fast (first time I will be very happy to leaving Adeboye's house).

Told her about our conversation and she saw me off to the gate.

I was thinking on way home. I got lost in my thought that I forgot that I was walking on the road instead of the side of road until an okada guy sped off me and shouted "werey... aye ti sun e abi? O de loku Si ile yin" meaning "life don tire you abi? Go and die in your house".... I shouted back at him "Na your family be werey". By then my brain has been restored to factory settings.

I managed to get home without any more trouble. I went to Funmi's room and asked if Daddy asked after me and she said no. Then off to my room still thinking about what happened today. What happened if I'm really impotent? I got to ask someone... but can I ask my friends this type of question? I picked my phone and I dialled Emeka's number. I ended the call when I remembered that Emeka is a lousy guy. He might tell my other friends and make jest of me.

I was still contemplating who to ask about my new found problem when my only bros entered.

Bros Segun: Na you dey rain now.... you no even dey tell me anything again. Oga oooo

I dint even reply him and I guessed that he knew that my runs today ni too click today.

Bros Segun: aburo... what's wrong with you?

Me: Nothing Bros... today dint go on as expected.

Bros Segun: I told you what girls are about, didn't i? You will be fine with time.. trust me. I was once in your shoes (Smiling)

I was not in with his jokes and he sensed that.... he stood up and was heading to the door when I called out.

Me: bros Segun (he looks back)... I have a problem but I don't want to talk about it now. can I come to your room later in the day?

Bros Segun: (he sensed that I'm already in a big trouble). Sure Aburo... I will be glad to help my only brother. Expecting you sooner.

Me: Okay... thanks....

He opened the door and left. I was then back to my misery when Bidemi called....(wetin dis one wants sef).

I ignored the call. The call just kept ringing that I had to put it on silent.

After like 30 minutes, I picked my phone... Only to see 32missed calls on it (is this girl mad or something?).

I checked the missed calls:
24 from Bidemi....
6 from Kikelomo.... and
2 from Motunrayo.

Which kin wahala be dis sef? Motunrayo sef don join the league of people out to frustrate me. Of all the days, she choose today to call me.

It's now after 6pm. I know that Bidemi would have been worried but who's not worried. I switched off my phone and I headed to my brothers room.

I met him watching a movie on his laptop. Immediately he saw me entered, he stopped the film and said said my blood brother.

I took my time to explain everything and he was a good listener.

Bros Segun: Na dat one con dey worry you

Me: shame catch me no be small... I have refused picking their calls today (dint tell him that it was Bidemi&Kikelomo).

Bros Segun: what happened today was called anxiety... you were trying too hard and it backs fire.... next time: just relax yourself and enjoy yourself.

He kept explaining on the reason why I failed to rise to the occasion and he promised me to get some performance enhancer that would give me the much confidence I need.

Me: thank you oooo... Badoo owon obirin. I know I can always count on you.

Bros Segun: don't mention... I would have prescribed Alomo or small stout but we don't drink and I don't want to put you on the bad path. but don't worry... the drugs I will give you will definitely work.

Me: Ese Egbon mi.... I feel relaxed now... let me call my girls so as to see who go fall victim (forming Rambo).

Bros Segun: just take am easy and always use protection. For unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Me: Oga oooo... I still have a long way to go. I'm going to my room to make calls. Thanks Badoo

Bros Segun: you no serious

Left for my room with my spirit now elated.... on my phone and messages start entering. Two from Bidemi and one from Kikelomo. Dint even bother calling them back... I just dialled Motunrayo's number. She picks.

Motunrayo: hello... runaway boyfriend

Me: hanhan.... I wanted to call you but.........! never mind. Thank God You called.. I can start calling now

Motunrayo: hmnnnnn.... okay oooo. How is life over there?

***To be Continued***
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